Travel HEROES Safety Certification
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Travel HEROES Safety Certification

What makes a hero? In stories,
heroes fearlessly battle through terrible dangers and impossible
odds to finish triumphant. Depart Smart Travel Heroes know
that to be truly heroic in travel, you don’t face down danger—you
avoid getting into bad situations in the first place. No one can ever
remove all the risk from a trip abroad. Life is risky business,
after all. But with wise preparation, you greatly improve the odds you’ll
avoid the dangers traveling can bring, or deal with them appropriately
if they arise. The Depart Smart Travel Hero Certification course covers vital
travel safety topics to help you prepare for safe, rewarding journeys. As you
earn your safe travel certification, you’ll also create your own
personalized Travel Hero Action Plan. The Action Plan will help you avoid emergencies
and be ready in case, well…life happens. Travel like a hero with your Travel
HERO Action Plan because no one wants their trip abroad
to become a battle.

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