Vacation Boarding
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Vacation Boarding

[KRISTY]: My name is Kristy Gardner, and I’m one of
the Co-Directors of the Cedar Bend Humane Society. We saw that there was a huge need
in the community for pet owners when they go on vacation or a place
for their pet to stay. When you bring your pet to board at the Mutt Hutt
you can expect that your pet is cared for just like if it was at home. I think in finding a boarding facility for your pets,
I really want them to be comfortable, I want them to be happy. I kind of want them to feel like
they’ve had their own little vacation. Before I take my pets to the boarding facility
I make sure that their vaccinations are all up to date, and I give their vet records which I take with me. I also pack up their food, I usually put it in a tupperware
container labeled with their names, I have three dogs. Also, I take their medicines with me
and any toys that they want, and anything that will keep them
comfortable while they’re boarding. There’s a lot of different boarding options
or pet care options out there. Everybody who does pet sitting or a boarding facility
should be licensed with the state. We really recommend that you go in
and visit the facility prior to taking your pet. They should be able to show you all
of the kennels where your pets will be kept. Their kennels should be clean, they should have
fresh water and food, bowls should be clean. And then look at the facility itself. One of the things that we feel is important
is while the animals are here, they need to be reassured, and they need
to make sure their exercise outlet is addressed. They can do either through indoor-outdoor kennels
where they have time to spend outside. Some facilities hand walk the pets. One thing that we always recommend
is if your pet is being hand walked on a leash, find out where they’re walking them. You go and look at a boarding facility
and the cats are intermixed with the dogs then that’s probably not a great idea. You know your cat’s going to be really stressed
by all of the noise from the dogs. Though we kind of enjoy seeing pets how excited
they are to see their owners when they come get them. My dogs are so excited wanting to see me
but they have had a wonderful time. They’re not stressed, they’re not mad at me
for leaving them here. They’re just their old selves.
They’re very happy. Thanks for checking out the Mutt Hutt
and learning about boarding pets. For more videos like this,
check out Four Legs and Fur on

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