• msmusik2

    I'm up til 3:00am watching this traveling series haha! I'm planning on traveling abroad in the next year (after only flying twice before) and I'm excited/nervous. This really helped me become more excited! great series and cant wait for more

  • Christine B

    Another educational flight!  Thanks so much!  For many years, I have longed to visit India as the country and the people hold a special place in my heart. I'm planning on a special trip to Calcutta, Bangalore, Kerala and Goa.  Can you advise me on how to prepare my body to keep me from having Delhi belly? I am very used to Indian food and sweets, that's no problem, I'm worried about the water, just the same as when I would visit Mexico or other places that don't have the luxury of artesian wells like they do where I live. 

  • Siddarth Bhardwaj

    Hey Ro, Hope ya doing okay. I'm planning to Fly EK- BLR-DXB-ORD-CVG,, the first port of entry is ORD, so will I have to check in my bags again at ORD?


    I am an adent follower of your videos and have watched all. Apart from that i have watched different documentaries of peoples journey on plane and non can be compared to yours. I love planes alot but have never fly in my life but it i my drem that one day i will fly and make documentarie like you……. What makes your documentary o unique is the commentary at the background of every step you take befour and after your boarding……I wih you would open a facebook page for we to join your club.

  • scuzzydirtbag

    Enjoyed your video.  Very thorough and informative.  I have a question….. Is language ever a problem on these flights?  I mean since I speak only english would I have a problem in doing the necessary communications required?

  • Farhan I

    Is there a name for the song which starts at roughly 4:23 and ends at 5:47? and the name of the song which starts at 6:33? Much appreciated 🙂

  • Limsimangan91

    @seatgurus I really like how you made your videos. Is basically how to plan a trip. You showed what's good in the dubai airport. I really learn a lot from your video's. If you don't mine me asking are you member of emirates skywards? If you are can you give us more tips about that? I'm originally from the philippines that's why wanted to know more so I can visit more often my country and other country as well. Thank you.

  • Kronick 4sQs

    hi rohan i really really love the life on a long distance flight vids i watched 1 and 2 like 20 times already please please please can u make episode 3 that would be awesome

  • Theairplaneguy4ever

    Rohan, I've been following your videos for 3 years now and I have to say this one is my absolute favorite. I think I've watched it a fair few times and it never fails to keep me enthralled. Your way of storytelling is truly inspiring and does really bring out the magic in flying, from the subtle details and insights to the amazing shot composition and narration.

    I remember using your video as a reference when I was in Dubai in 2012 and checking out the airport. I was flying Emirates as well and had a positive experience on my return flight. I had a question about your DXB-CCU leg, the meal you received didn't look like a seafood meal to me, so did the crew forget about it?

    Thanks a lot for posting these videos!


    PS: I think the East Bengal player at 17:58 is Penn Orji, the guy played for Kerala in the ISL last year, he's a great sport!

  • shiv

    Hey, have you ever gone on a Etihad long haul flight? I found a fare I like but it requires a 15.5hour flight on Etihad from auh-ord on the way back, and even though I like flying I think that might be a bit too long. It is EY151 (Boeing 777-300ER). If you have, do you have any tips? Thanks

  • Soham Banerjee

    Hello sir. I am a very old subscriber of your channel. Shortly ill be flying emirates for the first time. You videos inspire me a lot!!!! Im just 13 years old. In our school, you are the most watched you tuber. Though You haven't uploaded a video for a year or so. Im really sorry for your father. Hope you upload more 🙂
    Soham Banerjee. ps do you like atletico de kolkata??????

  • Elliott Odom

    Hi Ro, I love your channel! I was just wondering what app you used throughout the video to view flight, airport and aircraft information. Once again, thank you for sharing your experiences!


  • AviationFan2500

    Hello I am one of your biggest fans. I have watched almost all of your videos, and I am looking forward for when you make Episodes 3 and 4!! You are probably one of the best YouTubers for flight experience videos. Your videos make me feel like I am sitting next to you and experiencing the flight myself

  • luerexbob

    Ro, I hope you are well my friend. I genuinely love your videos and appreciate how much effort you put into making them. I am very much looking forward to your next long distance videos. Thanks from London!

  • Evan F

    Over the two years I have watched your videos, I cannot count how many times I have rewatched this series. If episodes 3-5 are half as good as these, we are all in for a treat. Great work sharing the joys of flight

  • Dominik Stracar

    Amazing video! I love flying, and somehow I always forget to turn on the camer, cause I am so amazed with everything going on. What soundtrack are you using in Ep 1 & 2, it's really good and has catchy tune. Anyway, keep up the excellent work, and can't wait for Ep 3!

  • James Christmas

    I've watched your brilliant videos countless times. I too love flying and can't wait for the 3,4,5th episodes. All the best

  • Carmine Galante

    Nice video. I have 3 questions: 1. How much did it cost in those "sleeping cubes"? 2. What model is your watch? 3. If I have to wait 11 hours to get my next flight with Emirates they would give me a place to sleep/rest those hours (with no fees)?

  • loeridr6792

    Love the videos! Watching your video in anticipation of my 10 hour flight to Germany.  I was a nervous flyer, but your videos have made me intrigued more so than scared for this long flight.  Keep making these videos as i've watched them all! 
    Loved the turbo prop in video #1

  • Johno F

    One of the best air travel hints was wearing support hose. I learned the hard way without them on a 22 hour non-stop flight. I had cankles after that flight.

  • Suryam Sharma

    I'm watching your videos from past 2 and a half years.!
    I really appreciate your work.!
    keep it up.!
    when we are getting to 3rd part of your trip.?

  • Abdul Rehman

    I think I've watched the two episodes at least fifty + times! I love flying and your videos are absolutely incredible! Would love to see more videos like this =)

  • Ian Patterson

    Thank you Rohan. I've really enjoyed your videos I've seen so far. It's generous of you to share your trips with us. You are great at showing details and giving hints that one would normally not get to see.
    I really feel now that I've had the pleasure of flying with you (but even better, here I can press Pause anytime, and duck outside for a smoke. lol).
    I've flown long flights (mainly Dunedin to Seattle) enough to appreciate the wisdom of many of your hints, some of which I'll definitely apply on my next flight. Thanx again mate. 🙂

  • The Flight Reporter

    US airways,United and american airlines definately makes me fall in love with air india.
    I would fly AI anyday over these three.

  • Marlon Siekmann

    hey man, thats literally the 4th time of me watching all ure videos, i miss you posting videos. they're the best travel expericen videos i've ever seen!!

  • Meg Kemp

    I loved these two videos!! You have great tips and do a great job at showing what it feels like to do a long haul. Thanks!

  • Broewnis Travel

    damn, I love your videos man, I search "long haul flights" but so many annoying girls faces I dont like in the search result, glad i found you. Keep it up!

  • Armen Borrell

    philly isnt 12th biggest airport in the world, in the united states yes, not even close to the world though

  • Dag Mak

    Hello seatgurus, I just did the SFO -> DXB -> HYD pipeline on Emirates, and will share the return trip later this week. But I found the seats to be a bit uncomfortable on the SFO -> DXB leg but that may be due to the fact that we used an older A380. It was impossible to sleep, but service was good though. Did you get a relatively newer A380 on yours? Did you ever find it difficult to sleep on those big flights from Dubai to the States?

  • Ashley Jenkins

    Rohan I love this video, especially when you said if you want to take your shoes off wear the socks because your feet will be Stinky, this is nothing sexier than a sexy guy with foot odor a good foot massage is in order there

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