This is WHY WE DO IT! Cruiser PARADISE – Sailing Vessel Delos Ep. 236

It’s very special feeling to
wake up and have nobody else around, just be by yourself. No other boats. No other people. There’s not really
very many people– there’s really not
very many places on the world you
can do that anymore. But this is one of them,
and it’s pretty special. [MUSIC – ONETOX, “RAMUKANJI”] [NON-ENGLISH SINGING] I’ve decided to make
waffles this morning. I think we deserve a
little treat this morning. Yay. Yay. Yay. I deserve a treat. Treat. [SYNTH MUSIC] Everybody happy? Thank you, Ryan. Full crew? Very good. Thank you. What do we do now? I say we go kite boarding. All right. Yay. Yay. Can you guys help me
put the dinghy in? Let’s do it. Yeah, let’s get out there. I’m stoked. I think that’s a perfect place. Yeah. [DANCE MUSIC] What a fantastic spot. So incredibly beautiful. It’s insane. There’s nobody here except
like a lot of seagulls. The water here is so nice. Look at this. Welcome to the Ragged Islands. This incredibly
remote island chain is at the very southern
tip of the Bahamas. And best of all, we have the
entire place to ourselves. We plan to set up camp
here and live a simple life in our very own
cruiser paradise. No internet, no
distractions, just us and our floating home anchored
in the amazingly crystal-clear water. [WATER BUBBLING] That’s refreshing. Nice job. All right. There’s a shark! Where? Get me out of here. There’s a shark? Oh, god. OK, drop the board. How’d you do, Blue? I did OK. I got a couple good runs in. You did really good. You did like a half-mile run. Yeah. But I went down. And I saw a shark
coming towards me. And I don’t know. I’m fine diving with sharks
when I have a mask on my face, and I can see them,
and I can look at them. But when you’re
just on the surface, and you just see them coming
towards you under the water, the adrenaline starts pumping. And then what happened? You couldn’t get up before that. Screaming for you
guys to come get me. And then I just gathered
myself and just sent it and then freaking rode
super-far that way. All of a sudden we looked up
and you were just like flying. We were like, oh,
oh, she got it. No. It was a shark. It was a shark. Good job, Blue. That doesn’t scare you? When you’re on the
surface, and you see a shark coming towards you? And you can’t see it? I definitely get
the initial, like– and then I think,
it’s just a puppy dog. Like if anything,
what it’s going to do is it’s going to
come up and bump you. And be like, oh,
you’re not food. Like that’s what’s
going to happen. Unless you’re bleeding
or spear fishing. And then it might bite
you to see if you’re good. But otherwise, you’re
just going to get a bump. Yeah. Happy days, brother. It’s a good day, brother. Perfect conditions, man. Not too bad, huh? Yeah. What’s been your favorite
thing about being here? Oh, man, the solitude, I’d say. It’s been a while since
we’ve been alone and just us. And it feels like
all of a sudden, you have so much more time. Once you don’t have connection
to the internet and once you’re not around
a bunch of people. And I love being
around people, but it’s a lot of energy to always
party, always go places, always do things. And then when
you’re on your own, it’s like we just go into
a really cool rhythm. That’s been my favorite part. We haven’t had that
in a long time. Look at that. Wow. That’s pretty cool. I love exploring
islands like this. I don’t know. It’s just something really cool. And it’s like no people around. And you find all kinds
of beautiful shells and some really cool stuff. And then you can just
walk around and explore. I love it. It’s my favorite. Just going to take a little
walk to the non-leeward side of the island. The windward side. I think it’s going to
be quite different. But I found some goat tracks. So there must be some
goats on the island. That’s a goat for sure. There it is, Kazza. You see it? It’s a goat. Is it a goat? Yeah, it’s a goat. No. It is a goat. It looks bigger. No. Really? Am I just tripping out or what? It’s a goat. [MUSIC PLAYING] You pretty much see this on the
windward side of most islands. It’s just plastic and
debris, all sizes and shapes. Deodorant, spoon, marker. And then it all breaks down
into these small bits, here. And it just gets
smaller and smaller. It never really goes away. Super-sad to see
so much plastic. I wonder how much comes
from like the hurricanes and them just ripping through
and just carrying so much trash out at sea. I wish we had like another
boat, or at least parts of Delos that we could dedicate to trash. I mean, here it’s like
you pick up so much trash. Yeah, I don’t know where we
could keep it on the boat, though. Need a bigger boat. That’s the creepiest thing. It’s a leg. Oh. Ew. [MUSIC PLAYING] It’s almost hard to
describe how peaceful it is. And you know, you just
get some exercise, paddle, take a walk on the beach. It’s like what I think– I don’t know. When people think
about cruising, this is probably
what they imagine. And I feel like I’ve been
missing places like this. We saw so many things like this
in the Indian Ocean, the South Pacific, and in Madagascar. But so far, the Atlantic Ocean
has just been some cool stuff. But there’s always
been population. There’s always been people. I didn’t really realize how
much I missed just exploring deserted islands like this. There’s something just so
fascinating about it to me. So I’m really very
excited to be here and to be able to
experience this. It’s very cool. Another beautiful day. That’s a nice sunset. It’s beautiful. What have you enjoyed
most about the time here? Just slowing down,
having no internet. I think it’s been really,
really good for us. It’s amazing when you
don’t have internet and all of these other
distractions around, how much time you actually have
to get some good work done. And then to relax as well. Whoa, look at that. That’s a big ball of fire. [UPBEAT MUSIC] All right, Kazza. It’s been a few weeks
since we’ve provisioned. Yes. What is the food
situation like on Delos? It’s running pretty
low on everything. We have one onion. We have no vegetables. We have no fruit. We have a little bit of
cheese left, two eggs. Yeah, that’s about it. So this is the fruit basket. Empty. Yeah. So it’s time to get
creative with the cooking. Yeah. And I want to save some of the
easier stuff for the passage in case it’s rough. You know, like we
have one squash left. But I want to save it so
we can do a little bit more complicated meals or
that requires a little bit more effort now. What do we have to look
forward to tonight? Split-pea soup,
slash something dull, which I don’t really know. And I’m going to try to make
some kind of flat breads, too. Like Indian flatbreads. That sounds good. OK. Careful. It’s hot. Oh, that’s great. I also forgot to mention. Maybe don’t tell
the rest of the crew that unfortunately,
all the split peas were filled with bugs. They were all dead, though. But luckily, I know
that they float. So you just put the water. And they float. And you can like pick them out. Should just tell them that. Yeah, dang it. Boat life. How’s that soup? It’s really good. Delicious. Hot. This is exactly what I need
after a hard day’s kite boarding. [INAUDIBLE] Delicious. [MUSIC PLAYING] Bye-bye, beautiful anchorage. What a good spot, huh? Yeah. If it sucks at the other
place, we can always come back. Yeah, sure. I think we’re going to try
and go to the first spot we originally intended to,
Double-Breasted Cay, which Karen refers to as a
Double-Beasted Cay. But it’s just around
the corner, two miles. And it’s fairly shallow. So we’re just going
to take it slow and try not to bump the bottom. That’s about it. Blue and I are going to
go ahead in the dinghy to get some drone
shots and check depths. Maggie to Delos,
Maggie to Delos. Delos, Maggie. We have the drone set
up and ready to launch. When you guys are ready
to pull up the anchor, just let us know. Over. Copy that. Lifting the hook now. Just came off the bottom. OK, neutral. We’re up. We’re up. Here we go. [MUSIC PLAYING] They’re flying all good? Yup. The water looks pretty
decent over there? Yeah. You can see like all the colors. [MUSIC PLAYING] Did it. High five. Depth check. We are at 4.5 meters right here. Copy that. 4.5 where you guys are at. It’s getting a
little bit shallower. It’s 3.7 meters right here. That actually matches
exactly with what it says on the charts, over. [INAUDIBLE] six, though. Over. All right. We’ll just see how
far we can go in. Sounds good. What do you want to stop at? What depth is enough? I think as long as we have
a meter under the keel, we’re all right. Copy that. Yeah, I think it’s a little
bit too shallow in there. So maybe just fall back a little
bit into that lighter patch. And we can drop right there. OK, sounds good. Dropping. All right, Kazza,
I’m backing down. There’s 15. Oh, hooked there, huh? What do you think
about that new anchor? I love it. I can’t believe we went so
long without it, to be honest. Like we never
really dropped that much, because we were
probably pretty conservative and put a lot of scope out. But the new Mantis,
it makes you feel that much more secure for sure. It locks into, like, anything. Yeah. Look at this water, Kazza. It is certainly
calm today, though. Yeah. Here they come. Look at these yahoos. Yahoos. What a funny contraption. Oh! Señor. That was a good ride, brother. [MUSIC – BROCK BERRIGAN,
“ANGEL’S LANDING”] Man, when I think
back to when we first started learning foiling
in Grenada and how horrible we were. And how much shit
we were eating. Boosting off the board, no
control, having the foil pop up. And just having it go crazy,
like a bucking bronco. So it’s pretty cool to get it a
little bit more under control. The learning curve
is pretty steep. It’s quite sketchy when
you’re not really used to it. And even though you’re
only popping out of the water a couple of
feet, it feels like a lot more when you’re right on
top of that board. The water feels way
further away than that. Brian’s trying to
give it a go, now. [MUSIC – BROCK BERRIGAN,
“ANGEL’S LANDING”] It’s unlike anything
I’ve done before. You did really good, though. I got a couple of runs. Yeah. But then I come too far out
of the water, and I’m like– it’s like falling over a cliff. It is a lot of fun. It feels literally like
you’re flying over the water. It becomes really quiet. You’re just like– This is the end of the day. Beers, music,
sunset, time lapse. We just got a time
lapse going on. Got the drone set up and
[INAUDIBLE] for the sunset. The Bahamas are good. This is us. She’s got plans. Who wants a hair cut? Brian’s hair is
very long right now. It is. It’s very true. And I haven’t cut it
since the wedding. So it’s time for a
sunset Blue’s Barbershop. It’s the best
barbershop in the world. It’s pretty sweet. You get a beer. You get a sunset and a beach. I found a friendly lizard. Really? He’s come closer to me
since I’ve sat down. Oh, look at him. He’s trying to eat the
sticks I’m throwing. Let’s see if he
likes plantain chips. This one likes you. Making me both [INAUDIBLE] Careful what you say. What’s his name? Geppetto. Geppetto? Ye perro. Now that’s service. There we go. Now I get to fly my drone. Next. [MUSIC – BOZOOKA, “TENDER
ISLANDS”] It’s another
beautiful day, Kazza. Work is done. Computer time is done. And we’re going paddle boarding. [MUSIC – WILLOWS YOUNG CROW,
make me a coffee or two. I don’t want to head
out half asleep. Look at this sting ray. Holy shit. It was massive. So big. (SINGING) The sight of
your ambition playing a poor voice in the dust. Left my cloud in the rain
down, just like the river runs. Will you run when the
past comes back to life. Where those cold steel
hands were sharp as knives. Look. It’s like a little tub, Kazza. That’s awesome. Come and sit in my tub with me. I’m coming in. Oh, that’s nice. Yeah. And this is how we’ll
spend the afternoon. Perfect. (SINGING) And the song was where
the air was cold as ice song. You’d think it’s a
winter time or something, the way that we’re dressed. We’re in very, very, very, very
little light pollution area. So we’re going to
go to the beach and get some time
lapses of the Milky Way. I’m bringing GoPro
only, just to see what it’s all about for night stuff. The new Hero7. And Blue’s bringing, I’m sure. A lot of cameras. That’s it. Let’s go. So one of the GoPro’s
that I’ve got, I’m going to just put it behind
us and put everything on auto to see what it does while we’re
walking around in front of it, setting up our other cameras. What are you working on, Blue? What do you got going? Tell us about your situation. So it is hard with
time lapses at night, because you have to do
so many test photos. And I’m not really sure
which way the Milky Way is moving right now. Hopefully, it’s moving
higher in the sky. But at some point, you just have
to pick your frame and start shooting. And then just try to hold
back and not mess with it and see what happens. Hope you get lucky. And the Milky Way is
definitely bright. There is zero light
pollution out here. It’s pretty rare to
find these conditions, so I’m glad we got up. Up next on Delos, we
leave the Bahamas. We’re cutting across some
really shallow areas. Three meters around here? And we draw 2.1. So it’s pretty close. And set sail for our
passage to the USA. Ahoy, Delos tribe. We’ve torture-tested these
new long-sleeve sun-resistant shirts on Delos, and we’re
happy to say they totally withstood our abuse. Kazza did the design of
Delos selling on the globe. And the stretchy material
is oh so comfortable. They’re available in men’s
and women’s sizes to fit all. And they’re printed
in limited quantities, so get them while they’re hot. You look like a crazy
person under there. Yeah. I’m going to try paddle kiting. It seems like a great
idea at the moment. Thank you for being
friends, Mr. Paddle Board. It’s business in the
front, party in the back. Look at that. You like it? I like it a lot.

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