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hey guys welcome back to a new video we
hope you’re doing amazing and we are finally back in Germany. we were in
Orlando for a few days but the trip there was the most stressful thing I
have ever done, ever. we thought this is such a crazy experience that we need to
share it with you on its own video. this is our story time so from Munich we were supposed to go to
Toronto and then from Toronto to Orlando and this whole trip was supposed to last
14 hours. when we were in Munich we were still super happy, everything was going
according to plan we were tired but we were excited. Hey Guys, so we are on our way to
Canada! And then from there we’re gonna go to Orlando. We are very excited but it’s supposed to rain tomorrow. we slept four hours.. we are
last-minute people you know, we don’t plan that much always. But we are here and it’s exciting. our plane
was boarding on time and we flew from Munich to Toronto without problems. so
we arrived in Toronto perfectly on time and then we had to go through order
control because apparently a part of the airport is already part of the u.s. … it’s
weird. somehow they really like to check
passports because we had to show it every 10 meters. they checked it six
times before we got into the gate area what the hell.. so it took us a while. but
we were still on time. so we arrived at the gate and on time they started to
board the airplane. we were still outside trying to upload a YouTube video but
that’s another story.. it was Friday we don’t plan things very well..
the Internet’s sucked.. it was stressful. yeah so they started to board, some people were going inside of the airplane already and then they said: wait guys! wait! sorry
guys but there are some technical difficulties with the airplane. everybody
has to go out again… Na toll. guys so we’re still in Canada
and we’re waiting for our fight to leave because it’s delayed now. We’re so excited
to get to Orlando but we had a very bad experience with Air Canada. We were leaving
Munich and the staff member from Air Canada, she was super rude to me, she was
not nice at all yeah all the other people were like yeah
one after each other, fast fast fast, and then we came and the woman were like: Oh Mexican? no I’m just gonna check every page of your passport, every single
page and then she asked me something and I couldn’t understand her because it was
in German and she was so not friendly. it really got us in a bad mood but we’re
trying to enjoy our trip no matter what so now we’re stuck here for a while and I
think it’s time to dance in front of everybody, go! after two hours they decided okay guys
this shit is not fixable… please go to another gate, we will get another airplane.
so everybody has to walk to the other gate
they had to take our luggage outside of the airplane switch it to the new one.
but it was good for us because we had more time to upload the video. hahaha and also scary to get into a plane that is broken.. we were like: ok
there we go with our heavy as luggage and we thought it’s fine we’ll still
arrive in Orlando today. No problem.. by the way by this point we are so tired
you can see it on our faces and we haven’t eaten anything basically. so after we have been waiting a couple of hours at the new gate they said ok your
airplane is ready to board now. finally! and then we were boarding and we were
inside of the airplane! we’re in the airplane but we’re still in Toronto,
right now it’s already One and a half hours late. I just want to sleep and tomorrow
relax the entire day. but then things went wrong real fast: so we have some news.
apparently there’s a ground stop at Orlando Airport because a battery of a
camera exploded in a bag of a passenger yeah and everybody heard the noise and
they freaked out. everybody was running I would have been so scared.. like I’m glad
we didn’t have to go through that. so we’re stuck here still at Toronto
Airport instead. we’ll keep you updated on where we are and what’s happening
with our trip. exactly. fast forward we’re there, waiting for two hours sitting on
the airplane, with no internet, with no space, no nothing, we don’t know what’s
happening and the guy says: the passengers cannot be in an airplane
that’s not moving for more than three hours or something like that. so we’re
gonna probably have to take you out from the airplane. they just told us there’s
something wrong with the Orlando Airport we cannot land there right now and then
finally after a while they said this they decided not to go to Orlando
because the airport is closed. so we can’t even go to Orlando right now. so we’re gonna stay the night in Toronto they closed the whole thing because of
his stupid battery and now we cannot go to Orlando Thanks.. so there we are outside of
the gate and now what? we had to wait for them to figure out where we’re gonna stay
in Toronto. everybody was super pissed the staff members from the airline were
super stressed out because they had to find hotels for everybody.
customers were angry as f… and there was this staff member that was freaking out for
real, she was yelling at everybody and one guy was also not nice at her and he
told her: you should be more friendly.. and she said: well it’s called stress sir! –
this is how I talk! yeah yelling in front of everyone and honestly we were just too
tired too hungry to anything, like we couldn’t do anything ,so we had to make
another line for another two hours until we got our hotel. and the genius
here, he said oh I’m going to the Sunshine State – I don’t need a jacket – I
don’t need a jacket at all and of course Toronto is like minus 100! no it was so
cold we had to wait outside for the shuttle, make another line and Janik… I was fine, totally fine.. Super late in the evening at like 11 p.m. we
arrived at the hotel! all right we got to our hotel in Toronto. There it is! so we’re gonna go
in and we’re gonna eat something and then we’re gonna sleep! tomorrow we’re
gonna go to Orlando – hopefully. I was super tired but I didn’t care about sleep I
just wanted to eat something. and I didn’t care about food I just wanted to
sleep. I was so tired. but at least the airline gave us 32 dollars each for food
at the hotel. but guess what! – what? – the restaurant was closed!! so we went to the
bar and ate finger food. Finger food! and then we finally slept. I literally don’t remember walking from the bar to the room because I was already a
zombie. I was like yeah it’s true. next morning, we woke
up. we spent one night in Toronto now. we have been traveling for 28 hours. we’re
glad that nothing actually happened in Orlando at the airport yesterday. That it was
just a small battery but if you think about it a small battery like this can
cause such a big thing? pretty crazy! Maybe it was a Nikon battery. of
course we had to go back to the airport freezing again, we had to go through border
control again, through security. for some reason Joss was super happy, suddenly out
of nowhere. so weird at the airport she’s like it’s so much fun! no it’s not
fun! we just miss an entire day of our stay in Orlando. we only had eight days
in total and now we had seven. – we are at the airport,
we’re leaving super soon and I’m so happy because… it’s just beautiful – she’s a weirdo
that’s why – I’m so happy jalapeño chips, finally! I missed thisso much!
you know what I’m missing? I’m missing BWW, I’m missing Cheesecake Factory,
I’m missing Panda express and we are gonna go to all of them! and to see some chicas in
Miami Beach.. we’re going to the gate, I was still
happy and suddenly things went wrong real fast again..
the stewardess says: hey guys… long pause and you could hear the people saying: oh
noooo! I think this trip is cursed
but we are delayed! that moment my happiness went away. suddenly… Our
fly it is delayed again but I’m staying positive.
yeah the crew could get through customs And now the flight is half an hours delayed.
we have iPad and we can play casino. why does this
happen to us so then after one hour of being delayed
we finally took off did you hear that guys? we are ready to go! we’re moving finally so
we’re gonna leave soon! and we’re gonna be in sunny Orlando!! that’s supposed to
be rainy but – ohhh and we arrived yeah we finally made it! We made it! we’re in Orlando y’all Not in our house yet so our trip is not over
yet. But we are super excited and I cannot wait to go to all the theme parks!
we have to wait for our uber, we finally got into the house where we were gonna
stay in Orlando. and how many hours do you think it took us to get there? 36!! 36 freakin hours.. from 14 to 36 I was super
hungry and then we decided to go to buffalo wild wings! so we went to eat
something there and it was right next to Disney Springs! Which is the shopping area outside of Disney and here is the footage Up there, what’s his name? Lilo? – Stitch!! Are you kidding me? – Stitch is spitting on people so Disney Springs was our warm-up for
the next days because then we went to Disney World, to Universal and to Miami!
and those videos are gonna come next week! guys I’m so excited for you to
watch these videos, it was so much fun it’s so cool guys you have see it! I love it,
I love it! so if you want to see all of those videos make sure to subscribe to
our channel, if you’re not already and thank you for watching our
little story – our pretty long story thank you so much for watching us today,
hit that like button and we’ll see you in Disney World next time. Bye!


  • The Boss Life Online

    WOW I would have been pissed too! I am glad you guys made it. Can't wait to see the footage from your trip. God Bless.

  • Isitalala

    Oh gosh, what a trip 😀 Makes me remind my very first trip to Peru 3 years ago. My long-haul flight from Madrid to Lima was delayed 17 hours!! And I had to stay at a hotel over night twice, once in Madrid (because instead of at midnight my flight was the next day at 5pm) and once in Lima (because we didn't land at 5am but at 11pm at night and the next flight out to my destination was only the next morning.) It was so nerve-wrecking but luckily the airline paid for both of the hotels (4 and 5 stars), food, bus, wifi and so on and in the end I claimed a refund and they paid me 600 Euros (which literally was half of what I had paid). In the end I stayed in Peru half a year so one day less wasn't that bad but I was so tired, I just wanted to arrive and sleep!
    Guys, try to get a refund!! It may be a hassle (I had to call and write several times) but in the end it was worth it. When you're delayed 3 hours or more you have a right to it. I'm really looking forward to your videos about Disneyland and Miami <3 🙂

  • Tania M

    I'm glad y'all made it to Orlando! Y'all definitely deserved it after all that. Sending buenas vibras for the trip back to Germany. 💞

  • The Poblanos

    Great editing ! That is so crazy how much you guys went through to get to Orlando. 36 hours 😱. It looks like it was well worth it though. Glad you guys had fun !

  • Charly

    I feel like you're definitely not gonna forget this trip hahah. I love your way of story telling, I somehow really enjoy it and I'm so excited for your next travel video to come! 🙂

  • /Ask Reddit

    That sounds like such a nightmare 😱. I've been O.D'ing on the vlogs and love them! They are so fun to watch, and the edits are crazy good! What editing software do you use?

  • Hannah Róisín Reilly

    I am so sorry that the representatives of air Canada were rude! I myself (a Canadian) have had some weird problems with them, I wish they were more welcoming. You're videos are adorable, Love it!

  • Yasmine El Jaï

    I really love all your videos, you two are so sweet but also so fun to watch. Thanks for sharing and keep the fun going!

  • Daniela Alva

    ¿Han leído el libro Pídeme lo que quieras? Nosé porque cuando los miro, imagino a los personajes… Coinciden casi en todo, solo que la protagonista es de España… Pero el protagonista masculino si es de Alemania. 😂❤

  • rose skull2

    Esperen yo siempre pensé que él se llamaba Joss y así jaja 😅…me encanta que a pesar de las dificultades siguieron optimistas y pues me gusto el canal hace poco que lo encontre !

  • Eloisa

    No se como llegué a sus vídeos pero me alegró de haberlo hecho 🤗 Me encantan! son una pareja divertida. 💓 I love that I understand everything you speak in English! (I'm learning English😶)

  • ThatDutchguy

    Why do Canadian's allow Yank's in their Airport and have them check people ? Never heard of such a weird thing,…sorry you two had to go though that.

  • Dating Beyond Borders

    I love, love, love you guys! You are a breath of fresh air in the Youtube world. Great chemistry, and awesome editing skills!! Lots of love from Canada. I apologize for Air Canada. It sucks. Got stuck in Vegas with Air Canada for like an extra day (at least it was hot)

  • HeyPeopleItsMe

    who else is here before 80,000 We da true fans we gonna be the ones who remember them when they have millions!

  • Meli T

    Something like this happened to me but it was in Merida’s airport but it was horrible because it was super hot and they kept us two hours on the plane without the a.c. on because apparently the plane had some sort of problem with something and they wouldn’t let us out, when they finally let us out it was just because all the seats were sweaty and they had to clean.

  • Sara Art

    Hahaha, que mal por el retraso, pero al final se divirtieron y se ríen de lo sucedido.
    Bonita pareja.!!!
    Pd. Cuánto mide Joss ? 😅😄

  • 香口膠

    Don't worry when you're ultimately depressed you will be happy for no reason, this happened to me when my flight home was cancelled and had to drive to another city to catch a flight

  • Ana Enamorado

    I love you guys so much I literally watch your channel midnight it’s so good and by the way you guys have the greatest sense of humor and funny to hear please keep it up 😍😍😍

  • Eastside HD videos

    My worst flight experience was with Spirit airlines from Oakland to Houston. Only 28 inches of legroom for a 4 Hr flight

  • Afellowhuman

    I live in Canada, and ask you not to expect rude behavior from most people. Most of the people I've met are really polite, and it sucks that one employee can tarnish a populations image.

  • klynn martin

    The US created the pre-screening process in TO. I had to do it as well. Not great! Thanks US for stupid shit

  • klynn martin

    My worst travel experience was arriving at my destination and they were training border officals…. 3hrs through passport control. Then they pull me aside for a baggage check… Line two. 3hrs later….. I get to my car in long term parking and I had a flat tire. I speak to the attendant and he says he will call the nearby garage for assistance. 3 hrs later I go back and the new attendant says he was not told of my prediciment. I was exhausted from a long flight from London. I sat in the car and cried. eventually did get help. Hey but they did not lose my luggage! LOL

  • Vamos unicornio

    I can't belive i almost saw all of your videos. i also cheeked joss insta stories and i agreed that you should finish your thesis before the videos XD

  • bidita majumdar

    i’ve had almost the same experience. i was going from austin to mumbai, and i had a layover in newark. we went to newark perfectly on time. we had a flight at 8:10 pm. we boarded the plane, waited for 3 hours. we had already gotten a warning that the flight might be canceled so i was kind of scared. it got canceled. we got out of the plane, it was 11 pm and we waited in a HUGE line that lasted for thirteen hours. the next day at noon, we got a flight to new delhi that would leave at 11:15 pm that night. they have us food vouchers, and we spent the whole day at the airport. at 11:15, we got ready to board the plane, but the plane wasn’t even there yet. it was already 1 am by that time and we were pretty angry. we hadn’t even had any dinner, just a couple of doughnuts. we finally boarded the plane and waited. at about 4 am, they told us the flight was delayed. everybody was SO pissed off and everyone was cussing at the the staff members and some people were crying. they gave us a hotel. since india isn’t cold at all, i (like janik) ALSO thought i wouldn’t need a jacket. i had to wait outside for about 30 mins and there was an extremely loud fire alarm that rang out the whole time. when we got to the hotel and the next day at 10:00, we got ready to board the flight to New Delhi (not where we were even supposed to go). at 11:00 am, the plane FINALLY went to New Delhi. we landed the next day at 11 am. our flight from new delhi to mumbai was at 1 pm. as soon as we reached, we went to get our luggages and realized that they were lost! we spent an hour looking for them and then realized we weren’t going to find them. at 12 pm, we started going through all the things when they said we couldn’t board the flight because you were supposed to board 45 minutes prior. we were furious. we tried to talk them into it, and we nearly did it, but they backed out at the end. that night at 9:35 pm, we flew to mumbai. our trip had been shortened from 8 days to 6 days. i’ll never forget the trip🥴

  • jeffpro18

    36 hours of flying that's extreme! I couldn't image how hard that was traveling for that long and go through that experience of constant delays and setbacks. I would go crazy and would want to go back home and forget the the trip. Glad you guys got through it and had a good time after all.

  • Lis Ramirez

    WOW 😮! You did go through a bad travel flight ✈️. But thank God that although you went through stressful hours finally you made it safe to your journey. And enjoyed. You guys make it real and fun. Thanks for sharing God Bless both of you.

  • cynthia Rojas

    Estuve trabajando en disney durante el tiempo que estuvieron ahi, pude coincidir con ustedes 🙁 pero los conocí muy tarde

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