Volcano Boarding in Nicaragua – czyli zjazd z wulkanu na desce Nikaragua, Leon!

Time to tried new sport discipline – volcano boarding! TAK – YES This is local alternative to winter sports. Can you see this hill? I heard that brave girls and boys can go down – just in about 20 sec. The problem is, that I missed one fact… This is a still active volcano! It is only 150 years old and during this time had 24 eruptions, so that is a reason why this hills still so black! It’s quite windy today. I feel more like windsurfer no volcanosurfer but… ….this wind helps us to hike little bit faster. (Magma is still cooking there) We will see what we’ve got in our bags… goggle…, gloves…, ….safety uniform. Kontrolujcie balans i prędkość! I jam było? Zajeb…ście, chece jeszcze raz! My watch showed me nearly 60 km/h – not so bad 🙂

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