Things ,That You Didn’t Know About Dubai | United Arab Emirates –  Modern Dubai | Episode 01
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Things ,That You Didn’t Know About Dubai | United Arab Emirates – Modern Dubai | Episode 01

welcome back Dubai it is the most
populous city in the United Arab Emirates and the capital of the emirate
of Dubai today we’re going to talk about modern Dubai located on the southeast
coast of the Persian Gulf Dubai is a global city and a business hub of the
Middle East during the 1970s Dubai continued to grow from revenues
generated from oil and trade even as the city sign influx of immigrants fleeing
the Lebanese civil war border disputes between the Emirates continued even
after the formation of the UAE it was only in 1979 that a formal compromise
was reached that ended disagreements the Jebel Ali port was established in 1979
Jeff’s a Jebel Ali free zone was built around the port in 1985 to provide
foreign companies unrestricted import of labour and export capital Dubai Airport
in the aviation industry also continued to grow the Gulf War of 1990 had a
negative financial effect on the city as depositors withdrew their money and
traders withdrew their trade but subsequently the city recovered in a
changing political climate and drive later in the 1990s many foreign trading
communities first from Kuwait during the Gulf War and later from Bahrain during
the Shia unrest moved their businesses to Dubai Dubai provided refueling bases
to Allied forces at the Jebel Ali free zone during the Gulf War and again
during the 2003 invasion of Iraq large increases in oil prices after the Gulf
War encouraged Dubai to continue to focus on free trade in tourism

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