• Travel HEROES Safety Certification
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    Travel HEROES Safety Certification

    What makes a hero? In stories, heroes fearlessly battle through terrible dangers and impossible odds to finish triumphant. Depart Smart Travel Heroes know that to be truly heroic in travel, you don’t face down danger—you avoid getting into bad situations in the first place. No one can ever remove all the risk from a trip abroad. Life is risky business, after all. But with wise preparation, you greatly improve the odds you’ll avoid the dangers traveling can bring, or deal with them appropriately if they arise. The Depart Smart Travel Hero Certification course covers vital travel safety topics to help you prepare for safe, rewarding journeys. As you earn your…

  • BALI TRAVEL GUIDE: 10 Fun Things To Do!
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    BALI TRAVEL GUIDE: 10 Fun Things To Do!

    Hey there travel bugs, this video will explore 10 fun things to do in the beautiful Bali Indonesia. We’ll be traveling mostly around central to south of Bali, hitting up areas such as Kuta, Ubud, Uluwatu, and more. Before we start, I’m daily vlogging my trip to Bali and you can watch the series by going to “Travel to Bali” playlist on my channel. You can see more of what the day-to-day living is like on this beautiful island. Oh and don’t forget to subscribe for more fun, adventurous travel videos around the world. Let’s begin! Many tourists tend to flock to the Kuta region of Bali. My advice is…

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    Booking Cyprus – Oinou Strata (Eng subs)

    Good afternoon, second episode of “Booking Cyprus” i’m Chris and in this video series, i basically recommend accommodations apartments, hotels or houses for a few days and have fun take your photos, take your videos and let everyone else know including your friends and family. Let’s go! this time we are at Oinou Strata which is located in Vouni one of the most beautiful and traditional villages in Cyprus with the old taverns, the old streets and the old cats.. and it’s worth the visit located 35 km north from the center of Limassol you will need about 40 mins by car it’s an easy drive so you can go…

  • GCN Tech Unboxing: Park Tool Pro Travel Kit & Bike Work Stand
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    GCN Tech Unboxing: Park Tool Pro Travel Kit & Bike Work Stand

    – It’s no secret that on GCN Tech we have our tools in the workshop provided to us via our friends at Park Tool and today we’re going to unbox some brand new tools we’re going to have a good old nosey at them, I’m going to get these grubby little hands on them and then you could be in with the chance of winning them too but before we go on, make sure you subscribe to the GCN Tech channel by clicking on that subscribe button and also the little notification icon so you get alerted each and every time we put a video live you’ve done it? Let’s…

  • Understanding Your Travel Insurance (Travel Insurance Explained)
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    Understanding Your Travel Insurance (Travel Insurance Explained)

    Travel Insurance Explained The best thing is probably… There’s no school! All I really is my iPod and a teddy bear So, you’ve booked your flights? You got your passport? You brought your travel insurance, right? I went through it in detail, when I first took out the insurance but have I read it since? No, not at all. The policy and the excess covered all of us. It could be £100 but I’m not 100% sure Normally, about 100/ 150 pounds And for a family, that can be really costly, so do check before you buy. If we lost an iPad or an iPhone I suppose we would have…

  • How to do London: The Basics – London Travel Guide
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    How to do London: The Basics – London Travel Guide

    So here you are in the capital and wide-eyed with giddy anticipation your pockets are bulging with essential items your head swimming with ideas of where to go and what to do I’m the generous type so I have a few hints and tips to help you get the best out of London first the legendary Oyster Card this is your key to travel in London and will save you time and money Can’t be bad get hold of a visitor Oyster Card before you arrive, or pick up a card as soon as you get here Then it’s as simple as touching in and out at the start and…

  • Booking International Flights : How to Book Travel on Air-India Express
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    Booking International Flights : How to Book Travel on Air-India Express

    Hi, everyone. I’m Russ Handler, a travel agent. And did you know booking travel on Air-India Express in and around India is not a hard thing to do at all. I do recommend the only way that you do this is through a qualified travel agent or here, at their official website, airindiaexpress.in. Now, I find this site to be very helpful. You’ll notice that you get to pick your itinerary, and then go on and typically purchase your tickets as you generally do. But I want to bring you up to speed on a few things that I’ve noticed about this site. They do depart from five Indian cities.…

  • Woke corporations don’t exist.
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    Woke corporations don’t exist.

    “Liberate Hong Kong, revolution for our time!” “A U.S. video game company also banned a gamer for supporting the protest in Hong Kong” “- saying this, they took away all his prize money, they kicked him out of the league, and they’ve suspended him for a full year, and just like-” “-and why would they do that?” “You know, it’s the same reason the NBA did!” “Now, it all started last Friday, when Daryl Morey of the Houston Rockets tweeted out a message supporting the pro-democracy protest in Hong Kong” “There are consequences from that exercise of freedom of speech” “-a collegiate team that played last night, and they held…

  • Top 7 INCREDIBLE Travel Destinations of 2018 | Where to Travel This Year!
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    Top 7 INCREDIBLE Travel Destinations of 2018 | Where to Travel This Year!

    Our planet is full of places the deepest corners of the most forgotten regions of this world that will fill your spirit with all and leave you and wonder well I thought that was a pretty badass opening line but really traveling has become more and more accessible over the past few years thanks to the Internet and so is finding interesting destinations to experience my name is Eric Conover and I’m a filmmaker and world traveler living in the greatest city on earth New York in this video I’m going to list the top most incredible travel destinations for 2018 I am NOT pulling this footage off the internet…