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Cheese! No! Get away from me! Get away! I’m gonna pinch you. I’m gonna pinch you! Is he coming? He’s right there. Shit! He’s behind them. What the fuck is this dance? Pinch him! Am I fast? You’re fast as hell. This is animal abuse. What happened? I have 9 days to live. Fuck! Shake a panty. He’s probably taking a selfie instead of taking a picture of us. Stand still. Smile! You’re weird. Okay, don’t move. One, two, … Is he taking a picture of us? One, two, … I tripped. Hurry up! He’s coming. Michael, are you it? No. Emily! What? Are you it? No! I hear everyone getting tagged, but me. Someone’s over there! He’s just passed me. They ran right past me! Oh my Gosh. Oh, excuse me. That’s my shoe! Previously on ”Keeping Up With The Kardashians”… Konrad, move! It’s not scary. It’s all fake, it’s a movie. Are you still watching that damn horror movie? No. What did she say? She’s like… Does that mean something? Cheerios. Are you crying? Turn it off, right now! Mom, stop! It’s terrible. Push it. Shut up! Oh my God. Turn it, you have to turn the stick. We know! Michael, you have to… We did it. I’m blind. Konrad, hurry up. I think I’ll eat some cereal. Are you sure? Why did you put soap in it? I didn’t! She put old milk. She’s coming! Are you dumb?! Look at Amelia. Oh my Gosh, look at that. FBI, open up! Oh, you stink! I can’t. Fuck. Shit, it’s gonna fall. What? It’s gonna fall! Damn. What the fuck is that? There’s something coming out of the ground. Fuck! Faster! Fuck, there’s a walker! There’s a walker, hurry up! I burned myself with stinging nettles. Stop! Why would you do that? Come here. I scared him. I need another apple. Michael, she’s just said mine went further. Konrad, get me one. She fell into stinging nettles! Ah! Why me? You hear the lady go like ”Ah! My head.” Oh my God, you’re bleeding. Is she on crack? There’s a bee! Which one is your bike? There’s not enough for me. Michael, how many scoops? 15. Thank you. Can I have 16 scoops, please? Are you full? Shit. Oh my Gosh. What does it mean? Ah, stop! What the hell. Is she crazy? Isn’t she drunk? I don’t know. Twerk! Let’s… I’m gonna fall! No! Shit. Goodbye. Fuck off! Come back, you bastard! Paula. Paula! Paula. Paula! Paula! Paula! Stop it, Konrad. Okay, that’s plastic. I’m not eating it. It’s getting black. You’re eating plastic. Don’t tell my mom! Come here. Fiona. Ew, no. It’s definitely a hamster. Is he dumb? I need to eat it on the toilet. Did you also take a big one? Yeah. I’ve just got bread. Shake a panty. Go, Konrad! No! Come on! Julia! Get the ball! Hurry up! Julia! Fuck that, I’m done. Julia! Stop! Did you guys pack everything? Bye. Mercy. Tell her her teeth are too big. Bye. Love you. I miss you. Get away from my candy! Get out! Paula!


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