Visit Hanoi for $10 a day? | BUDGET TRAVEL VIETNAM
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Visit Hanoi for $10 a day? | BUDGET TRAVEL VIETNAM

we’re in the capital of Vietnam Hanoi popular tourist destination and one of the cheapest cities in the world let’s see what we can do in a way with just $10 $1 is $23,200 so this is what we’ll have to train today let’s see what we can do [Music] [Music] we’re a little bit hungry so we’re gonna buy us Vietnamese breakfast a bad knee let’s see Tsingtao mod varney sacrum so I order bang with Pittsfield this is gonna cost us $20,000 okay so first purchase of the day one by me 20,000 so that’s almost a dollar out of my budget we’re going to share it on a budget [Music] we live here but we want to make this video to help people to plan their project if they come to the plant renting a motorbike is a good way to get around even for people who are just visiting for a few days we rent this motorbike for just $100,000 a month and I know that you can rent a motorbike for only $5 a day if you want so everywhere you look people are sitting on the side of the street drinking this we thought it was beer at first but it’s actually iced tea and this is three thousand don’t most cheaper than buying bottled drinks and they sell it absolutely everywhere okay so we need to get around for the day today we’re going to put some petrol in the motorbike now normally fifty thousand dong which about two dollars will last me a week so we’ll just do twenty thousand for one day hi Maureen come on okay so that should laughter all day [Music] that one needed a fill me up we need a proper meal so we come here we’re gonna try another Vietnamese two specialty moon cha it says 35,000 the meal seems original and I think that it’s gonna be a lot of food look at this moon choices grilled pork they’ve done with some spices I’m not quite sure which one is really nice and it comes in this sauce so what I think it’s cucumber and carrot in it and if you see here they give us a bowl full of different herbs to add to our soup buy them mr. Byun is papaya okay papaya green papaya and carrot and then we just did these noodles into the sauce it’s quite fatty a vegan wash down well with some iced tea search for two people watch 76,000 bones which is about $30 where the beautiful Westlake is a very popular place to live for the expat community and we’re taking advantage to do something 3 which is visit the one pillar pagoda so let’s go have a look [Music] we’re going to leave the motorbike in our apartment because we might want another in later and we’ve gone to a couple a night over there Abdul what did you order I’ve ordered a coffee interestingly coffee here generally comes with a glass of water this is nice for this war of 20,000 okay so let’s see how much we’ve got left bear in mind we had breakfast we shared about me for breakfast we had a bunch out for lunch we’ve had a couple of drinks and coffee is now including their petrol motorbike so I’m down to a hundred and sixty six thousand so that is what about six dollars okay so yeah less than half way we’re still getting this yeah you bought the coffee so thank you and illan yeah okay well I think we’ve still got plenty can we enjoy a whole evening with about ten dollars between us probably a couple of you probably a couple of days let’s see if we can still have a few alcoholic drinks and the meal for what’s left they’re just behind me here you can see the famous quantum leap which is right next to the old Porter of Hanoi widget where tourists will spend most of their time loads and loads of stuff to do just over there and we’ve got about $10 left between us in our budget let’s see if we can find some drinks and something to eat to enjoy this evening all around me they’ve closed off all of the streets there’s loads of people walking around lots of music lights different events going on this is all free so we’ll try and entertain ourselves here a little bit and someone told me that in the old quarter over there you can get a beer for five thousand bum that’s about 20 cents so let’s see if we can find it that’s gonna help our budget a lot [Music] I found my weakness I really want to buy an ice cream and they only cost 5,000 so I don’t want to miss this opportunity it’s a do you want one day in top 30 mud game back ha come on so only 5,000 I think it’s a fair price for this Wow there’s no food here in this state also I just want space I don’t know the money didn’t come to the center come to the old water and you can see I love a performance left in every corner we’re very hungry now have we decided to come to the restaurant because they offer the 1/3 year for each meal let’s grab a look at the menu so here we’ve got some interesting things of mango and PBS do you fancy dance yeah well not not today it’s probably in another video okay what have we got interested Buffalo guarding the kitchen Oh chili chicken leg yeah watch by the way is the spencey some snails quite a few snails also quite expensive must be nearly our entire budget just on one plate of snails it’s got to be good we’ll try another day um here’s well we’ve got pigeon the whole pitch in winner here yeah have you tried this and a lot of frog and sea bear game frogs quite expensive so so not today today going so chip [Music] and would you believe it right from where we’re sitting I think we’ve found what we’re looking for $5,000 you place plates of food some beers because they’ve already wanted another beer for this is going to be two hundred thirty five thousand okay so after that meal and a couple of beers we’ve got exactly thirty thousand left this has a lot of notes but it’s just over a dollar but fortunately one be over five thousand so two beers please this means about $5,000 so that’s about 20 cents of a dollar probably the cheapest beers that I’ve ever drank and probably will ever drink let’s see not the best beer I’ve ever tried after for $5,000 it’s okay maybe we’ll stick to the $20,000 here in peace here bet oh no we’ve only got 30 thousand left – we’ll have six of these shall we yes [Music] so how much money do we have now exactly $1 yeah and so for an excuse to spend it we found this rice wine for ten thousand eat great it’s very very turn if you want to later on here is very cheap and if your dong is very easy to find more activities here in Hanoi and more in the center I think we’ve seen from this experiment that it’s very easy it’s very easy to travel around here to have a good time with $10 each yeah no problem at all not to eat very comfortable you might have to try to do this with five dollars that must be a challenge so I think this is everything for today don’t forget to subscribe and also you can find me on I talk you if you want to learn Spanish with me I’m gonna leave a link below please remember we’ve got our patreon page for anybody who wants to support us and get more involved in the channel let us know if there’s anything that you want to know about living in Vietnam as we saw earlier there’s lots of interesting foods here that we haven’t had a chance to try yet in today’s budget it didn’t quite fit but another day I think you have to try some snails and frogs and all of that interesting stuff okay [Music] you


  • Tere Glez

    Este domingo desayune una torta de jamón y un café. Y entonces vi tu vídeo que barato.( aquí entre nos si te llenaste ? Porque pienso que la comida es muy ligera comiendo con palillos) bueno no se si se llaman palillos, en fin me gusto tu vídeo Karensita

  • Jill Phipson

    Its amazing the difference from country to country. I watched your cost of living video in Mexico, England and now in Vietnam, certainly a big difference. Loved that your getting on well with the language in just a few weeks. Oh and David's face at the end, priceless!

  • Megan Taylor

    loveeeee it, you are so such a lovely couple!!!! i recently filmed a similar video about how to save for a world-wide trip and also how to make your money go further – check it out if you get time! i just subscribed – 2.27k!!!!!! SOOO close to 2.3k, you can do it! id love it if you would return the support xxx

  • Diana Monje Chura

    Holaaaa Karencita ya se te extrañaba mucho siempre se te ve tan hermosa waoo me sorprendió la comida que oí había en el menú 😱

  • William B

    I just looked on google flights for 2 round trip airline tickets from SFO to Hanoi, and the cheapest was about $1,225. seems pretty steep, how much did you guys pay?

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