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Welcome to Travel Trekker youtube channel. Welcome to the new journey. I am Sajjad. And the trip to Philippine. Now, my flight is to Manila. I am here at Ninoy Aquino International Airport Manila, Philippine. I liked this country for 3 things visiting For finding life partner. and for dating. Let’s talk about how much will expense to visit Philippine. Travelling expenses are in 3 categories. Transportation Accommodation and food. Firstly talk about transportation. If you are visiting Malaysia or Thailand, then check flight from there. You can get return flight around Rs 10,000 to 12,000. If we talk about accommodation: Philippine accommodation are expensive as compare t Malaysia and Thailand. Now food, I lived here for 5 days I bring food for 1 day. and 2nd day I ate from super markets. and then I came to Manila. The owner of home cooked for me. Pakistani and Indian food are very expensive. Let’s start the journey. Hi, welcome to board hi Take a first of your right side. Thankyou first side first side Thankyou Flight is take off. vacant seats are available Its sleep time. Good night. I am in Manila and now is 06:00 It’s three hours ahead of Pakistan. Its currency name is Philippine Peso (PHP). Need to fill and Arrival Card before immigration. and they all filling arrival card. I am at Manila Airport. I am exchanging money. Pakistani currency is also exchanging here and rate is 0.15. Hi Sir! OK Sir. Dollar rate are varies here. I got rate 51.87 and other exchanger have 51.85, 51.75, even less. Gate Number 4, Bay Number 7, opposite of that, many buses( Airport Loop) are there . For connecting Terminal 1, 2, and 4. Terminal 4 is a small terminal. There are few boarding gates here. Too much crowded. Display screens are low. If someone staff have some guest he provide some special assistance for them. Now, my flight is from Manila to Cebu with AirAsia How much cost for this flight, check out on screen. This time immigration officials asked one extra question, show your hotel booking I showed them on mobile I exchange money except to withdraw. The rate was same as online and currency exchanger. Whats your number Sir? seat number? seat number 5 5 F Its raining now Its raining and boarding


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