Would You Kill Baby Hitler? – Agree to Disagree
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Would You Kill Baby Hitler? – Agree to Disagree

– I’m not gonna take
a baby’s head and squeeze it between my
butt cheeks to kill it. Just to clarify on camera, I don’t want to ever do that. – Oh yeah, because
the butt cheeks is the most disgusting
part about killing a baby. – [Interviewer] If you went
back in time, would you kill baby Hitler? – No. – Yes. – No. – Definitely. – First of all, I want to start
by saying that I hate Nazis. I hate them. I think they’re terrible and I wish they were never born. But, I could not kill baby
Hitler because first of all, why baby Hitler? Why couldn’t we kill pre-art
school Hitler when he was a young boy? Could we have put a condom
on his father? I don’t think I could
kill a baby also technology during
that time, not great. So what if you think
you’re killing baby Hitler? He didn’t have a mustache
yet, you don’t know. He’s swaddled in a blanket. What if you pick up the
wrong baby and murder a baby? Also, what if you murder
a baby and like it? Imagine you murder one
baby, and you’re sitting on the subway, and then
another baby starts crying. You already killed one baby. – I don’t know what
part of that to answer. – I don’t think either
of us are worried about liking killing a baby. – But you would kill a baby? – If it’s Hitler, yes! – But how do you know
it’s Hitler? Does he have a mustache? – The thought experiment
is this time machine works, you show up and it’s
definitely baby Hitler. – Yes. – So that’s the thought
experiment. – How would you kill it,
walk me through. – How would I kill it? – How would you kill
baby Hitler? – It depends what’s in the room. – If there’s a pillow,
I’d put it over its head. – Yeah. – Just cause I’m traveling
back in time doesn’t mean that I, Ryan, suddenly have the
capacity to kill an infant. That’s disgusting, that’s sick. And then you would be a
person who kills infants, someone be traveling back in
time to kill you as a baby. – Yes, but I didn’t
start a genocide. – Not yet. – You know what, if I start a
genocide, you have the right to go back in time and
kill me as a baby. – I’ll kill you at 15. Arguably, 15 year-olds
are more annoying anyway. What about nature
versus nurture? Can’t you just, you know,
improve this baby’s life, and then it doesn’t
become the evil person? And are we going back
to kill baby Goebbels? – Sure! – All the babies,
all the babies. – But you know you
could kill a baby. You can just sit on a baby’s
face and squeeze your butt cheeks and take out his breath. – That would be the
last way I would do it. – You don’t know the
circumstances- – Oh, you like guns now? Let’s just bring a gun. – For a murder, they’re great. – I’m not gonna take
a baby’s head and squeeze it between my
butt cheeks to kill it. Just to clarify on camera,
I don’t want to ever do that. – Oh yeah, cause the butt cheeks
is the most disgusting part about killing a baby. – I would kill a baby version
of anyone who is causing trouble to a mass
amount of people. I would kill a baby version
of the guy who parks in a bike lane. I would kill a baby version
of one of you guys because you’re spreading misinformation
about this subject. – Do you hear that, yourself? – That’s sick.
– This addiction has begun. You are already saying
you’d kill us? What have we done? You would kill us
– You’re really annoying… – … for not killing a baby? – Okay, I will say, I don’t
know, I’m not fully there. – Right?
– I’m not fully there but I will – You would kill a baby
version of us? what have we done to
deserve death as a baby? (sighs) – I think you look like
you’re hurting our cause. – Okay, I’ll back off.
– Yeah, let’s back off. Okay. – Let’s say this is about
the weight of a baby. Maybe add another water
bottle or something. – Have you ever held a baby? – I’m just saying
hypothetically, maybe add four more water bottles? – Like a very young baby.
– The young baby. – We all know a bit how much
babies weigh. – Now just toss him, toss
him out the window, here. – I can throw a water bottle. – Pretend it’s a baby. – Look, nobody here is-
– Can we just fly in a baby? (crash) – Millions of people get
to live now. I really want to empower
you guys to see how easy doing that was, like you don’t even have to toss
it either, you could just- (sound of water sloshing
in the bottles) – In the time it took us
to have this conversation, we’ve saved millions of people. – Look, I could stand back
there with you and throw a water bottle
back and forth, but that’s not gonna change- (rustling) – Guys, it could even be an
accident, you don’t have to murder him, you could just
accidentally kill him. (water bottles falling) – Look, I’ll pretend
to catch them. – Oh, dead. – Okay.
– Oops. – Just because you two want
to clutzily murder an infant doesn’t mean that you’re right. – Babies on the head,
babies on the head. Babies on the head,
babies on the head. – Uh oh, oh baby
fell off the head. – This is sick. – Here, catch. – It’s that easy. You guys are heroes,
look at that. We did it, we solved it. – You’re making some kind
of fucking joke out of this. – Another option,
break its neck. Drink its blood. – This is so disgusting. (gargling) – Delicious. I’m a hero. Baby blood. (humming) (sigh)


  • Exist

    Can we not just raise him differently instead of the moral dilemma of killing a baby who, when he grows up, will cause a mass genocide like Ryan sort of stated


    A better reason for no is if hitler isnt fuhrer who is, himler, goring, maybe some communist guy, germany wont just be fixed, all that would happen is that maybe a different fascist party takes over

  • ReallyUnexplainable

    This series is fucking hilarious.. And no, I would not kill baby Hitler. It's out of the question. I wouldn't even travel back in time. 80 years of history changed, there is a very real possibility that I would disappear the very moment I appear in germany, as my grandparents met after ww2.

  • Kai De Guzman

    The problem with this is that even if you kill hitler because of the time paradox that will happen another person will start World War Two because World War Two actually was started in World War One or the Great War in British because the Leader of Austria was assasinated and Germany had hate it the heart so I wouldn’t kill baby hitler cause it’s just wrong. Additionally if World War Two never happened Overpopulation would be an bigger issue in our current society since World War Two advanced science throughout the world and lead to the death of many people. As well as modern technology would not exist as of now…

  • Sinom Irneja

    I mean, didn't Hitler kill all those people because in his sick mind he was fighting against globalism or some BS? What the difference between you and him, if you are willing to kill innocent people(people before committing the sin are innocent) for some stupid sense of greater good.

  • Wild Woody

    So what if the British went back in time to kill baby Washington and the other independence leaders? It would spare millions of lifes since there would be no independence or civil war. Would that be a good thing? Debatable. Would killing baby Hitler be a good thing? Debatable. Since we don't know the alternative (like Europe becoming communist). It was not even Hitler but Anton Drexler who started the German Workers' Party which later became the Nazi party.

  • Nathaniel Gjersøe

    hell no, its a baby, even if he grows upp to kill millions of people, it's still a baby, it dont chance the fackt.

  • JoNatHan K

    No WW2
    No Portal Harbor
    No Albert Einstein
    No Cuban Missile crisis
    My Dad doesn't enter the USA Military
    My Dad gets Married to someone who is not my Mother because he stays in New York City

    Men don't go to War
    Women in USA don't get Rights
    No Female Police officer in USA
    My Mom never gets Married

    All these things need to happen to make me .

    Noah needs to get on the Ark in the Flood
    David needs to be made the 2nd King of Israel
    The Roman Empire needs to take over

    Saint Peter needs to eat Pig
    King James needs to be on the throne of England The Black Death needs to Happen
    USA needs to become a New Nation
    The North needs to winn the Civil War ,and keep USA one Nation (slaves don't need to be Free)
    WW2 needs to Happen
    The Berlin wall needs to be Put up
    Man needs to land on the Moon
    My Dad needs to join the Military
    USA needs to stop having War with Russia My Mom needs the Rights to become a Police officer
    They need to get Married.

  • Klank

    Bro for the first few seconds I thought it was real so I skipped ahead to where he would snap his neck and then he said he would just drink its blood and they started singing I just freaking died

  • Green House

    These people don’t know how to argue 😂😂🤦🏼‍♂️ I don’t even think they know what the question means

  • Nkosazana7

    Ya but her argument makes the opposing debate " if he could kill 16 million people, i bet you could.her debate is simply what would motivate her argument to admit she'd kill, just not for this particular reason" Moral relativist excuse.theres an ACTUAL ( not fictional) mass murderer gene. So buncha that nazi sh*t left its mark on dna.

  • Jeremy Bailey

    Two options:

    1. Do nothing and the world ticks on as normal.

    2. Kill Hitler and put the fate of mankind in jeopardy.

    Let's put our emotions aside and look at this logically.

    Killing Hitler is a gamble, yes you MAY save 8+ million lives but at the same time you may doom all of humanity to die.

    The chance of our entire species going extinct vs 8 million lives just isn't worth the risk. I'm sorry it may seem heartless but mankind must live on. It's more important than our emotions,our values,our culture and our desires. Our one goal is survival and if 8 million lives is the cost of that then so be it.

    Yes that includes my great grand parents being gunned down on the beaches by the Nazi. I'm here! WE ARE HERE!

    Any man or woman who'd risk our fate is a traitor to humanity.

  • Chandler England

    Hitler was a dumbass. What if a smarter leader fulfilled his role? Worse events would've came from that. Also, the greatest inventions and technologies were sprouted from war. In a way, war is good. Now let me repeat that, in ONE way, war is good. Just a thought for you guys.

  • Sneaky Master

    I was so gobsmacked by the absurd arguments from the yes'ers but then I saw 
    Comedy Central and was like: ye that makes sense

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