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What North Korean Defectors Think Of North Korea | ASIAN BOSS

Hey everybody, it’s Steve from Asian Boss North Korea is arguably the most isolated and secretive nation on the planet, and chances are you probably have no idea what’s going on there. Other than what you see on the news from time to time. So, what do we do? We come up with a whole bunch of stereotypes about North Korea and we start criticising and ridiculing them. But in the process, what we may have forgotten is the people of North Korea. In that spirit, we’re able to interview a couple of young North Korean defectors to hear their stories. Given the importance of this topic, We’re going to separate this interview into two videos. In this video, you’ll get to hear what life is actually like in North Korea. Now, some of their stories might be disturbing to some viewers, but we didn’t edit them out on purpose because we think it’s important that their voices be heard. So, I hope that you really pay attention and listen to what they have to say. -Thank you for your time.
-Thanks for having me. A lot of people, including me, are very curious about North Korea. Right. As a North Korean defector, I trust you’d be able to paint a more accurate picture. Yes. How old were you when you escaped? I escaped when i was 12. I left North Korea in 2001, spent three years in China… and ten years in South Korea. Why did you decide to escape from North Korea? The biggest reason was… I didn’t know when i was going to die of starvation. Since Kim Jong-il came into power, North Korea experienced a major famine… that claimed as many as three million lives. I experienced it all first hand. The famine in the 90’s is known as the “Arduous March”. It was brutal times. I saw two-thirds of the people in my hometown starve to death. They died because there was nothing to eat. Because the government couldn’t provide food? They didn’t provide food. You actually witnessed someone die? I saw a two year old girl die right in front of me. You see, when a person dies… flies are the first to know. Even though she was still breathing, they must’ve known she was going to die… like how rats or other animals run away before earthquakes. So they knew and they started gathering around her eyes, nose, mouth, anus… around those areas… they start gathering like crazy. When I saw things like that, I thought there was no reason why I couldn’t end up just like her. Luckily at the time, my mother was able to travel to China a few times and told me China was a rich country. So she decided to go to China and I tagged along. Before we went to China, we thought it was the greatest country on earth. I always remember my experience involving plastic bottles. When I was in North Korea, I lived with my stepfather. He was an alcoholic but at the time, the price of alcohol was equivalent to a meal enough to feed five people. In winter, because there was no electricity in the country side I was living in… Like zero electricity? They gave us electricity only a few times in a year. Like on New Year’s Day because we had to listen to Kim II-Sung or Kim Jong-il’s New Year’s address. So they gave us electricity to turn on our TVs. How do you live without electricity? Lamps. You use oil based lamps. Anyway, so whenever I had to run errands for my stepfather at night I’d slip on ice and drop the alcohol bottle because i couldn’t see anything. I tried to be careful but I’d fall at least four times a year. I didn’t mind getting beat up by my stepdad. It was the guilt I destroyed something valuable that could’ve fed five people. that killed me at the time. So I always used to wish that I could have a bottle that doesn’t break. But one day, I saw a plastic bottle when I went to a flea market with my mom and I thought “wow, so such bottles do exist!” But it was too expensive so I couldn’t buy it. So knowing that such bottles existed, I saw plastic bottles among garbage later when I was escaping via the Tumen river. It was truly shocking and… when I tried to pick it up in that life or death moment, the broker I was with told me there were plenty of new plastic bottles in China. I was like, “really”? and remember escaping without the plastic bottle. Is it easy to go to China? Not at all. It’s a matter of life and death. So in order to escape, do you need to climb over a fence or something? No, when you escape, there is the Tumen river. North Korea and China is divided by a river. So you have to cross either the Tumen River or the Amnok River to go China. By boat? It was winter when i escaped. In the next video, you’re going to find out how their lives have changed after arriving in South Korea. So stay tuned, and make sure to subscribe to Asian Boss to be notified whenever we release new videos. Thanks for watching, I’ll see you in the next video.


  • XArtistic MusiciansX

    I'm just thinking about him saying plastic bottles are too expensive, and how we are just used to filtered water and vending machines. And nowadays, most of the time we actually throw away those bottles after one use. People have pretty much become very ungrateful, and I hope they realize it like I have after watching this video…

  • Allu Mallu

    Any psychologists around? Im interested about why are they laughing (an unconscious laugh) when she was telling about 100k houses wiped by flood and him telling about person being executed with shooting soldiers. Seems so weird to laugh about something like that?

  • Dgk Ilovehaters

    Its wierd this popped up in my suggested because i had a dream last night of total panic in the world after all the nukes in north korea suddenly exploded onsite destroying their country and killing kim jung un

  • Carl Hicks Jr

    – It is one of the most militarized societies in the world. True.
    -Much of the NK military is infected with HIV. True.
    -NK policies have led to a wave of famine and starvation the likes of which have not been seen since Stalin. True.
    -The NK's believe that the world will take them more 'seriously' if they have nuclear weapons. True. Side note, does anyone take India or Pakistan 'more seriously' now that they have nukes? Quick answer: No. They are more dangerous, but only to each other.
    -NK society is dystopian as Hell. For example, in Pyongyang [a city where almost no one can get permission to own, much less afford to buy, a private car] there are traffic direction police on duty 24 hours a day. True.
    -The NK justice system is barbaric. True.
    -The NK secret service has been kidnapping Japanese citizens for years. True.
    Um, bruh, it ain't a stereotype if it's true. And I'm not talking about a 'grain of truth' here. Everything point I have made here can be confirmed by multiple news agencies and open-source intelligence. North Korea [because it is in no way a 'republic' nor does it belong to any 'people' other than the Jong-il family] is so buggered up that it makes Orwell's '1984' look like a hopeful dissertation of dewy-eyed optimism.

  • Jaymee Renee

    Ik a lot of ppl r saying its fake bcoz they're laughing and not yk idk crying but that's literally how I act when I describe a traumatic incident that happened to me, I do the exact same thing usually my face looks very either stotic or uncomfortable and I will laugh when describing some things that had happened to me, I do that bcoz it's easier than crying and it's always been a coping mechanism ill admit the guy describing such gruesome details and not showing a lot of emotion and sometimes laughing is a bit questionable but u don't know what it is like experiencing these things, he was so young and I'm assuming now he's abt in he's 30s he had a lot of time to process everything and u have to remember that's the norm in North Korea of course he is acting this way bcoz that's just how life was for him.

  • Лоридей Морген

    Жесть,по моему скромному мнению давно пора созвать созыв главных стран и решит вопрос с северной Кореей

  • Jason Zhou

    though they try to speak peaceful and normal,you still can get the horrible feeling from the unbelievable experience! i wish china won't be like the north Korea in the future!

  • Pineapple Man

    After hearing their stories I finally understood how privileged I am not experiencing these people have gone through, I wished for NK people to have their freedom someday or I want to witness it before I die

  • 선비정신

    im living in SK and when we look up to the north, we can see there is people dieng because of communism but i still cannot understand why there is so many commies in SK and one of them is our leader
    gatta get outta here

  • Arhan Solo

    North Korea… One of the biggest crimes in history. And we all just let it happen. And now Kim Jung-Un has a nucleare bomb there is no hope for the north korean people any time soon.

  • Sherio88

    The fact that North Korea is still under a dictatorial regime and the people of that country are subjugated, is more proof to me that not only does god not exist, but neither does Karma. Nothing can be done to Kim Jung Un that can makeup or teach the lesson that needs to be taught, he's too far beyond that now. Even death isn't going to be enough.

  • amgonna bakeyobread

    3 years late – Thank you for the interviews! I read a book called Nothing To Envy (I think) years ago giving similar first hand accounts from North Kor. defectors during the famine in the 90's. Absolutely mind blowing to see the contrast between NK and SK. . . It must be really difficult for defectors to adjust to living like human beings, even with all the government assistance and social programs etc.

    I'll visit South Korea one day. . . the women are beautiful, the culture is great. . what's not to love? 😀

  • Davi jones

    I can't help but see the lasting impressions on their psych especially the young woman. The young man's explanation on the governmental capitalism that evolving were insightful. He had a vauable prespective. They both deserve good lives, thank you for sharing your stories. Thank you to the channel for the content.

  • Its ya girl

    He said that N.K relies on their people, I think that it would collapse if they all stopped working, or a big percentage of them were to riot. The people of north korea can rise up, N.K is bound to fall one day. So there's no point in trying to stop the people from gaining back power.

  • Ender the weaboo

    This man… Kim Jong Un… Smiling as a person and is treated as a god… He doesn't deserve that. Objecting second opinions, controlling everything that his people sees, driving his people insane to starvation and death. Brainwashing them to be absolute loyal to the country from real brutal trauma, I swear he's as evil as a human can be. He is evil in it's purest form, he's satan that this world never asked for. I am seriously praying that North Koreans can one day all go out of the border and receive a warm, happy welcome from the South Koreans bc they all need to understand what it's like to have an understanding leader

  • Lynn Sun

    I'm really moved and shocked by the story of the plastic bottle.
    I am Chinese and I just came back home from Dandong; as far as I know, Chinese soldiers don't shoot North Koreans when they come across the border, but I really wanna know if it's true. I think I heard the girl said something like "China"중국 when she described how she escape, but the subtitles didn't show, not sure if it's a mistake 'cuz I don't really know the Korean language. If anyone knows, plz tell me. Thank you.

  • Peace Out

    This stuff should be really traumatizing, but then again you don't know what you don't know and if you grow up with it how are you to know if it's right or wrong if that's what everyone is telling is right even when it's wrong.

  • Leigh Libero

    that part on how they would only get electricity only a few times a year, but most notably during new year to hear their leaders' speeches sent chills down my spine, because in the hunger games by suzanne collins, the exact same thing happens and that book was considered FICTION

  • 秋山ドアノブ


  • Wouter Kulche

    I just came from Cambodia and marvelled at he remnants of the Khmer Rouge terror childishly fantasizing what I hero I'd like to be if it were still happening. Than I realized that it is still happening in North-Korea and I'm to smart and a coward to sneak across the border and play Rambo.

  • - VeXiTe -

    damn.. they try to feed
    their family,
    they get executed?

    i feel bad,
    eating something,
    while north koreans
    dieing of starvation.

  • Agent Smith

    After hearing this i was so sad and feel sorry for the people who are left there. But i think there is hope after all cos people are starting to be awaken. In the next 50 years or so I hope to see the North Korean's will be unchained.

  • Stefano Cordano

    Abandonaron la RPDC por que en los 90 hubo una crisis de 5 años (la caída de la urss generó crisis en los países socialistas). Pero se van a otro país socialista, para luego terminar en un país capitalistas con tasas de hambruna y pobreza relativa altos, donde los riesgos de morir de hambre son aun mayores. Bastante ridículo lo que comenta el chico, relatando su discurso con superlativos y exageraciones para generar una visión determinada. Está de moda las personas que les pagan por ir a contar sus "relatos" sobre la RPDC, como antes se hacia en la URSS. Por ningun motivo me crearia una vision de la RPDC por los relatos de estos chicos, conozco personas que han estado allá y sus relatos son completamente antagónicos a la caricaturesca visión de los entrevistados en este video.

  • 午後の紅茶


  • alex

    I'm glad they didn't edit out more "disturbing" parts, because the North Korean people need all the voices and genuineness they can get to speak out about the horrors they have lived through

  • TheHaHaEnigma

    I hope she is okay. Last time I went on her channel I saw that she hadn't posted for a while.
    Now the link says the channel does not exist. I hope nothing happened to her.

  • Cody James Singleton

    You know that fat-ass kim jung un is watching all these north korea videos for information on these "illegal" activities and reading everyones commits… Looking forward to the day he can spray nukes all over the place.

  • Devvv

    Also 2000 South Korea compared to now is probably really different. They seem so much more prosperous now, as kdramas would show

  • Broso56 Gaming

    God, it makes me sick inside that an area like this is trapping people and making them stay within hell on earth pretty much, like cause you were born there… It's so sad. If North Korea ever gets shutdown or whatever and people are actually free and happy there, ima celebrate with a niiiiiiiiice cake, dont get me wrong.

  • Bom Italia

    Watching South Korean drama is a crime….. this is what pisses me off about the world we preach freedom preach equality cry about the latest Technologies scream and literally throw temper tantrums about our government call edem Terrace Nazis fascists when things like this are happening around the world. As a Muslim I pray the u.s rolls out her troops and bring freedom to North Korea. May God watch over the good people of nk and set them free

  • keeponrockin

    I don't speak Korean at all but it's interesting to try and hear the differences in accent between the North and South Koreans
    Southerners seem to produce sounds further back

  • NukaBliss 1

    Thanks United States for crippling the DPRK's economy! People can't even live a good life. But if the US backs down, they'll be okay.

  • Nolan Forsyth

    That's the problem. Everyone wants the government to provide them food. Here is one. How about going out and work for a living. We have to many lazy people in America. That's why the illegals keep coming. For something free.

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