Travel With Chatura |Asia Largest Bird Paradise (Vlog 212) [EN Sub]
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Travel With Chatura |Asia Largest Bird Paradise (Vlog 212) [EN Sub]

Travel with Chathura On our way to Hambanthota We have a special task today because we venture off to
visit Birds Park A very closer place to Hambanthota city At the entrance itself, Get to Hambantota first then follow the signs. If you follow the name boards it’s easier for you to find the way. going to visit the birds park
Hambanthota Good to see you! wanna see the birds park? to see the birds (Indistinct voices) It’s good to see ya ! yes indeed.. (Indistinct voices) spicy mangoes what would think of having this ? Is it good or bad? It’s a good thing It blooms employement
opportunities . So its a relief . spicy mangoes How is the business here? yeah! good The goods here are expensive It’s better to have it here rather than selling it on the roads so , it’s a relief so this is it. Beli drink called Aegle narmelos
(a herbal drink) just wanted to check on
their businesses better to know everything How are you Chathura ? Good! Are you from this area? actually No! Did you like the place? It was a fruitful experience
spending a few hours admiring very colourful bird life from many parts of the world Access way of bird park is not very far
from the Hambanthota city. The construction of the Southern Expressway
expansion project is underway. this is where it will be. House for the bird bred here let’s go What are the ticket prices? 5-10 years old 130 Rs above 10 years 250 Rs under 5 years old – free of charge don’t have to pay yes! so you know the prices already.
right? so.. under 5 years old – free of charge being an adult I have to pay
250Rs we’ll see wether it’s worth to
pay that amount. Sri Lanka, is one of
‘biodiversity hotspots’ of the world. exotic birds with over 435 varieties but.. Hence we didn’t get the chance to
see all the endemic birds in Sri Lanka If we could see the foreign birds? many types of birds Known to be the only bird
research center of Sri Lanka Bird Breeding Center Bird research center However its a very nice place
with good collection of birds. A new experience for us. I go in not as an environmentalist
but as a tourist for your kind reminder Aubowan ! (may you have a long life) This is Mr. Ajith Gallage The Managing Director of the birds research Center administration is done
under his guidance we’ll see Tell us some
more details about the park? There are rare species the process of breeding You can see the whole
process of breeding we are not used to them We may think that they might attack us. They were bred in here. Not now They are following me .😆 Macaw birds or the bigger ones are waiting for us. Eventhough their parents are from other
zoological gardens around the world they are being breeded here. as a result They are friendly and you
can pet them. Or else its dangerous to hold this kind
of a massive bird. because.. they can attack us Can feed them., or take photographs . can conduct studies and
research on them because they have different personalities Some are lovers Few are there who only
prefer male birds. The researchers say so Usually taking a photograph with
them need lot of efforts. and have to pay a lot Its not easy to adopt them
and it’s very expensive So, not many like them Can easily catch diseases. itmay cost one lack sometimes so As it is a difficult task nobody is willing to do that. Indeed, annual costs for maintaining the birds park is costly. So Mr Ajith .. one may not like to see caged birds ? many objections are there regarding this
caged birds. it would have been better if they
are not in cages this is different trade. as the breeders have the birds
who are endangered at the moment. for instances.. breeders have the rare bird
varities with them It is said that their parents are
being brought here illegally Earlier it was legalized but.. these birds were breeded
and born in cages Is this an effective way ? yes! park contributes in both social and economic structures in the area. It provides direct employment . The villagers help to feed them. Such an exceptional beauty They are called Eclectus Eclectus parrots This multicolored parrots thus looks like dangerous. are native to the New Guinea Solomon Islands, and nearby islands, northeastern Australia, and the Maluku Islands (Moluccas). They are looking ravishing
with their vibrant colours . There are different types with yellow tails Don’t shout! too much noice. Peththe bath kewada
(Peththe to call the parrot we use this term) ( sounds like he is answering for the question made ) The Salmon-crested cockatoo, also known as the Moluccan cockatoo. So they are.. (Responding to a common phrase in Sinhala) He is showing off to grab the attention . now stop it will you ? squawk parrot one of th rarest variety native to the Papua New Guinea spectacular yet a hawk type a parrot. The golden pheasant (Chrysolophus pictus),
also known as the Chinese. He is a very expensive bird. Golden pheasant Silver pheasant Like wise. Could see a lot. Half an hour is not enough to
see all the birds Come and see for yourself. Could hold The birds in your hands ,
place it anywhere. could take photographs Also one can feed the friendly parrots ,
much loved by everybody. How do you feel when you see the birds? Good! what do you mean ?Did you think they
would come to your hands? yes! So tell me , how many? a lot eight birds came to me eight ?? wow! our insight into the lives of
birds at water Bothers to see birds being caged up
hence it happens through out the world. In this case observe as a tourist
rather than a environmentalist. seems like our presence bothers them swans Gooses ducks associate in flocks called gaggles. They have only one soul mate for
the rest of their lives. male or female that’s their speciality Swans could teach us a thing or two. Mrs. Hasanthi Gallage is the
Managing Director of the Birds Resort Hambanthota We found this as a small wooded area. We have grown so many trees The land was covered with thorns. More than ten thousand I guess Can’t say exactly!


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