Top 7 INCREDIBLE Travel Destinations of 2018 | Where to Travel This Year!
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Top 7 INCREDIBLE Travel Destinations of 2018 | Where to Travel This Year!

Our planet is full of places the deepest
corners of the most forgotten regions of this world that will fill your spirit
with all and leave you and wonder well I thought that was a pretty badass opening
line but really traveling has become more and more accessible over the past
few years thanks to the Internet and so is finding interesting destinations to
experience my name is Eric Conover and I’m a filmmaker and world traveler
living in the greatest city on earth New York in this video I’m going to list the
top most incredible travel destinations for 2018 I am NOT pulling this footage
off the internet like some travel this videos all these places I’ve been to an
experienced firsthand I find new places to travel through videos like this so
comment down below your top places on your 2018 travel bucket list or comment
if you’ve been to any of the places I’m about to show you on my list also make
sure to subscribe to my youtube channel if you found this video interesting and
give it a thumbs up without any ado these are the top travel destinations of
2018 number one is Norway Norway is
hands-down the most beautiful destination I have ever experienced
Norway is a Scandinavian country encompassing vast mountains glaciers and
deep coastal fjords I recommend going in early summer the days are long and warm
while the nights are cool in short if you go far enough north the Sun doesn’t
set at all and you can experience the phenomenon known as the Midnight Sun at
12:30 in the morning it’s June the 11th so it’s almost the first day of summer
which is the longest day of the year I haven’t been sleeping the past two days
just because it doesn’t get dark it’s always light out I mean look at the the
Sun just dips down low enough below the horizon worth like a sunset for two
hours straight and then it pops right back up at about two maybe one
forty-five real strange we’re kind of cool in Norway you can do everything
from climate glacier to windsurfing on the coast along with whitewater kayaking
back-breaking downhill cycling and of course road trip for days number two is
Bali now I know you’re all thinking everyone and their dog on Instagram has
been to Bali has taken photos has made videos there but there’s good reason for that
Bali is truly a place to find yourself there is an energy there unlike anywhere
else I’ve ever been in the world Bali is an Indonesian island known for its
forested volcanic mountains iconic rice paddies beaches and coral reefs one of
the coolest things is while in Bali you can stay in a luxury villa for just
about twenty US dollars per night my number one thing to do in Bali is buy or
rent a motorbike and explore the unknown areas and the surrounding islands whoa sometimes you gotta go on your own
ventures I’m in full travel mode I didn’t even wear shoes oh my gosh would
you look at this head up north too and play with the monkeys welcome to the monkey force in Ubud
what’s he doing oh no that’s the camera you can’t follow me I have to leave oh
no you can’t grab that I’m sorry wake up at sunrise and bathe under a waterfall
bokeh one-way ticket to Bali and just let the journey happen number three is
the Maldives if you want to get lost at sea in the best way possible you need to
head to the Maldives Maldives is a tropical nation in the Indian Ocean
comprised of 26 ring shaped atolls which are made up of more than 1000 coral
islands it’s known for its beaches blue lagoons
and extensive reefs now when you go to the Maldives you have two options for
places to stay the first you pay a ton of money and you stay in a very nice
all-inclusive resort so we’re taking the boat out to the Four Seasons Resort
we’re grabbing some lunch we might be able to explore the resort a little bit
just so we could film I guess the other side of staying in the Maldives because
it is very very different golf carts all around that they’re saying it is ten
thousand dollars per night for the top room here think doing what we’re doing
on the boat is the best way to see the Maldives is the second you travel with
some friends higher surf boat and just island hop there is nothing in the whole world like
living on a boat in the middle of the Indian Ocean early September is a good
time to visit the weather was beautiful and the surface very very good and if you’re not in the Surfing you can
always island hop and hang out with some locals go freediving on one of the many
reefs will even find your own deserted island all to yourself number four is Japan Japan is an island
nation in the Pacific Ocean with dense cities mountainous national parks and
thousands of shrines and temples while traveling in Japan I opted to stay in
traditional Japanese Inns to fully immerse myself in the Japanese culture this Japanese Inn has an open-air hot
spring bath welcome to my humble abode the best way to get around is by bullet
train which is never late or to hop on a quick flight I have a few free hours to
golf and just do whatever so I can’t come to Japan and not go to a market the
food has to be hands-down the most interesting part come to Japan there is
some food that you would never even imagine eating if you are from the
States while Tokyo is an amazing city I wanted
to see the countryside I went up north to Mata Shima and stayed at a local
fishermen’s in I woke up the next day before sunrise and hiked to the top of a
hill to see the day begin then I went all the way south to zoo
mommy island which is a relatively unknown spot to Westerners and it is
home to world-class diving and some of the most remote untouched beaches on
planet Earth number five is bond air bond air is a charming Dutch island
located 15 miles north of Venezuela and is a part of the ABC island chain next
to Aruba and curaçao far far below the hurricane bail bond air has perfect
weather almost year-round the number one thing to do on Bonaire is to scuba dive
you can scuba both in the day or for the daring scuba diving at night we’re
actually joined by a lot of people this place is super popular just because
by the pillars that’s where the fish hang out which is one of the most
terrifying exhilarating experiences I’ve ever had
Bonaire is home to some of the clearest blue waters on planet earth and has some
of the most lively reefs that i have ever seen you can free dive in the
freshwater limestone cave network that runs below the island take a drive to
the pink salt pans in the south hop on a water taxi to Klein Bonaire
a tiny uninhabited island right off the coast to do some snorkeling home to some
of the bluest waters on earth bionaire is truly paradise number six is New York
City New York is the capital of the world and has been my home for the past
five years any time of the year is honestly the best time to visit New York
but if I had to choose I would pick early summer or late fall although
there’s no place like New York in the winter with a little snow on the ground
New York has something for everyone it’s that place where you come to make your
dreams come true you can go enjoy the sights like the
Empire State Building the top of One World Trade head down to Soho for some
amazing food and shopping or take in Central Park New York is my favorite
city in the whole world and I think everyone should at least visit or live
in New York at least once in their life number seven is Hawaii
Hawaii is an isolated volcanic island chain in the Central Pacific Ocean its
islands are renowned for their rugged landscapes of cliffs waterfalls and is
truly one of the most incredible places I have ever traveled to hands-down the
most incredible experience I’ve had in Hawaii was driving up to the summit of
Haleakala on Maui and watching the sunset skies lit up I’m so amped on life
right now and do you hear that it is absolutely quiet up here there’s
not a breath of wind there’s not a single person I am so at peace right now
driving the iconic road to Hana is a must make sure to leave very early to
avoid all the tourists and stop for some banana bread along the way on the island
of Lanai go horseback riding and off-roading on the backside of the
island through the lush tropical rainforests finally on the island of
Oahu hike to the top of Diamond Head at sunrise make friends with the locals and
truly experience ancient Hawaiian traditions such as pounding and POI
Hawaii is that place that sticks out in my mind when someone asks me where is
the coolest place you’ve ever been if you enjoyed the video make sure to leave
a like hit that subscribe button and if you want to learn more about the
destinations in this video down below in the description I have full travel
series for every single destination that you just saw my first travel trip for
2018 is to Tanzania to summit Mount Kilimanjaro


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