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The Welcome Committee | Meeter & Greeter Ticket

M&G: Hi! Come on! Oh yea,
He’s coming, he’s coming, he’s coming M&G: Welcome Home! M&G: Welcome Home! M&G: Oh my goodness! M&G: I love this. I love this. It’s so good to see you, Ah! M&G: Hold this up M&G: There you go. You’ve got it M&G: Should be here soon. Passenger: You’re more excited than I am M&G: Oh, I’m very excited! M&G: Take ‘em all Passenger: Ok… M&G: Take em all. Passenger: …um M&G: I’m going to relieve you of that.
Passenger: Ok. Passenger: No kidding. M&G: That’s for you. Passenger: Can I give you a kiss too?
M&G: Yeah. M&G: You certainly can. M&G: Let’s do a french one. Passenger: (laughs) M&G: You’re a good hand shaker. M&G 2:Excuse me. M&G: You’re very good at this.
M&G 2: You need a hug. M&G 2: Huga huga huga huga. M&G 3: A group hug. Passenger: A group hug. M&G: A nice firm long handshake to welcome you to Toronto. Passenger: Thank you. M&G: Nice to see ya here.

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