• judge dredd

    Hi Sarah, You do have a point but there is more than 1 'Queen's Head' unfortunately. Finding the correct head is the problem. Going back to your analogy of an ant hill (implying an ant colony) who gives nourishment to the Queen? Whom can she not live without? The ants. In other words the system cannot live without us feeding it. There are enough of us awake to really mess up the system and bring it down. But are we going to act together or individually? Together we can do this, not individually.

  • showlett33

    a rotten way to behave toward the warden? he was polite courteous the warden called his boss who told him to leave well alone, this isnt about the warden getting abused or how being a warden is a 'lowly' job its about the government making stuff up to bleed us all dry. in your comments you have said more about a warden being a crappy job that the guy in the video, this says more about how you see wardens and other unqualified jobs than it does about any bad behavior by anyone in the video tuttut

  • TheNephew1000

    if only there were more people wise enough and strong enough to stand together regardless of race and religion and stop the greed and corruption that keeps people down, this world could be a better happy place for all to live without people living on streets and going hungry all over the world

  • judge dredd

    To Everyone here who has posted and who has yet to post.
    Thank you very much for coming here and watching this video. I have noticed the negative comments ratcheting up the more views this video gets. The amount of negative comments, due to GOVERNMENT trolls, is now going up because they are trying to make what David did (the guy in the video) wrong in most people's eyes who view this. Many of you can see through the poster's BS and many of you are still under the impression that government …

  • judge dredd

    Part 2 from below..
    is a good thing. It USED to be but now has become something of a very bad parasite where it is living off of the backs of regular people. It is BECAUSE of government that we have austerity, bank bailouts and not bankers in jail, and wars all over the place where sovereign nations are invaded under one pretext or another for their resources and wealth, which the western countries have given theirs over to the Rothschilds and the Vatican (do your research before giving ….

  • judge dredd

    Part 3 from below …
    negative comments). It is up to each of us individually to now become a Sovereign. In other words to become responsible for our own actions and to be honest on our dealings with others and to work with others and not harm them. The Powers That Were (or formerly the Powers That Be – PTB) were given the chance and all they did was kill millions of people and cause untold harm to our Planet. They are the ones who are the terrorists (look up what that word means in any ….

  • judge dredd

    Part 4 from below …
    dictionary over 50 years old or in a good law book and you will find it defined as the government!).
    Anyway, back to the main topic…. traffic wardens are an example of government bureaucrats run amok. The wardens are not the problem but the faceless bastards who implement the theft of funds from people who use their cars. Sarah Mead, who posted here, made a good point about the Queens head. In this analogy the Queen can be killed off by cutting off the source of ….

  • judge dredd

    Part 5 from below ….
    sustenance which is each of us being enslaved by the system and paying up these 'fines, etc. When each of us starts to say 'NO' (to whatever encroachment is going around us) then we start on the path to gaining our self-Sovereignty. All of us have the right to Life (to live without fear of being harmed or killed by ANYONE or any ENTITY), Liberty (to move about freely in whatever conveyance we choose) and the pursuit of happiness (whatever that may be for each of us) …

  • judge dredd

    Part 6 from below …
    as long as we do not harm another and do not impair another's free will to choose to be or not to be involved with whomever they meet.
    When all are treated equally before the law, then we will live in a decent society. But until then we are living in a system designed by evil men and women to enslave the rest of us. Extracting money from us (our SWEAT equity) is one way of keeping us down and preventing us from truly being free. So keep in mind that when negative posts …

  • judge dredd

    Part 7 from below …
    are being made in increasing number, this video IS impinging on the system and 'they' are trying desperately to keep the lid on it and prevent others from waking up.

  • CEO060

    Ok, some Civil Enforcement Officers (the correct term, by the way – traffic warden stems from when the police used to enforce parking restrictions) do take the job too seriously but if there was no enforcement mindless drivers would be parking up outside schools where small children trying to cross the road, people wouldn't be able to park in their own street let alone outside their own house, lorries with deliveries wouldn't get near businesses. Do you think people would park respectfully? No!

  • Milkman69ner

    Who gives right for the crown or the government to tax us and tell us what to do. It's terrorism. My main point though is how our taxes do not go where you think they go. Road "tax" is a fund which can be spent anywhere that's a fact. It mostly goes into rich elitist scums pockets

  • The Re-bar Kid

    Brilliant. How eloquently and perkily you spoke to him. I believe he was not used to such a response and that is why he never answered you.

    Well done sir

  • judge dredd

    Since April of 2013 when I posted the 7 parts above (and below) the 'stats' for this video have 'dived'. Prior to the 7 part post the stats were increasing steadily, afterwards they began going down. This is how much this video, and what I wrote, has had an impact. YouTube is now deliberately suppressing it. Why? Because it shows truth. The parasites that hold sway over us, for the time being at least, don't like that. SO I would ask everyone to download the video to their own sites & spread it.

  • judge dredd

    I know of only 1 where a friend of mine had this notice on his dashboard and he had it parked in his driveway. There was something that he had failed to pay and when the bailiff came to pick the car up he was shown the Notice and the guy actually began to take his wallet out to pay my friend the £500. My friend forgave the man & the guy then went away without paying the £500. A much more powerful document is now being used that goes beyond the Notice that is downloadable here. Will post shortly.

  • Justicescales123

    Clearly you know nothing of contract law too. The driver clearly excepted to be bound by the traffic laws and regulations and therefore he cant wine about it when it doesn't go his way!

  • Bernard deChartres

    The reality is that we need traffic wardens, even though we don't like them.
    It's nice to think that without them, people would choose to park sensibly and safely but the reality is that a lot of people wouldn't.
    If that sign actually worked then everyone would use it and never need to pay parking tickets.

  • Areeb Khan

    My car borked down on a loading bay , I went into a shop to call someone to help as my phone was dead I come back in 2 mins and there's a warden taking a picture and giving me ticket I proofed them with a break down service recipt and they still don't think that's proof !!

  • Will Mackie

    Mate, not everything is a conspiracy theory.
    Perhaps people just haven't clicked on the video that much.
    Videos do tend to have a drop of point where it slowly becomes less popular.
    This video is a pretty niche topic so the audience is very limited – I don't know of many people who would search for parking ticket on Youtube.

  • illusionz22

    I would just like to say that i am a new supporter of this, and i have watched alot of videos
    regarding our rights.. so thank you to you and all the others for taking your time to upload
    these videos to educate us.
    This man is the most well spoken person i have heard! i salute you sir!

  • armadillo platypus

    The vehicle still has a dvla VRM.It is not de-registered deeming the warning notice null and void.You need look up Blacks law.

  • armadillo platypus

    by having your vehicle registered by the dvla,taxed,insured and mot'd …your are agreeing to uphold the road traffic acts .
    you need to do some homework

  • armadillo platypus

    A break down receipt IS proof as long as it states the street the vehicle was recovered from matches the ticket given to the vehicle.

  • judge dredd

    Just ignore the ticket. Have a look at Amy Hall's video. In there the warden admits that it is not enforceable. We had a conversation with another traffic warden who also admitted (off camera) that the ticket is only a piece of paper. She also said that if people are stupid enough to pay then that's their problem! Amazing.

  • Brad Brassman

    Nice. I am a member of the BCG and hadnt heard of this one. I have the other, round version, which I have had in my car for a long time. A couple of traffic wardens have read it and both asked me if it is "right". I said post a ticket and lets see how long they keep you on in your job having taken no notice, and neither did, because they wont risk it. People are waking up to their rights and the more the merrier.

  • judge dredd

    Hi Brad,
    Thanks for taking a look. It is all to do with contracting (commerce) and those that are not aware of this will be the most shocked at this video (or the most upset). Using this principle (of contract where I state that if you do this then I will do that) I have actually got a bailiff company to give up on a ticket given by a traffic warden which was not paid. When one understands the principles by which so-called Government agencies collect fees/taxes then it is very easy to not pay.

  • Brad Brassman

    Yes, I am going to print it out and stick it im my car. Incidentally, I had some "leagle eagle" tell me on the Guardian website this very morning that there is "no difference" between lawful and legal. perhaps he should read Veronica Chapmans book eh?

  • Boony

    I found a ticket on my car after i'd parked on waste land behind a shopping centre like i and many shoppers had done so for years.  
    On closer inspection it was a poor quality flimsy photo copy of an altered authentic ticket,  It was shoved inside a fairly convincing plastic sheath with yellow & black colouring and font you find with council issued tickets.  It demanded payment of 60 pounds by cash/cheque or postal order to a company name i've forgotten with a po box address.   
    I didn't pay it  and 8 years later i've not heard any more about it.    makes you wonder how common is this scam?  i'm sure plenty of motorists just do as it says and send the money.

  • Jadedhills

    when they try and trick you to issue a ticket that is just criminal revenue collection, also if you understood the real problems in the economy and how massive theft and fraud is being perpetrated by the "powers that be" against the people ou would stop paying but if you think they are right you just carry on paying and stay sheeple,  you seem to have a lot of hatred in you so I wish you well and hope you one day grow up and realise what is happening to the "society" we are trying to live in in peace bless you captainwowzerpantz 🙂

  • Jonathan Garner

    I really like this man, he speaks so much truth and you can tell the traffic warden is digesting it. It is a shame we live in such a corrupted world. It actually makes me sad.

  • Anthony Shackleton

    I have had loads of fines and parking tickets then doubled up for not paying and baylifts coming to my house I have paid over 5k with other costs on top of the tickets but now I NEVER GET THEM BECAUSE I JIST PAY FOR THE PARKING just pay for the parking ticket it’s a few quid it’s stupid and your own fault if you don’t you get a choice pay or get a fine

  • Muckybutt

    As if the "notice" is going to cancel a ticket being issued to you, or that it will hold up at a tribunal etc. I can't see the £500 claim holding up in Court either lol

  • pinkyman5155

    Its terrible that corps can manipulate and control peoples actions by intimidation and corruption, what has happened to our world ? It's not until people wake up and fight back that we can truly say that we are free, we are harvested daily and throughout our lives for money and the removal of our rights. Wake up people and take back your right to a free life.

  • judge dredd

    For anyone who is stupid enough to post a comment without understanding what is happening in this video your post will be removed. There was NO ticket issued BECAUSE of what the notice said. I have also stopped two of the biggest Bailiff companies in the UK (Marstons and Newlyn) from harassing those that they were targeting – because I understood the law and/or the principals of commerce (which is contract). Rules or regulations are not the Law . Parking comes under regulations or rules and you can chose not to be bound by them, BUT you have to know what you are doing. Get yourself educated instead of posting dumb shit (which has been removed).

  • George Pickstock

    I read the notice. What I want to know is this: Has anyone successfully invoiced the government for the five hundred pounds and received payment? It's a novel idea but I doubt it holds any weight in the legal system. You're kicking against the pricks folks.

  • Loveyoutube uk

    This video is so sad 😞
    This Man spoke so much sense!!
    That traffic warden is obviously not aware of what he is doing .otherwise he’d quit

  • Patrick Nee

    well done dredd do you know of this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rQOPVAmCtnc or this man https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCY80GZtt87GnHS7an-HPkZg/feed and this man romley stewart https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCTAurk2YyIBVnPQSzEsuQtQ

  • steve hazel

    How to Avoid Ticket. ? Register the car to a European name and address so when you get a parking ticket or a speeding ticket it will not come to you or anyone because European governments will not divulge information of the registered keeper or other details. Obviously when the same happens in European countries if we are over there driving and get into some traffic bother they apply to DVLA Swansea for our details and DVLA will respond with all our information but we don't get any of their information so therefore parkway or speed away just be mindful that if you leave your car parked up for a period of time they can transport it/tow it away if they red flag it !!!! On the matter of taxing the vehicle just have the green slip of the registration document and you can either do it online or at the post office no problem. Eventually they can track you through your car insurance to your UK address if you have that registered here in the U.K. but then just simply send any letters back unopened marked not known at this address.
    Like any working class person left in the UK I am sick and tired of governments and corporations extorting money off us which is what they do relentlessly until we actually rise up and say being British especially being English means Saying this is the first quality of life we do not have fairness in the UK anymore the government and the Corporations which also means local government councils will be taught a lesson in civility and humanity. !!!!!!

  • micky mouse


  • Anthony Smith

    why do only blacks, Asians, eastern Europeans, uglies , the backward , the fatties and uneducated do these jobs, why ?

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