[vlog] (eng) 아보카도 샐러드를 이렇게 요리하는 사람도 있습니다  (Feat. 캡사이신,청양고추,세탁기)
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[vlog] (eng) 아보카도 샐러드를 이렇게 요리하는 사람도 있습니다 (Feat. 캡사이신,청양고추,세탁기)

Today I’m going to make and eat avocado salad. Add two eggs. Sprinkle with salt Add egg timer together. I can’t see the timer The timer is useless I will trim the avocado I bought at the market. Cut out and twist. That way split in half. I’m going to speed up. It’s not hard, it’s split into half. Cut off the surface of the seed and cut the middle with a knife. And when you twist it, the seeds fall out. Can anyone tell me how ?? avocado I want to throw away and cry. Oh! Finally broke! By the way, do you remove the original seed like this? It looks like a caveman. It’s ashamed. I finally removed it. It wasn’t. Never eat again. It should look nice. It’s the same thing I saw on the blog. The shell still remains. People should use their hands. I cut my finger on the shell. Damn fruit I cut it well Cut the other side in the same way. Peel off well. I cut it very well Let’s see what’s good again! I don’t know how to cut it. I’ll just cut it. I also bought salads at the market. Place the vegetables in a bowl. Decorate with avocados. Cut the egg with a cutter. Oops.. egg I’ll cut the remaining one Jalapeño Put it. Sprinkle with oriental dressing. Slice the four Cheongyang peppers. Splashed a bit. But don’t worry, cut it. Capsaicin sauce. The person who made this must receive the Nobel Peace Prize. Because it gives peace to my heart. Water cup. Mix well by pressing the button. Visual is very good Salad looks better thanks to capsaicin I like to watch Spongebob. Very happy. Shoot at different angles. Barley tea is good for skin care and constipation. I am not constipated Would you like to watch Spongebob with me? Another angle Honestly, it’s very tasteless. It’s hard to shoot. I always respect BJ’s eating show I want to drink. This is barley tea. Kill the grass. I will skip it because it is not fun. I ate it all but I’m not full So I will go out to eat with my friend. I’m on my way to eat chicken ribs. The restaurant interior is very beautiful. After eating, stir-fry rice. I came to the cafe after eating, but there are no people in the cafe, so I take a picture as a souvenir.


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