Tour through my housing in Saudi Arabia | What does a Saudi apartment look like?
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Tour through my housing in Saudi Arabia | What does a Saudi apartment look like?

Hi travellers, I’m Anne’s daughter, Lileko. I put up new videos every week helping enhance your travel experiences. So I just wanted to give a quick tour of my apartment in Saudi Arabia. That’s all I have to say. It is definitely the worst one I’ve ever lived in abroad. Oh look at me smiling through it. I’ve already had my first cockroach infestation. In case you’re moving here you know what to expect on the lower side of the scale. I do not live in a compound. I live just an apartment complex. But of course with my other work colleagues and we all go together to work. We’re all in the same building. So that’s nice. Yeah, let me show you you can make your own opinions please put your thoughts, prayers in the comment box below. I will say this apartment it doesn’t make a scrap of difference if I filmed this in daylight hours because it’s just as dark and I don’t pull my curtains anyway. It’s like a cave folks. So we start at the front door. I’m standing in the hallway and see I still haven’t really unpacked yet. This is where I’ve decided to put my washing machine because it’s a terrible, terrible washing machine. Yeah, this is my dark little area where I brush my teeth and the worst bathroom I’ve ever had. So this is usually pulled across. This is the worst bathroom, as I said I’ve had cockroaches that’s why there’s this talcum powder looking stuff on the floor. It’s actually poison. So I use the bum gun or the bidet to help fill the washing machine as well as the showerhead. So that’s why it’s over here anyway. And it’s not look too much at this disgusting bathroom because it really is awful and then here’s the shower behind the door. Alright, if I make my way up the hallway, which is a very nice long hallway into the living area. Which I never use because I find these sofas very uncomfortable and it’s all a bit gross. As I say I never pull the curtains, the windows look exactly the same whether it’s daylight or nighttime. And this is a TV. So the idea is here for a living space. I just don’t to use it. So I do it like this because of course it is an L shape. To the left is this ginormous kitchen. So this is how we buy water. I hate this fridge a lot because I am NOT camping every day of my life. Very few amenities provided and also where I’m supposed to dry my clothes and iron them apparently too. My bedroom, you can see I still really haven’t unpacked. If you liked this video, please give it a thumbs up. If you haven’t seen my video living abroad my tour inside my Chinese apartment, I’ll put the link in the description box below.


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