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Hello everybody. It’s a new year. It’s 2017, and here we are at Vagabrothers talking about the best travel destinations for this coming year. There’s a lot of new places a lot of places we haven’t been yet, but we’ve gone through and picked the best 10 destinations for 2017. As we know 2016 was a crazy year all around the world so this year we’re taking into consideration political stability and exchange rates, so you can travel to place their safe and inexpensive. So first up Europe: top destination in Europe is….. England . Well the United Kingdom, in general. Brexit happened last year, and that’s changed a lot of things, but what has done has made the pound really cheap. It’s cheaper to travel now to the UK than it has been in a long time, so we encourage you to go the UK and get beyond London and go to Northern England where we did a trip last year, amazing . Or Wales where we’re going to be going later this year. It might not be the most unique, and chances are you’ve been to London, but this is the time to get out and explore the UK. Next up: Caribbean. Cuba is the top destination for 2017. Fidel Castro has just died. Chances are the situation in Cuba is going to change rapidly. We recommend getting in there before it does. It’s on the top of our bucket list for 2017, so hopefully we’ll have some vlog series for you guys soon. Number 3: Latin America . Winner is …Columbia. Columbia. I’ve wanted to go to Colombia for a long time, but it makes the list in 2017 because the government just signed a peace treaty with Farc, the rebel group where there’s been a civil war last 50 years. So times of Narcos is gone. Peace has arrived to Columbia, and it’s just ready to take off. I’m reading Gabriel Garcia Marquez right now and just dreaming of Colombia. You’ve got a hundred years of solitude until that happens. Oh no, wow, you’ve never read Love in the Time of Cholera, Bro. I guess I have not. Next up: North America. Winner is…..Quebec. Quebec is the French-speaking province of Canada. Get out to Quebec in 2017. We went last year; it was an incredible trip. It’s a great alternative to Europe right now, especially if you’re a little bit worried about terrorism. By the way, Quebec City looks like it’s part of France. You can practice French if you’re learning it, but they also speak English there. The food is amazing; there’re amazing festivals like Igloo Fest or Electric Picnic in Montreal. Top destination in Asia is….Seoul, or South Korea in general. This has been an overlooked destination for a lot of people in Asia We are excited about it because we’re going to go speak at an event there in February, the NBNY Forum. We have started looking at the destination. It looks fascinating. What really attracts us is this balance between being the most connected country in the world super technologically advanced, but they’re also rooted in tradition…… not to mention Korean BBQ, and if you’re Marco, Korean bath houses. Next up: Southeast Asia. For us our top pick is the Philippines. It’s a country made up of thousands of islands. It’s inexpensive; it’s gorgeous there’s plenty of empty beaches like the island of Palawan. So obviously the red flag here is that if you’ve been following the news you’ve seen that the Philippines are cracking down on drugs, and there’s been a lot of violence in relation to that. But none of it has targeted tourism ,so therefore we do deem this still safe enough to visit. If you go to the Philippines, we highly recommend you do not try to score drugs. Number 7: the top destination in the Middle East We have Oman. Oman is one of our favorite countries in the world. We were lucky enough to go there three years ago. But what keeps it on the top of the list is that it remains a stable oasis in a really turbulent region. Oman is a very tolerant country, and a lot of people attribute this to their form of Islam called Ibadi Islam, which is the same as in Morrocco.. Beyond that, it’s got beautiful beaches. It is on the coast, and Omanies are a seafaring culture, so there’s a lot of maritime history, and they also have the most castles of any country in the world…. not to mention it’s covered in gorgeous mountains. So if you’re trying to get off the beaten path, Oman is the destination in the Middle East for 2017. Next up: Africa. Where are we going? We’re going to Senegal, top destination in Africa for 2017. It’s the most stable country in West Africa; it’s got great music great food Francophile culture; they speak French there… not to mention incredible beaches; great surf; the first endless summer was filmed there. I was lucky enough to go to Senegal about five or six years ago, and it was a brief trip, but it was absolutely incredible. Hopefully getting back there in 2017. Senegalese are super cool people. When we used to live in the Basque Country in Northern Spain, there were tons of Senegalese they’re…super friendly ,very cool place, accessible, safe, fun cheap. We are choosing Tasmania as the top destination in the Australian Pacific region for 2017. It’s wild; it’s a small island off the coast of Australia. Beyond that you’ve got great food; it’s got beautiful natural scenery, and there’s a really interesting culture there. There’s Aboriginal culture as well as history of the penal colony that used to exist there. Isn’t that all of Australia? It is but especially in Tasmania. It’s more… there’s more clear example. Alright there mate. The Australian dollar is currently at a low, which makes it way more affordable to visit Australia. That’s kind of one of the main reasons why we haven’t been back in the last couple of years because the Australian dollar was really strong and the exchange rate was not favorable. Lastly, there’ve been huge advances in air travel, and there are direct flights from LA to Sydney, fifteen hours straight. That’s Sydney -London seventeen hours straight, and if you do one of those flights, make sure you click this video to find out how to survive long flights. Last step: we’ve got our favorite picks. Why don’t you start off. Where do you want to go? For me the top travel destinations in 2017 is Nicaragua. Nicaragua is the neighbor of Costa Rica. It is a beautiful country. The tourism is not as developed. There’re still some beautiful wild places; great surf; tropical weather; friendly people, and a place that I would really like to get back to and do some serious exploration. For me ,personally, top of the bucket list is Japan. I want to go to Tokyo; I want to go to Kyoto; I want to go snowboarding in Hokkaido and the monkeys that sit in the hot tub, those are my spirit animals, people. Those are my spirit animals. Marko, the Makka. Well those are our top 10 picks for travel destinations in 2017. Make sure that you guys drop some comments; give us some feedback. If you have ideas for your favorite 2017 travel destinations, make sure you share them with us down there. If you haven’t already, give the video a thumbs- up ,share it with your friends and subscribe to Vagabrothers for travel videos, if you have not already. In the meantime, stay curious, keep exploring, and we’ll see you guys on the road in 2017. Peace.


  • Alykia

    Well…I just started trying to really get into travel again. The other time I moved to Germany and traveled to nearby countries when I was able. Anyway, I was thinking about going to Croatia/Bosnia by myself before switching to Barbados with my partner. Mainly because he has never been overseas and I figured it'd be best to start introducing him to it with a more relaxing trip. Most of the time I'd be traveling alone though–since he isn't that into traveling and only wants to go to a few specific places. haha

    With all that said, I still have to visit friends in South Korea, Japan, Thailand, Taiwan, Canada, Peru (hopefully next April), England, Australia and I am sure I am missing something. haha

  • Eliza K

    Oman was my favorite county to visit! Went there about 3/4 years ago. Didn't know what to expect, didn't know what I was getting myself into but it was amazing, had a lovely stay.

    Also ended my trip in Abu Dhabi / Dubai for the people that are planning a trip there, loved the mixture of those two

  • Gianelli Antat

    I'm from Seychelles but currently studying in Europe. In two weeks I'm back home for the holidays. Yeeeeeey

  • mithoon raghavan

    How to find a travel partner.. Definitely want to fly high.. But alone?? Im not sure about.. Badly need a partner!

  • Lourish Bonete

    thanks for including Philippines 🙂 yup there's a lot of goin' on right now in the PH but nonetheless our tourism spots are very safe and secured. See you in the philippines

  • AnaBanana

    I also recommend Bosnia & Herzegovina as a great place to visit! It's safe, cheap, full of beautiful nature, history, and culture. Plus, it isn't super packed with tourists yet, so you don't have to worry about too many crowds 🙂
    Some places I recommend to visit are:
    Sarajevo (the capital), Mostar (with the iconic old bridge), Blagaj (with a dervish monastery and the herceg stjepan fortress), Kravice waterfalls, the village of Pocitelj, the Srebrenik fortress (Bosnia is full of castles but this one is probably my favorite because of the view), Prokosko lake, Travnik, Jajce (one of my favorites! – dont miss the medieval fortress and mithras temple), Štrbački buk waterfalls in the Una national park, Rama lake, Blidinje nature park, Neum (on the sea), Medjugorje (a catholic pilgrimage site), Mogorjelo (remains of a Roman villa), Radimlja (a necropolis of huge medieval tombstones), Trebinje, Stolac (with yet another fortress and many historic buildings), Konjic (has great rafting and Tito's bunker from the Yugoslav era), Lukomir (a medieval village which is the highest altitude and most remote village in the country), Sutjeska national park, Bjelasnica mountain near Sarajevo (where the '84 olympics were held).

    As you can see, there are a lot of places worth visiting there, but most of the tourists go to Sarajevo and Mostar, and they miss out on most of these other places. Bosnia's an undiscovered gem in Europe, but the tourism in the country has been rapidly growing. It's a pretty small country too, so it wouldn't take a long time to see many of these places 🙂

  • Kylasbibi

    My favorite travel destination in 2017 is Lisbon, Portugal. Great food. Friendly people. Very affordable. Go before everyone discovers!

  • Katie Kat

    Vagabrothers? You guys are brothers? You certainly don't present as being brothers. I would have guessed you as a couple. Which there is nothing wrong with that. I just find it strange that with how open things are today that you are trying to hide it like that. You shouldn't be ashamed. Be proud of who you are. Btw you are a cute couple at that. Great video

  • arnie boi

    Yeah don't ever score drugs in Philippines we're serious on drugs campaign now unlike the previous administration of the narcopoliticians and the Liberal Party of the Aquino's! Tnx that we have a good president now! Duterte!!!

  • Jonna Jänkälä

    hey , so i got this travel account on instagram : jonnajankala27 , this year i been exploring Uk , and last year i went to japan , mexico and cuba . check it out for some inspiration . love this channel by the way .

  • padivigua

    Holaaa soy Eva from España! Los Cayos en Cuba es precioso! espero tengais la oportunidad de visitar esa zona , 🙂 un saludo

  • Intan Permata Sari

    dude non of your videos I have watched mentioned about Indonesia. well Bali but Indonesia is not all about Bali. cmon we have thousands islands here can stay like 1month here and you can experiences also see thousands cultures, languages and foods and ladies with different ethnic. what? ok sorry not the ladies lol it's so cheap too. Ma' nene Toraja,Raja Ampat West Papua, Suku Dayak Kalimantan, Togean Sulawesi, Debus Banten, Bunaken Manado, Kelimutu Lake NTT, Mount Rinjani NTB. I am about to make oscar award speech if I continue to mention all ha

  • anderson cal

    thanks brother….actually and surely philippines is very safe its the mainstream media only that broadcast fake info…its more safe these administration for it has a will to fight against criminality…and if ur with filipinos u r with familys…u can jive with locals for they can understand english and the most friendliest locals u find….7000 islands + the benham rise + scarborough shoughl hehehe u have a guard china army..

  • Rebekah Matos

    Hey! I've been dying to go on a solo backpack trip! any tips as to staying safe and the best places to go for a solo female?

  • Elaine Der

    Don't forget Mexico, our neighbor to the south. Been there several times. Beautiful beaches, great food, affordable and friendly natives

  • Elhadji Diao

    I got goosebumps when you mentionned senegal!!! Woohooooo!! Im from there and just like you guys i wanna travel all over the world. Senegal is country of hospitality!! Ths for visiting!!!

  • 佐々木菜穂子

    Hi! I am Nahoko from Japan. I really like your videos and also it is good material for studing English as well. And I am happy to lithen your top of thebucket list is Japan!! You guys are always welcome and hope you have wonderful travel to here! All the best.

  • ali jajaja

    In my opinion . ✔️Europe : netherland. ✔️North America : Canada. ✔️East Asia : Japan. ✔️Southeast Asia : Bali,Indonesia. ✔️Middle east : United Arab Emirates. ✔️South America : Peru. ✔️Africa : Egypt. ✔️South Asia : Maldives

  • Airport Info HQ

    0:40 United Kingdom
    1:08 Cuba
    1:30 Colombia
    1:59 Quebec
    2:29 South Korea
    3:00 Philippines
    3:32 Oman
    4:13 Senegal
    4:52 Tasmania
    5:53 Nicaragua
    6:13 Japan
    Those destinations were interesting! Thanks for uploading this video.

  • Alex Co-Teng

    The Philippines is the best and most beautiful country. If you are a traveler and wanted to enjoy life why would you go to the dangerous part. And any country and cities has its not so pleasing area even in America right?. Let us not be so stupid and hypocrite here. Welcome to the Philippines.

  • Billy Ryan

    Tasmania also has some of the finest fly fishing on the planet, King Island cream – double whipped cream, ice-cream etc, also Hobart's famous Salamanca Markets (Sat only), and of course the …………beer!

  • Cristian Cezar Travels

    I think Portugal is a good choice, because is cheap and here you could explore a lot of attractions, like Lisbon, Sintra, Evora, Algarve, Porto, Roca Point, Estoril, Cascais.

  • Gina Isabel Raudales Mejia

    I want to travel but have neither money nor a job … my parents stopped giving me money since I turned 21 xD now I'm 25 and still jobless 🙁

  • Carlton

    Amazing Video! I will definitely visit these places in the near future.

    P.S. (I know this has nothing to do with the subject of the video)
    Once I heard the song played in the video, I immediately subscribed.

    Nujabes – Shiki No Uta, is the name of it 🙂 from Samurai Champloo

  • Gary Washington

    My name is Gary and im a travel company owner @brightcloudstravel call me for a free quote i have some of the best prices in the world CALL NOW!!! 855-388-7346

  • Ginger Cascante

    Hi im ginger from costa rica and Im going to cuba next month I got my ticket for $200 from costa rica to cuba!!! im so excited!!! I also went to Nicaragua previously this year it is pretty cheap and i webt by bus from san jose to san juan del sur and i spend less than 20 dollars on transportation!!!

  • Sylvia Black

    I live in the U.K. So I'm not going to have a holiday there. Cuba and the Caribbean has just had hurricanes so not going there. Would not touch North America a barge pole. I'm off to Japan in November.

  • wayangede2007

    Bali is clean,beauty nature,international standar facility and accomodation,popular since year ago,green and traditional nature,art and culture,complete destiny from beaches and ricefields etc.

  • Untethered Together

    Baja California is one of the most underrated travel destinations on the planet –> Guerrero Negro in the winter to pet baby whales, Valle de Guadalupe for world class wineries (you guys know that already), incredible SCUBA diving, some of the best fishing in the world, etc. etc.

  • Daxy Dax

    Alex and Mark are two beautiful people the world needs right now.They describe countries on point and they are transparent with how a country is and even describes the political climate and tips to fit in as tourists. 


    I have been watching these siblings with their travel videos and this episode made me subscribe to their channel because their material has great substance and educated content!!! No wonder they get invited to speak for events.
    Very good reference points when researching future travel destinations. Well done Mark and Alex! You both are AWESOME!!!

    Can you guys make a surfing trip vlog too?! please???

  • EpicFeedsTime

    Debating on travelling in either Europe or Australia, in May/June 2018. Wondering if Australias "winter" will make it not worth it

  • Sarang Bakshi

    Caribbean I would love to visit Costa Rica The Bahamas is one of my favorite destinations also the mexico and the Ecuador and more of caribbean islands I love to visit for water sports in North America I like Canada and america and Europe Spain Portugal and Turkey

  • Filipino Cooking Style Lutong Bahay

    thanks for including Philippines for your 2017 bucket list bro….i recommend you to go Batanes Island at northern part…God bless

  • Sky1

    You are endangering your viewers – THE U.S. DEPARTMENT OF STATE HAS ASSESSED BOGOTÁ AS BEING A HIGH-THREAT LOCATION FOR CRIME DIRECTED AT OR AFFECTING OFFICIAL U.S. GOVERNMENT INTERESTS. source: https://www.osac.gov/Pages/ContentReportDetails.aspx?cid=21159

  • Nick C

    Can confirm, Quebec is wild, and for english speakers nearly everyone in MTL (at least in the service industry) speaks just fine

  • Zander Zenom

    Lol I'm from England, and why tf would you want to visit here. The weather's not great, the cities are average with no particular tourists attractions excluding London. But more importantly to me it lacks good scenery like northern England is too hilly, I want to see snow capped mountains

  • RM3

    3:02 Regarding the Philippines. You guys can also visit its Spanish Colonial tourist destinations. Calle Crisologo in Vigan is a UNESCO World Heritage Site because of its maintained colonial architecture. You guys can also visit Intramuros which is a walled Spanish village in Manila that also has beautiful architecture.

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