Uganda to India with Emirates Airline
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Uganda to India with Emirates Airline

Whats up guys, welcome to my youtube
channel The DIY MAN. Today I’m on my way to the airport, I’ll see you there. As we
head towards the airport we pass the biggest lake in Uganda – Lake Victoria, we
will be able to have a more closer look at it as we take-off from Entebbe
Airport. Uganda is a country that boasts its
magnificent wildlife and beautiful subtle lakes I will be flying with Emirates Airline
transiting via Dubai, this means I will be able to give you a small glimpse of
Dubai terminal three airport. The screen provided on the seat in front
of you for entertainment purposes, It allows you to watch movies play games
etc. Oh!, not forgetting that this system allows you to view your flight
externally. When flying Emirates , you have a wide range of meals to choose
from including vegetarian or non-vegetarian menu and lucky for you if
you are a non-vegetarian because you further get a choice of choosing between
two different meat meals usually chicken and lamb. All menus come with
complimentary drinks. oh!, this is the bird eye view of Lake
Victoria that I mentioned earlier. Thank You. Thank You. my choice of menu was the lamb menu-
which came with a dessert, barley salad water, juice and a bread bun, crackers
with cheese and butter. And finally we have touched down in Dubai. Lets go and have a look. Unfortunately these are the only places
I got to show you because I reached very late in the night and also won’t be able
to show you the bursting flavors of India as I will be getting there in the very
early hours of the morning. I am back to my home town.The weather is exactly the same as Uganda, so i am not finding any trouble here . It’s time to rest. Thanks for watching, I
hope you enjoyed this video.If you’re new here please consider subscribing.
I’ll be coming with more videos until then goodbye.

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