• Banff Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia
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    Banff Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia

    Banff is a stunningly beautiful town high up in Alberta’s Rocky Mountains that gives you all the fun and excitement of a major resort town surrounded by pristine Canadian wilderness. The township is located within Banff National Park, and at more than 1,800 metres it is the highest town in Canada. Banff is a friendly and welcoming town and the wide snowy streets offer an endless variety of shops, bars and restaurants all catering to a festive crowd that creates a relaxed and holiday atmosphere all year round. You might also spot the occasional deer on the outskirts of town. With more than 100 restaurants, there are endless choices for…

  • Cairns Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia
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    Cairns Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia

    With the Daintree Rainforest to the north, the Great Barrier Reef to the east and the Atherton Tablelands to the west, Cairns’ location is spectacular. The small port city is your gateway to Tropical North Queensland. Cairns gives access to some truly unique ecosystems: From a lush green jungle to a sparkling blue Coral Sea. This is where the rainforest meets the reef. As one of Australia’s most popular holiday destinations, Cairns is well set up for visitors, with a picturesque harbour, air-conditioned shopping malls and classic Australian pubs. The parklands in the compact city center give you a taste of what it is to come when you set out…

  • Houston Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia
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    Houston Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia

    Houston is situated near the Gulf of Mexico, on the bayous and shorelines of Galveston Bay. Houston is the most populous city in Texas and one of the largest cities in the USA. Named after the general who led the territory to independence from Mexico in 1836, Houston began life as tiny outpost in America’s old west. Just one hundred and twenty-five years later, the city would become the center for exploring a new frontier ~ Space. In fact, the first official words transmitted from the Moon’s surface were, “Houston, Tranquility Base here. The Eagle has landed.” Yet despite Houston’s size and star-bound aspirations, this metropolis remains refreshingly down to…

  • Brisbane Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia
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    Brisbane Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia

    The capital of the state of Queensland, Brisbane, is located inland from Moreton Bay between the Sunshine Coast and the Gold Coast. The heart of the hilly city is its river, which snakes from Mount Stanley to the Coral Sea. Queensland is Australia’s Sunshine State and enjoys a subtropical climate with hot, humid summers and warm, sunny winters. In Brisbane, any time of year is a good time for adventurous outdoor activities along the river or coast. Experience the more relaxing side of Brisbane in the parklands, museums and bars. “Brissie” still has the laid-back country feel that is so iconic for the land Down Under. However, it is Australia’s…

  • Santorini Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia
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    Santorini Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia

    Officially known by its ancient name of Thera, the striking volcanic islands of Santorini is one of the most visited Greek islands. Once a much larger, single island, Santorini as it looks today is the result of a massive volcanic explosion known as the Minoan or Theran explosion which took place around 3,600 years ago. The explosion left the steep sided caldera on which the main settlements now perch as well as the deep lagoon that provides the island with its safe harbours. Cruise ships travel to Santorini from all over the Agean and the Mediterranean and sail across the flooded caldera. Santorini is a world famous destination that features…

  • Los Angeles Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia
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    Los Angeles Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia

    Los Angeles is situated in Southern California, on the West Coast of the USA. Home to 18 million people, Los Angeles is a collection of distinct cities that rolls out from the dry Santa Monica Mountains to the Pacific Ocean. L.A.’s sunshine, her entertainment industry and her openness to newcomers and new ideas has made the city a magnet to dreamers. Many of those whose dreams become reality, like Walt Disney and John Paul Getty, poured their wealth back into the city, helping make L.A. one of the great culture capitals of the world. Downtown Los Angeles is a center of global business and home to some of the finest…

  • Austin Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia
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    Austin Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia

    Nestled deep in the heart of Texas, the state capital Austin is located along the Colorado River. This is where the ranches of the Texas Hill Country meet the prairies of the coastal plain. Austin has skyscrapers and crowds, but isn’t the biggest city in Texas and has a distinct bohemian feel. The university city attracts the young and the talented, so the population is growing fast. In a bid to keep the original laid-back and “anything goes” spirit alive, Austin’s long-term residents make a point of Keeping Austin Weird. As the self-proclaimed Live Music Capital Of The World and a place where art is all around you, Austin has…

  • Honolulu Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia
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    Honolulu Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia

    Honolulu is located on the Polynesian island O’ahu, in the middle of the North Pacific ocean. It is the capital of Hawaii: The 50th, and youngest, American state. In tropical Honolulu, the surf is always up and the weather always warm. Hawaii’s biggest city offers the perfect mix of nature, culture, sports and shopping all in the one place. With America’s only royal palace at its core and Pearl Harbor just around the corner, there is also a lot of history to discover. Visit the Bishop Museum to learn about the Polynesian voyagers who came here hundreds of years before captain Cook dropped anchor in 1778. The native Hawaiians and…

  • Philadelphia Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia
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    Philadelphia Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia

    Philadelphia is located in the Northeast of the United States, in between New York and Washington D.C.. The Pennsylvanian city is home to over one and a half million people and is the nation’s fifth largest city. Philadelphia is considered to be the birthplace of the United States. It was here that the nation’s Declaration of Independence from Britain was first read publicly back in 1776. The tolling of a two-thousand-pound bell marked the occasion. The bell has since become a symbol of freedom and can be admired in the Liberty Bell Center. Philadelphia is also the birthplace of the Constitution, which was debated eleven years later across the road…

  • San Diego Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia
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    San Diego Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia

    San Diego stands on the West Coast of the United States. Situated right on the border with Mexico, it’s the southern-most city in California and is home to almost one-and-a-half million people. Ever since the Europeans first settled here in the 18th century, San Diego has been a city whose fortunes and personality has been influenced by the warm currents of the Pacific Ocean. With a deepwater harbor, the city has always been an important trading port, and at one time was the tuna fishing capital of the world. Today San Diego is the mainland home to the US Navy’s Pacific Fleet. San Diego’s Old Town is often called the…