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Yo, in college I had all sorts of weird jobs I’ve already told you about the majority of them. From making questionnaires door to door, to picking up children on the streets for commercials an shows Lying to fools for Gigel (name) and up to being a cashier in a supermarket All these were jobs that I had in college But, they were just temporary jobs Obviously, i did not look at any of those as a career It was just a way to make some money Especially because the hunger was just as big as a house But as soon as i graduated college I said, ”Well, i’m now an engineer, it’s time to look for a serious job” To start a career from what I’ve learned I haven’t done 4 years of geodesy photogrammetry, topography for nothing Now even If I have finished the faculty I decided to still go for 2 more years of master Not because I really wanted to do that but But because I could stay 2 more years in the campus And at this place I could pay 120 Lei per month Instead of renting an apartment, in which even If I had a room mate I could still end up paying 150 euros, Money that I didn’t had not even if I was dead So I said Well that’s it, I am going to the master I will stay at the student’s dormitory and in 2 years we will see Anyways somewhere in the middle of summer vacation, a classmate calls me Hey Jimmy, don’t you want to sign in for a job as topographer? Because those dudes where I am working needs one more worker It was a small company, with 5-6 employees But I say: “Well I don’t have anything to do yet” so yeah boss I am in I’ve packed my things and next day I was in Bucharest hired as a topographer Now there are not so many things to say about the time spent at this company The people there were okay At least compared to the rest of jobs that I had before I’ve learnt a lot of things, I measured waste dumps houses, terrains, and stuff But it was something which wasn’t okay The salary, I was payed with 50 lei per day Yes bro, 50 lei per day As an engineer I mean, If I would work 20-22 days per month In the salary day I would only get 1000 lei What the heck should I do with 1000 lei/month in Bucharest After some time I ended up not coming everyday Because there was not so much things to do So I couldn’t even get 1000 lei After just 3 months I said : ” Bro, this isn’t good, this is not life,I want a decent salary, so I can know what I am working for And so without thinking too much I quit, I didn’t had any other job but basically I wanted a serious job I made a good CV and I started to send it to different companies I am done with BestJobs and other websites like this I didn’t wanted to meet Gigels again(A joke that can’t be explained) Directly to companies, corporations and big companies A letter with intention and everything needed I was suprised seeing that just after 2 weeks, someone was calling me from a big company Actions society, hundreds of employees “Hello, Mr. Jimmy, look we have a free space for an topographic engineer an we meet to discuss?” Yes lady, good day, I am on my way! The next or the day after tomorrow, I got nicely dressed and went to the interview Getting there I am invited into an office In which there was a dinosaur of like 70, he was supposed to be the boss of human resources And one more guy at the age of 40 The CEO of the company At the beginning the discussion was with basic questions “Where have you worked before?”
“How well can you handle with total station”? Me? I can do a lot of things, I am not pretty good at measuring with the station but I can measure with my eyes, no problem Anyways, after those questions about me The CEO of the company says: Are you married? I was thinking :” What the hell is this guy asking me if I am married, does he wants to marry me with his daughter? or what?” Ah no, I am not Married Good, look I called you because we need an topographic engineer But not in Romania, but in United Arab Emirates *Phoaw Screw it* In Dubai you mean? Dubai, Abu Dhabi, somewhere there We just got a new job, we doesn’t have everything ready yet But you’ve got luxury hotel with pool, billiards, everything else We are going to pay your flight ticket, your passport In case you’ve got no one until now But the point is that you are going to stay there for like 11 months, you come home in holidays for one month and then you go back there *Phoaw Screw it!* Can you give me a few days to think? Yeah sure, think a bit and give us your answer, you have one week I left there destroyed, you can imagine, I didn’t knew what to do I was never good at taking decisions Well, I think no one is good at taking decisions Especially when it is about radical decisions Basically I was going to leave everything I had behind and begin a new life Yeah, the salary was okay, not incredible but It could reach 2000$ per month I mean, it’s clear, I wouldn’t leave like that for those money now but then Just leaving the college benchs It was much better than what I could get in Romania But still 11 months away and 1 month home I am pretty curious, what would you do in my place? I mean if you would have an offer like this after you finished the college Would you leave? Anyways, after a week of unrest and sleepless nights in which not even the beer couldn’t get in And after endless lists of Pro and Against, I say : Bro, I have to leave, It’s a new experience,I also make some money, I stay there at least one year and then we will see. I am calling that old man from the interview, the human resources boss And I tell him: Mr. Dinosaur, I decided, I am going to Emirates Good, perfect, go make your passport and medical analysis and then come with them to sign you in Oh yeah, by the way, keep your receipts because we’ll give you the money back I was hoping for you to give me the money, because I can’t afford 400 lei to do my passport and the rest. But I borrowed from some people and I made them Anyways after a few days, I am going to the company, with the medical analysis in my arms, the passport must be done in 2 weeks I am signing up the contract and I am asking: Okay and now when I leave? Oh well It’s not settled yet. It takes more a bit, until there you come here Because there will be someone who will explain you what’s the thing with the job in Emirates The next day on morning I am going to the job Going there into a conference room And there were other 14-15 people All of them being engineers on different domains, everyone waiting to leave An old man came and started to explain us the things and what was it about. A big man from Emirates made a house in the middle of the desert And he needed electricity so we had to build An electric line of high tension of 200 KM Just for him So you can see what are those guys doing when they don’t have anything better to do with their money Now at the beginning everything was fine, I was going there They were telling us about the life in Emirates About other countries he went to work But after a few days he was boring me And about the date we leave, nobody knew And I went there for like 2 months Now I can’t complain, I mean the time was passing The money was coming I was payed and I was doing nothing Anyways in those 2 months A classmate from college named Columb that I couldn’t talk about and which he stood with me in the same room in the 4h year of college Told me Bro, don’t they need one more man? I would also go to Emirates I asked those people and in the end, they hired him as well I could just be happy Because it is different when you leave with someone you know About Columb is not much to say Except the fact that he is twice more drunk than me I mean if I like beer he likes brandy And when he is drunk he becomes Super Saiyan You can’t get along with him anymore But besides that he is nice After one month of doing nothing We are finally announced that we are leaving in 2 weeks There was one more week until the Easter So basically after the Easter, in the Emirates with us I have to confess that I was a bit in panic Until then It was like that: “Yeah I am going to the Emirates… sometime” But when I got the ticket with the date of the flight, the things radically changed Bro, I am really going, in 2 weeks, I go, are you crazy? In the end, the leaving day came It ended up with cries, with stuff like that Where are you leaving Jimmy?! I am taking Columb around 6 AM and we are heading to the Airport This guy, I didn’t knew where he was last night, but he was drunk as hell He could barely walk He had a headache in the plane, he was going to vomit there *Phoaw Colombu, It’s going to be nice with you in Emirates* He was lucky that there were not so many passengers in the plane so he stood all by him self on 3 places and slept all the way Because if not, I wouldn’t see him well Anyways, somewhere at 2-3PM we arrived in Dubai Bro, instantly when I left the Airport A wave of heat just made me felt like I entered a sauna I mean I was thinking It’s going to be hot but not like this Columb was creeping there dizzy like hell *Phoaw Columb, where the hell are we?* We are exiting the airport and a Pakistani with a placard “Jimmy and Colomb” We are entering his car and we are leaving And we are going…going… Bro think that we arrived there at 2-3PM And we going until it became dark The Pakistani didn’t knew any small piece of English We didn’t knew any small piece of Arabian or Panjabi Or what language they are speaking there So God, have mercy At some time the Pakistani leaves the highway and takes a way through the desert There was no human there *Phoaw, screw it Columb, that was it, we were thinking that we are going to become bitches for Pakistani or worse Burried in the middle of the desert Pakistan, where are we going are you sure It’s the good way?+ This was still speaking on his language saying : Jabana, Jabana Columb, what the hell Jabana is this guy saying? After some good minutes of driving in the desert we arrived in some kind of village It is not even a village Because there were no houses, but tens, hundreds of barracks Industrial containers In which people were living This place was called Jabana And apparently it was the place where we were going to stay *Phoaw screw it*! Where is the house with the pool, billiards, and everything else? I thougth It was about sitting in a luxury hotel, not in a barrack in the middle of the desert Leaving the car there were all kinds of Pakistani and Bengali people Only men, the Bengali people were holding their hands Columb, It’s clear, if we stay too much here, we will end up holding our hands too Anyways, the Pakistani, said to us to follow him and we are entering in a campus with more barracks Apparently this campus was belonging to our company And somewhere at the first barrack were 3 Romanians talking It was clear they were Romanians in the groups of Pakistani and Bengali people And more than that, apparently, one of them I knew from college he was with one year older than me and Columb, I will call him Mocanu There were one more fat man with damaged head, initially I thought he was beaten by Bengali people And one more, a Transylvanian We are joining their talk, and Kazan the fat man with damaged head Says to us: Welcome to Jabana, you can choose any barrack! This is going to be your house for the next 11 months How can this be our home? The Villa with pool, billiards? Where are those? What pool? What billiards? They lied to you in this way? No boss, Jabana, that’s all *Phoaw screw it!* We haven’t done the army yet, but we are doing it now in Jabana. Mocanu, the guy I knew says: Well if you want you can stay with me in the barrack, because I will anyways go back home in 2 weeks Okay, fine we are going to stay We are going to the barrack, we enter there and the barrack The barrack was like this: A room with 2 beds in the left A room with 2 beds in the right And in the middle a bathroom That was all, this was the luxury hotel I couldn’t believe it, I thought I was dreaming I mean I was coming from student’s dormitory In which neither was lux there but here the single thing worse than this was, I don’t know, living in tent Anyways, Columb, still being dizzy from drinks from the last night jumped into a bad and instant sleep F**k you Columb I instead I stood a bit outside talking to Mocanu You know what he said? I will never forget my whole life With tears in his eyes says: Bro, I am not a faithful guy, I never prayed in my whole life But since I am here I pray every evening I almost cried I entered the room and I went to sleep And that was it the first day in Dubai Or anyways, somewhere there in the middle of the desert The beginning of a crazy year Full of stories and dumb things That you will learn about in the next episodes of the soap opera of “How I got out of poverty” The morale of today’s story When you get a job and someone promises you house with pool and billiards, Be careful, in most of the times you can end up in a place like Jabana


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