Why Smart Brands Command A Premium Price – How To Sell High-Ticket Products & Services Ep. 20
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Why Smart Brands Command A Premium Price – How To Sell High-Ticket Products & Services Ep. 20


  • Sean Lim

    Dan, generally speaking, does low-paying customers = shitty customers and does high-paying customers tend to be more committed and better quality followers with healthier self esteem?

    Aren't there low-paying customers that are dedicated and high-paying customers that are fussy and picky and problematic too?

  • kamy ahmed

    Fuuuuccckkkkk Dan I’m here clapping my hands at that profound insight!! Why would you want to rob your clients, of the simple pleasure, of paying your premium rates to do business? Fuck that’s mind blowing thank you Dan!!

  • Hanke Zhou

    Knowing this actually makes me feel really comfortable. And a little bit cunning. Satisfying the client not only through provided value but also through pricing in a way they might even be unaware of. Amazing.

  • The Story of my Life

    My wife started a hobby buying and trading furniture. When she started out and had a piece should couldn’t sell I told her to raise the price. Every time she did she sold it.

  • Jarin Jackson

    Subconscious is so powerful. The more you pay the more you enjoy it. It is selfish to rob my clients of a premium price. It is my responsibility to become that high ticket client/Closer

  • pzpz2135

    I've studied price signaling in economics, and what you're saying is true. I also note your point that pricing at market means that you're allowing your competitors to dictate price. My question is, does pricing premium hold without a recognizable brand (even ones only known in exclusive circles, but otherwise unknown to the masses)? In other words, is pricing and buying experience enough to bestow credibility to sell?

  • Mohammad Hosein Nosrati

    I told my friend: Hey on the video Dan Lok's wife told about a bag store starting with 10,000 $ and how they sell it ! she didn't want to know about the details, but she still says How lucky she is

  • Kelly Boegemann

    My biggest takeaway is that when people pay more for a product or think it is more expensive they enjoy it or value it more not only on a conscious level but also a subconscious level.

  • Anthony Garcia

    I've made this experiment, but blind testing.

    I've gathered 30 people and 3 wines with a black plastic bag around it. There was a paper with the wine notes, taste, smell, terroir and price. There was maybe 2 or 3 people that choose the one in the middle price range, everybody else choose the most expensive.

    At the end of the experiment i've asked them why they've choose that wine and they started to talk about the smell and taste of that particular wine. Then I've disclosured the wine brands and they were all the same wine with the price tag lower than the lowest one in the experiment.

    Was amazing to see how people can feel smell and taste different flavors based on their perception and concept of the wine price tag…

  • Peter Fichna

    Everybody go "uuuum" I love that. Brainscanning people while drinking wine? Where did that come from? Thank you Sifu for the amazing knowledge you share with us for free!

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