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    Jouer avec son va***

    No, did he tell you that for real? I swear Marion he told me that while looking at me in the eyes! What a good joke! Ha no I can’t take it anymore. I have to go to the bathroom. but Mathilde are you leaking? Ha not again! Again? Yeah well you know after three children those things happen. I’m really sorry I’m going to clean up. You know there is a solution to your urinary leakage problem? Oh yeah? Which? The Perifit. Peri what? The Perifit. That … you don’t know? Marion looks like a sex toy your thing. Ha, I agree! But I assure you it is much…

  • Porsche Travel Experience Croatia
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    Porsche Travel Experience Croatia

    If you come to Croatia, you need to make sure to take a lot of time to see Zagreb, national parks, the seaside and ideally also take a sailboat and go to a few islands but also the thousands of years old historic cities that you have to see. Zagreb has, I think, the exactly right size for a city. It’s big enough to surprise you but it’s small enough that it’s still cozy. and quick to get around. It’s very vivid. There is stuff happening everywhere all the time – music, food. I really love the city. I’m Mate Rimac, I’m the founder and CEO of Rimac Automobili. I…

  • FAMILY ARCADE TICKET CHALLENGE (Day 1497) | Clintus.tv
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    FAMILY ARCADE TICKET CHALLENGE (Day 1497) | Clintus.tv

    – What’s up, guys? Welcome to day 1497. It is a glorious Friday afternoon here. I just got done streaming some Trials of Osiris and it just stopped raining. The forecast said there’s supposed to be thunderstorms all evening which might put a damper on our plans. Tiffany comes into my bedroom this morning, was like, yo, let’s go riding. I was like, what? You want to go riding on a Friday? What’s wrong with you? But she somewhat enjoyed herself the last time. The kids have been talking about it. I’ve been talking about it. I didn’t think we would go riding until next weekend but she’s like, let’s…

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    hey guys welcome back to my channels today is February 9 *SORRY I MEANT FEBRUARY 6* and it’s the first day of general presale for the BTS tour and I am currently in the waiting room on Ticketmaster so I’m just gonna walk you guys through the process and I’m praying that I get ticket right now we’re at 20 minutes I’m facetiming with my sister and my cousin cuz we’re all planning to go together there they are and as you guys can see there’s 20 minutes well now 19 minutes left and we’re in the waiting room I have my code written down which I got like I…

  • Making tickets is easy with raffle ticket software (Part 1)
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    Making tickets is easy with raffle ticket software (Part 1)

    Hi. My name is Lucinda. I work with Harvest American and we have created raffle tickets software. This is a very simple to use PC program that within just a few minutes and very basic computer knowledge you can be designing tickets like this. You have the body of your ticket, you can decide what kind information want to put on the stub, and you’ll get matching numbers for added security. Raffle ticket software can be used for event tickets with admission, you can do raffle fundraisers with them, you can use them for valet parking, just about any kind of a ticket that you can think of raffle ticket…

  • Flying from AUSTRALIA to FIJI | Almost Missed Our Flight
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    Flying from AUSTRALIA to FIJI | Almost Missed Our Flight

    – When the start of your relaxing South Pacific holiday begins like this. Our flight leaves in like 10 minutes. The most scenic flight ever. – Okay, you ready to go on a bit of a warmer trip this time? – I think so. ♪ Does anybody wanna be friends ♪ ♪ Place a reef of holly over my head ♪ Alrighty, we have two flights to do today. First one, nice and bright and early. – 5:00 a.m. – 5:00 a.m., all the way to Sydney before catching our second flight. ♪ I can show up to your parties on time ♪ Alrighty, welcome to Sydney. Our flight was…

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    Real 747 Pilot Plays Xplane 11 | Flight Simulator

    when I did that flight sim game on my iPad last year I had one or two people leaving comments saying can you please play X plane 11 so Kelsey plays X plane 11 coming up hay 74 crew welcome back if you don’t know me my name is Kelsey I’m a 747 pilot by channel 74 gear is all about aviation last year someone had left a comment asking me if I can download this app and play this flight team game in my iPad and I thought that’s 5 bucks why not and after I did that video I had a lot of people commenting asking if I…

  • Travel with Ray – Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
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    Travel with Ray – Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

    Great!!! So we have arrived at a place It’s called (Last Exit Street Food Truck Park) Food Trucks! A lot of… A lot of Food Trucks here They sell a lot of different food ie Philly Cheese Steak And more… Wow, it’s beautiful here Those trucks look a little like tanks But it’s really hot here So great! So great!! This is some random rusted car Wow look at that gun This place really looks like California and those cowboy places Even Krispy Kreme is here This could be the ultimate truck here This is how you turn on the tap You gotta step on the accelerator Let’s make a…

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    Booking A Table | Speak Like David | Travel English Roleplay 1

    good evening welcome to the Royal cucumber my name is David how may I help you this evening hello I’d like to make a reservation please certainly may have your name and contact number sir it’s Thiago and my number is nine eight seven three two zero three two zero one Thank You mr. Thiago and when was the reservation for I would like to book a table for two at 7:00 p.m. this Saturday and if possible would like to sit by the window facing the river I’m so sorry mr. Tiago I can get you a table for two at that time but all of our windows side…

  • AROUND THE WORLD ITINERARY – How to plan long term travel
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    AROUND THE WORLD ITINERARY – How to plan long term travel

    In this three-part series I’m going to finally tell you how to plan around the world itinerary, how much will it cost and how you can definitely save enough money to make it happen. I’m going to be approaching this video as if you are planning a big multi month trip to multiple locations. Extra bonus, all three of these videos that come with digital downloads. I’ve got lots of fun spreadsheets for you that you can check out on our blog so I will link the website down below and if you are willing to part with your email address we will award you with a couple freebies down…