• Surfcasting  Peixe GRANDE Pesca de noite na praia
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    Surfcasting Peixe GRANDE Pesca de noite na praia

    Éláááááá !!! THATS IS A FISH ON!!! Ehehexxx i Just fell !! Just fell!! I already hooked a little spotted seabass Good! Must be almost 1 kilo (700gr) So buddy How are you, are you here today ?! I’m here every day Are you ok? Im fine! Shake hands I was at home pacing around, I’m going, not going should i go, should i not… toke a chanse and came I just cauth a small spotted seabass Was it? the wife will believe me now Oh oh! Quite a Nice one! Not to bad i guess! If only they were all this size !! Well… -see you later… yeah see…

  • SYRIA Travel Vlog 2018 – Damascus and Homs – رحلتي إلى سوريا كأجنبي
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    SYRIA Travel Vlog 2018 – Damascus and Homs – رحلتي إلى سوريا كأجنبي

    Being culturally rich, filled with antiquities, and home to some of the world’s oldest cities, pre-war Syria was supposedly a delight to visit. I, however, visited Syria in November 2018, and still found Damascus to be one of the most magical cities I’ve ever been to. The international image of Syria and its people has now been tarnished – that of a war-torn country filled with extremists. But I’m here to show you a different side to Syria – a beautiful side that still remains, despite the war. A side that made me fall in love with the country’s cities and people, and has made me eager to return since…

  • Leaked video shows Mesut Ozil robber pleading for mercy during prison attack – The News
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    Leaked video shows Mesut Ozil robber pleading for mercy during prison attack – The News

     One of the thugs who tried to rob two Arsenal players has been filmed pleading for mercy while being attacked in jail by a fellow inmate  The two-minute clip shows Ashley Smith lying on a cell floor while he was punched repeatedly in the face  Mirror Online has decided to edit down the shocking footage to minimise the brutality, with career criminal almost losing an eye in the beating on Tuesday  He is shown begging for the attack to stop after the assailant accused him of robbing a friend’s mum  Blood-soaked Smith, 30, says: “I can’t see. It wasn’t me. I swear to God it wasn’t me, on my kid’s…

  • 40 Years of Life Flight
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    40 Years of Life Flight

    [HELICOPTER BLADES] Got a 15-year-old female. Status post motor vehicle accident. Broken left femur. [INAUDIBLE] vital signs. Heart rate is 120. Respiratory rate is 16, systolic blood pressure 100. We heard this helicopter on the helipad, and all of us were called into one of the trauma rooms, which, at that time, was rather infrequently utilized. And we’re shown a slide show of this program in Denver called Flight for Life. And they all said, we’re going to do this here. And I remember thinking, well I’m going to have a good time watching you all do that. [LAUGHTER] There was no GPS, there was no night vision goggles. We…

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    Dubai Time Travel | How Dubai was in 1960’s? | TFC

    Hello everyone, We have just released a motivational book called “The Singing Panda” The book is a heartfelt guide to achieve your Goals & Success. You can find the link in the description below, and now let’s begin with our video. Hello and welcome to TFC, I am Navin. After watching too many Dubai tourism videos, this time lets travel to Dubai. We will pack our bags, catch a flight and land at the lively, Dubai International Airport. We have now reached Dubai, here in the middle of the desert, we will find the biggest malls, tallest man-made structures, an indoor ski resort and even man-made islands. Seeing this grandeur,…

  • Propark Mobility presents: Madeline an Honor Flight Story
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    Propark Mobility presents: Madeline an Honor Flight Story

    I’m Madeline and I served in the marines in World War Two I was a Private First Class and I led the women marines in World War Two in Washington. I loved it, being a marine. You have to follow instructions and you have to be very physical and that was all of me. Yeah, I was happy, I was doing what I wanted to do, what I loved to do. And, I wasn’t that happy just sitting back and watching. I had to be there and doing what I did. Oh, the parade was crazy, and the guys went crazy. And, they were kissing and hugging. You couldn’t get…

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    Hey guys welcome back to another flight review. In this video I’m flying from Dubai to Toronto onboard the Emirates A380.. so this video is continuing on from my last review which was from Lahore to Dubai, so after about a 16 hour layover at Dubai International Airport, I went on to board my approximately 14 hour long flight to Toronto, Canada. Boarding was pretty slow considering how many people they had to stuff onto the A380, and also since they had security checks at the gate. I was sitting in seat 78A. I’d say the seat was pretty narrow and the legroom isn’t good enough for a 14-hour flight…

  • Diferencia entre TRIP, TRAVEL & JOURNEY en inglés
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    Diferencia entre TRIP, TRAVEL & JOURNEY en inglés

    Trip, travel, journey What’s the difference? Mmm… Let’s find out Hello Hey mom How are you doing? Is that my son? Yeah… It’s me But.. my Phillip you sound different I changed my accent You didn’t call me Well, hey mom I’ve been like traveling I’ve been seeing the world I’ve been really busy on my trip I’ve been on a like spiritual journey Ohh yeah! all your trips and journeys and traveling all over the place and What about your mother? I’ve been sending you like whatsapp’s like I don’t do whatsapp’s man! Well anyway How are you doing with your trips? Really good, you know I’m grow my…

  • Taking Flight – Dallas Goedert
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    Taking Flight – Dallas Goedert

    (emotional orchestra music) – I don’t think I’d be where I am today if they weren’t in my life. They really do mean the world to me, and I hope by me doing this, they kinda understand how lucky we are. (cows mooing) (quiet country folk music) – Small town, some people might call it, “Remote,” but other people might call it, “A little bit of God’s country.” We counted on the community to help us when I went through my divorce, and it was a challenge. I worked a lot of hours. When Gary joined our family, things got more comfortable. It was easier to pay the electric bill.…

  • Plane Crash Site – LOT Flight 7 [Kult America]
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    Plane Crash Site – LOT Flight 7 [Kult America]

    On March 14th 1980 LOT flight 7 from JFK International was flying here to Warsaw when it crashed killing all passengers on board. For today’s episode of Kult America we’re visiting the crash site 36 years later. So the plane was badly delayed New York City due to a snow storm, but other than that, the passengers enjoyed 9-hour completely uneventful flight. As the airplane was approaching Warsaw’s International Airport the pilots noticed in air that indicating the landing gear might not be down. On these old Soviet planes that was actually a frequent error and you never knew whether the landing gear was actually not down, or if the…