• Adding booking functionality to your personal website
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    Adding booking functionality to your personal website

    Hi! Do you have a personal website or Facebook page you would like to add booking functionality to? If you already have a SimplyBook.me account, you’re just a few clicks away from setting up one of our widgets so your clients can book with you without leaving your personal page. If you don’t have an account with us yet – never fear, it will only take you a few minutes to sign up and start accepting bookings online! Every SimplyBook.me account comes with a dedicated booking page, however, you are free to set up as many widgets as you like on external pages or even disable the booking page altogether…

  • Key & Peele – Andre and Meegan’s First Date  – Uncensored
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    Key & Peele – Andre and Meegan’s First Date – Uncensored

    [laughter] God, the moment I saw you last night in the club, totally had to ask you out. Are you kidding me? Like, the moment? – Oh, yeah. – That’s so sweet. And I was actually afraid that you were going to be, like, one of those high-maintenance chicks, you know? – What? – Yeah. Oh, yeah. Yeah. I don’t know. Control freak or– I don’t even know. Oh, my God. That’s so funny. Isn’t it? Is it? Is it funny? Is it funny? No. I’m, like, I totally just like to be just easygoing. – Yeah, yeah. – Hi, I’m Wayne. – I’ll be your waiter. – It’s been…

  • Tips on arrival at airport | Learn English
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    Tips on arrival at airport | Learn English

    Preparing for your flight Confirm your flight: After purchasing your ticket, you should have received a confirmation e-mail from your airline. Pack your documents: You will not be allowed on a plane without your ticket and identification. Arrive early: There are many variables at play when you’re checking in for a flight, so plan on arriving at the very least two hours early for your flight. Checking in for your flight Find your airline Check your bags: Most airlines will allow you one carry-on bag, in addition to one hand-held bag (like a laptop case or a purse.) Print your boarding pass: In order to board your plane, you’ll need…

  • Travel Tips: Automated Screening Lanes
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    Travel Tips: Automated Screening Lanes

    Automated screening lanes are a state-of-the-art technology that enhances security while shortening the amount of time it takes to screen passengers. These lanes are deployed at larger airports and come in a number of styles and types. Here’s how it works. First, find an empty station. You can go to any station that is available ASL’s have up to five stations. Bins are located below each station. Take out all electronics larger than a cell phone. Nothing can be on top of or beneath your electronic devices. When done, slide your bin forward. If you have multiple items, you can use more than one bin. Carry-on roller bags must also…

  • Growing Together: Welcome to Booking.com
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    Growing Together: Welcome to Booking.com

    Hello there. I want to tell you about a unique promise we make to all Booking.com partners. That promise is Growing Together. It’s a promise to develop a strong relationship. A relationship that really lives up to the word, partner. Our mission is a simple one. To help you see value, and feel valued, in our partnership. Because we recognise that your success is our success. And, as with all great partnerships, a win-win is the best win. Growing Together is a promise to be there for you. Making it easy for you to get support from us when you need it, while helping you to connect and share with…

  • 1917 – Official Trailer [HD]
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    1917 – Official Trailer [HD]

    Blake. Pick a man. Bring your kit. I hoped today might be a good day. Hope is a dangerous thing. You have a brother in the second battalion. Yes, sir. They’re walking into a trap. Your orders are to deliver a message, calling off tomorrow morning’s attack. If you fail, it will be a massacre. Let’s talk about this for a minute. Why? We’ve got orders to cross here. That is the German front line. HOLD FAST! If we’re not clever about this, no one will get to your brother. I will. There is only one way this ends. Last man standing. We need to keep moving. Come on! We…

  • Travel English Conversations In The Airport – Useful English Airport Phrase List Part 1
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    Travel English Conversations In The Airport – Useful English Airport Phrase List Part 1

    Travel English Conversations In The Airport – Useful English Airport Phrase List, Learn English for Airport staff Cause you buy Anthony’s future your newest open the description below for more information Good afternoon where you fly it today New York May I have your passport, please. Here you go Are you checking in any bets drop this one? Okay, please place your bet on the skill I Will stop all the way in New Jersey to pick up my love. Is there no if you go straight through you’re Here are your body passes I’m not doing a moonwalk on the airport feeling happy to reach my destination. Oh, yeah…