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WHAT I EAT IN A DAY » while travelling

If you remember I vlogged here on the channel for the first time ever a few months ago when I went to Switzerland to visit my sister and her newborn little baby, but when I left Switzerland the little one was still in the neonatal ICU and I’ve been really wanting to go visit ever since they’ve gone home. It’s really early in the morning in the Netherlands right now and in just a few minutes we’re gonna head out the door to go catch our flight, so I figured in this particular video I would again try something new I’ve never tried on this channel, which is a what I eat in a day video. And I know you guys have been requesting this for a really long time, so here’s the first one I really hope that you enjoy it. Now even though the flight is a short one, it’s just like an hour and a half that also means that they’re not gonna be providing any meals on the plane and there’s also the commute to the airport to consider and also the commute from the airport to my sister’s house and having to also check in at the airport early, so it’s a bit of a trek. I thought I would show you what I’m gonna be having along the way. So just a few minutes ago I packed some breakfast, some snacks and some lunch all of which seriously took like 10 minutes tops to whip together. And then as for the evening that’s a surprise for me as well. We’re gonna be figuring out together. Alright. Let’s get going. (Music) Whoa pause we just skipped a whole bunch of stuff, so let’s rewind. (Music) First thing I do when I get up is have a couple cups of water. I usually like to flavor it with fruit or a splash of juice or some cucumbers just to make it tasty. Alright now that we address that we can start from the beginning again. (music) Alright I made it to the train station and once I get onto my train I can enjoy my breakfast because it’s just gonna be a long straight ride to the airport. So let me show you what I brought. Before I left I filled up a mug with some Earl Grey at loose leaf tea. It’s something I have pretty much every morning with breakfast and then for breakfast I took some homemade granola, soy yogurt, a banana and some homemade chia jam. I’ll leave the link for the granola and the jam in the description box below. Then on the train I just mixed it all together and enjoyed it with my tea. It’s a super wholesome and filling breakfast that’s really easy to take with you on the go. (music) Alright so made it to the airport and just before I went through security I finished up my tea and one thing I always make sure to do when I’m at the airport is when I’ve passed security I fill up whatever bottle I have with water so I make sure I’m staying hydrated throughout the trip. I also imagine at some point I’m gonna get really hungry when I’m on the flight, so I brought some snacks with me I’ll show you what I’ll be having when we’re on the plane but for now let’s go catch that plane. (music) High up in the sky I munched on these here pecans and an apple. Super tasty combo. (music) Alright so made it to Geneva. This is it that’s my train I’m pretty sure and I’m still feeling actually not too hungry because I had my snack on the plane like an hour ago but if I happen to get hungry, I’m gonna eat the wrap I made earlier while I’m on the train and if not, I’ll have it when I’m at my sister’s place. Either way why don’t I show you what I did make. The night before leaving I cut up some sweet potatoes into little cubes and place them on a baking sheet. Oh wait a minute you noticed that awesome knife? Yeah Let’s rewind. Got this custom-made while we were in Japan recently and funny story actually thought the guy was gonna engrave “pick up limes” in Japanese characters, but he just did it in English, which is totally cool. So you can expect to be seeing this one in future videos. Alright moving on I also cut up half a head of cauliflower into little bite-sized bits, I added it to the sweet potatoes, drizzled on a bit of oil and seasoned it with onion powder, garlic powder, paprika, salt and pepper. Then I baked it for about 15 minutes until it was crispy. The recipe for all of this by the way is also in the description box below. The next morning I made the wrap by adding some hummus to a wheat wrap I added some chili sauce as well, the baked veggies and some lentils for extra fiber and protein. Then the usual suspects, cucumber tomato, olives and arugula. Then I rolled it up and added it to my bento box I also added the leftover veggies to decide just to snack on and who am I kidding because I totally got hungry on the train, and I finished this all up on my way to my sister’s place. Okay, so we’re gonna go for a walk along the water right now and I figured I wanted to kind of bring some warm tea with me so right now I’m heating up some calcium fortified soy milk. Love seeing that they had so many Cartons in their cabinet, and then I just added an Earl Grey tea bag sprinkled on some cinnamon when it’s done I’m gonna pour it into our flasks, and if it doesn’t quite fill the flasks up all the way I’m just gonna add some boiling hot water to it. This is one of my favorite go-to quick easy delicious warm beverages. (music) For dinner my sister and brother-in-law took me out to one of their favorite pizza restaurants and one thing I love about pizza is it’s pretty much an option for food in almost every country and it’s so easy to have it made vegan I usually go for the veggie option ask for no cheese and in this case I asked for them to substitute it with olives instead. I love how versatile pizza is and how you can top it with loads of veggies. This one also had some tomatoes, bell peppers, onion, eggplant and artichokes. Super delicious. After dinner this little monkey got sleepy so we decided to head home and that’s pretty much it. If you’re interested in more “what I eat in a day” videos give this video a thumbs up or let me know by sharing in the comments below. Thanks a lot for following me again on this journey, and I’ll see you guys in the next video. (music)


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