Volcano Boarding Leon Nicaragua (2019) Volcano Day | Cerro Negro | Backpacking Nicaragua
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Volcano Boarding Leon Nicaragua (2019) Volcano Day | Cerro Negro | Backpacking Nicaragua

So insane fact Number One: We are stood
on top of an active volcano! Insane fact Number Two: It’s due to erupt any time now in fact, it is twelve years overdue! And insane fact Number Three: They have persuaded me to sit on a bit of wood, and go off the edge !! Uuuurrrgghhh *** CHEERFUL MUSIC *** So, today we thought we’d go for a nice
walk in the park and see some flowers and butterflies UHH OHH !! We are actually going to go volcano boarding !! Because that’s just a thing you do when you’re in Leon ! So it’s about eight
o’clock in the morning, we’ve just been picked up from our hostel and we have
about an hour’s ride to the volcano where we’re going to go boarding this
morning, so for all of those who thought it was only Marianne that did all the
crazy stuff. Today, I’m going to show you that Chris too – can be slightly insane -woooh wooooh !! *** MUSIC *** So when you arrive in the transport you
are given your ticket for your free coffee! Coffee is Good !! Wooo hooo hooo whooo *** MUSIC *** So, after our morning cup of coffee, we’re
just wandering off to the main shop to pay for our tour, and get organised
before we head off to the volcano! oh ! *** MUSIC *** So, we’re all paid up. It was 30 US Dollars
per person, but that price includes a T-shirt that we’re wearing now, so yes!
we’re finally out of the TREAD the Globe T-shirts for today, and it includes a
free shuttle bus to the beach and a free walking tour if you want it. So that is a
bargain price, bargain! We have chosen to do it with Volcano Day, Volcano Day is the number one on TripAdvisor for the board surfing here in Leon. There
are a few companies are doing it but Volcano Day, so far, is proving to be the
best! Okay we’re off!! *** MUSIC *** WE ARE OFF !! We are on our way, Yay ! Yay! Yaaaay ! *** MUSIC *** So after a quick 45-minute drive, we have
arrived at the Reserve, and the first part is to sign in, which they’re doing
behind us and an opportunity to go to the toilet, before
we get the briefing. So after the registration, we have a short drive before we start the hike up the volcano. So, if you ever want to know what
boarding down a volcano looks like? it’s behind me, yes, we are mad enough that
we’re gonna go down that ! on the board! and the good thing is, for just a mere
five dollars each there’s a local guy that will carry the board all the way to the
top for you. So yeah, we have to own up we paid him a bit of extra money to
carry our board for us. *** MUSIC *** So you all get these backpacks and in
the backpacks you get a lovely boiler suit, which protects you on the way down,
so you don’t have to wear long pants when you’re climbing the volcano, you can
wear your shorts, and they give you goggles. And it’s recommended that you
bring a bandana of some form, to cover your face whilst you’re coming down. And if you are like me, and you have to wear glasses? Don’t worry, the goggles they
give you will fit fine. So you can still wear your glasses and
sunglasses on the way up. Oh, and they give you gloves, of course they give you
gloves! but if you’re filming and your GoProing, it’s advisable to put it on your
head, or put it on a chest mount because you won’t be able to have your hands-free
for filming on the way down. *** MUSIC *** So the volcano we are climbing is called Cerra Negro, and it is actually an active volcano, and it last erupted in 1999 ! so
it’s due an eruption. But hopefully not today, and it’s very hot! very hot, there’s
a nice breeze, but it’s very hot and it’s very tiring, and it looks super steep. *** MUSIC *** So the Volcano is 723 meters, we must be mad!! ….. 28 !! …..28 !! ….728 Metres !! We’re still clinically mad!
And here is the guy carrying our boards who’s even stronger, Yeah ,so it’s our
first pit stop, well rested, how are we doing guys? Great ! Very Good ! So what’s crazy is they’ve just been telling us that in 2001 a gentleman, a French gentleman, by the name of Eric Barone, attempted the world record, on a
bicycle to speed down this very volcano and the first attempt he didn’t make it.
But the second attempt he did! He made a whopping 172 km/h and halfway down his bike broke in two, he also broke many bones, but he was okay! and in the local
hospital, he met the love of his life, who he later married! That is so cute !
So now we have the steep walk ahead, but it will be okay, I say that now! On the next
rest stop, I might be absolutely exhausted, in fact I’m already exhausted !! *** MUSIC *** Camera Click Camera Click Okay, Round Three ! Wooo Whoo *** MUSIC *** We’re nearly at the top, I have never seen anything like this place ! It is Incredible ! You can see where the land was burnt from the previous eruptions, and actually, they said, before it erupted 20 years ago, it regularly erupted every 6 years …So it is well overdue, but not today, I don’t think?! Not today ! Nope, Safe as houses today ! …. We are nearly there ….. Are we there Yet ? Hola !! *** MUSIC *** So, insane fact Number One: We are stood on top of an active volcano! Insane fact Number Two: It’s due to erupt any time now! in fact it’s 12 years overdue ! and insane fact
Number Three: They have persuaded me to sit on a bit of wood, and go off the edge. Ahhh, Okay for those of you that know me, I don’t even go on the rides at the funfair, but today
I’m going down this ! I must be clinically insane, what has Marianne persuaded me to do? I don’t know! *** MUSIC *** Sit in the centre of the board, holding the line all of the time with both of your hands. You have to pull it a little bit to have speed. So pulling it makes you go faster? Yes exactly, Okay, and always make sure your feet stay on the ground. Otherwise you won’t be able to steer. So we’re getting suited. We’ve got our suits and bandana ready for our mouth, goggles, head cam we’re all
good to go! We must be insane. Oh my God, look at her! Okay I don’t mind,
I’ll go first, are you going first? yes, is the camera good ? The camera is good. So, so, I’m sitting here, yeah, feet there? yeah got the feet there you’re sitting good, you take both hands here
please. Both hands and when I want to go a little bit faster I pull back ? You pull
a little bit back, and got your shoes a little bit more up the sand, but don’t do
too much and don’t go like this ? Not on the board!
every time the feet on the ground! yeah, and then don’t do this, just chill ! ….. she’s
already ready!! good ride!! WOOAAW !! *** MUSIC *** How is it love ? I am not really sure ….. I can’t feel my face ha ha ha ! Oh my God !! That is a little bit crazy ! Woow that was fun !! Crazy people, mucho loco ! woooo hooooo, That is amazing !! Crazy people ! We did it !! We did it !! Our first Volcano running, boarding, amazing! So you have to do it, if
you come here, you have to do it ! it is not scary !! If you come here this is the thing to do !! Oh Martin, muchas gracias. Volcano boarding – Tick !! Oh cool, I will be on the video ? You will be ! Oh yeah !! She is happy ! We were born ready !! – BOOM !! Are we nearly there yet? …… What about now? Walking walking walking, Tra la la la la !! So, this is Martin and he very kindly is carrying our boards and also he held my hand because i was slow, and I just want to say Thank you – Muchas Gracias Martin !! Cheers Guys !! *** MUSIC ***


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