What’s inside a REAL Time Travel Machine?
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What’s inside a REAL Time Travel Machine?

– Tell me the future, weird box. (dramatic music) Oh it’s true, it’s true. Welcome back to What’s Inside, I’m Lincoln, this is Dan. And today we have a real time machine. – Did you know that you can buy them? We went to the magical place of Ebay. That is the place where
you buy time machines. – Yeah. – I can’t imagine that this thing is real and that it actually works, but the ad was pretty convincing in there, and it also said that you have to believe, yourself, in order for it to work. – [Lincoln] Believe, you need to believe. – Let’s open up the box, and there is a full on quick start guide. It says, “Important, be very
careful when open this box. “The time machine is inside.” Oh look there’s a nice,
really nice, black hair. Really long black hair. – Ew. – Nobody in our house has black hair. “When take it out from the
box, be very gentle and slow. “It is placed upside down for easy removal “from the box for your info. “Or you might crash the box. “Open with care, important.” And then highlighted with
two stars, not one, but two. “Judge its function, not its appearance.” – Judge its function. So that’s basically saying
it’s gonna look really weird. – It’s gonna look really bad. We love buying weird
things off the internet, seeing what’s inside of them. Oh and it comes with a book. Mastering Time Travel:
Voyages Through Time. And this book was signed
with a pen that’s cost $777. Pretty gentle. Whoa.
– Gentle, gentle. Whoa, what was that?
– What was that? Two books? Astral Projection to
The Space and Universe. – What does this sticky note say? – Free stiff. Free stiff? (Leslie laughing) Leslie’s laughing over there. Free stiff is really funny. Free sif? – [Leslie] Free gift, it says free gift. – It does? Oh that’s a G?
– What? No. – That’s not a G. – I don’t know, look at that. Is that a G? – No, that’s not a G. – I guess that could be a G. (dramatic music) Grow it off the ground. Whoa.
– Is it heavy? It’s coming. Wait wait, okay there’s
a paper in there too. Okay I’m turning it over. I’m turning it over. There it is. – It’s just a paper. – Oh that side’s pretty fancy looking. Look at this one. This one’s like blue colors
and gold leaf and stuff. (Lincoln laughing) – How much did this cost? – That is a good question, I think… Okay. So there were two versions you could get. One of them I think was around $100. That was the basic version. But this one was I think $300,
but it’s the deluxe version. And it said with the deluxe
version, the only difference, is that the deluxe version
you can achieve time travel faster than the basic version. And so of course I’m gonna
get the deluxe version. I mean who would buy the basic version? – Who would buy this? – People that wanna master time travel. First impressions very, very light. – This is $300. I need to believe. Do not judge its appearance. Judge its function. – I think I need to read the instructions. Here is the instructions that came on top of the box, that are printed out. They’re separate from the book. It’s about 10 pages. Do not disassemble them or
they will lose its magic. (magical ding) – We have to. – Place it in the room where
you want to do time travel. – Right here. – Not too near, because you will project right into the machine. Whoa, that’s a good warning,
that should be like on the box. Always have the front facing you, and the other one, the gold panel, flat. To help you understand,
look at this picture. That picture is important. Use your eyes to look at the center. Look at that picture.
(laughing) When the machine is wrinkled, it is okay. When there’s dust over
it, wiping the dust… How to make a request
for the time machine. Try not to be 100% specific. Try not to be too specific. What is this? There’s so many instructions. This side is really interesting with this like foil all over it. Oh, I get it! I get it now! Look with the light in it. You can see all the way through it. This side, this side, and
this side is transparent, and this back is like
this gold stuff on it, and you can look through and see it. Maybe it helps that we have
these bright lights here. Here, hold it up, Lincoln, I
wanna see if we can do this. Okay, look at this when you look closely. Let me show you what we’re seeing. Look, see that? If I move it up and down, you can see inside of the box. I don’t know. (phone buzzing) Oh shoot. I gotta take this phone call. I’ll be back, let’s take
a break for a second, hun. – [Leslie] Okay. – [Dan] Hello. Hey, how’s it going? – Tesla? Come here. Hi. No? Tell me the future, weird box. (dramatic music) – Alright, alright, sorry. – You’re not gonna believe this. – Believe what? – It actually tells the future. I saw the future. Yeah. I asked it, “Tell me the future.” And it took me to 2020. And it showed one good
thing and one bad thing. The Saints won the Superbowl. – The Saints, did Taysom Hill play? – Uh-huh, yeah, he did. And here’s the bad part. Elon Musk came out and
said Tesla Roadster’s gonna be pushed back to 2021. So we’re not gonna have
it for another extra year. – Okay, yeah I think
you’re just trolling me. – I’m serious. – On that note. (Lincoln gasps) – The mystery is unveiled! – Oh! Okay so this is the first layer of paper. It’s a plastic box, with some tape on here
with like gold leafing. That’s the other top part. Do not judge the outside of this box. It’s the inside that counts. Did we get $300 worth? – Yes! It tells the future. – It looks like it’s some sort of… I don’t know what kind of material, gold, blue, that they put… I don’t know, almost like a foil. And then they took just
strands of like masking tape and taped the foil to the box. I mean that’s really what’s
inside a time traveling box. All the magic is now gone. If you would like to get one yourself. – $300. – I’m not endorsing this thing, so make up your own mind,
use your own judgment. I wouldn’t go bet on The
Saints winning the Superbowl, just ’cause Lincoln saw it.
– No it’s true! – It’s true. It said it in the box. – Must be the truth. Or it’s just a bit April fools joke. – No, it’s not… – We’ll never know. – Why is it April fools today too? – So Lincoln’s been growing up a lot, he has a deeper voice, he
looks more manly these days. We see it in the comments. (melancholic music) – $300. – Yes, that’s what
happens when you turn 13. It’s called puberty, it hit. All the magic is now gone.


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