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    My boys, my boys, my boys! Ah good day everyone and welcome to todays video where guess what guess where I’m going today, oh this doesn’t open all the way I am seeing harry potter and the cursed damn child YES I can’t freaking wait uh we just waited in this long freaking line to get our tickets but now we finally have them so we can head on in im so exited um were seeing both parts toady which is going to be absolutely insane because there- its basically an entire day of seeing this because there’s part one and part two um …… mr. are you exited? [Daniel]…

  • FIRST TIME IN INDIA! – Chennai/Goa Travel Film 2019 | TaneshhVlogs
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    FIRST TIME IN INDIA! – Chennai/Goa Travel Film 2019 | TaneshhVlogs

    That’s all for the room. So what we’re going to look at is.. Neegal Kaette Paadal (TV Show Name), you ask da If you look here She is cleaning and applying Kolam also known as “matter” (movie reference) If we take a video of that, it’s a “matter video” Amma! Damn hot! What is the name of this area? What is your name sir? Velan Huh? Velan. Annachi! Annachi! You can go that way, Annachi! Ji, you go, ji! You go, ji! You go ji! It’s scary da! Let me talk la dei! Since your face cannot make it when trying to purchase the sim card it would not be…

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    Whats up fellow travelers? Did you just book your first Airbnb? Or maybe you’re a veteran of the website? I’ve used Airbnb for almost five years and today we’re going to talk about my top tips to improve your experience after you’ve made your reservation. Alright before even arriving I would wait til 24 hours prior and then I would reach out to the host for the first time. Communicating with your host is very important beforehand and I can’t stress this enough. The first question I would ask is the address. Confirm it. Make sure what’s written on airbnb actually is. Believe me. I’ve seen confusion with this in…

  • Wild Wadi Water Park – Adventure
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    Wild Wadi Water Park – Adventure

    Hi guys, I’m here at the swimming pool lying down I just woke up and lying down again Sun bathing under the umbrella Under the sun so, actually you will be relaxing here because the place is nice this side is for kids you can bring your children here you can wear a life jacket if you want too no diving. I’m here at the Jumeirah Emirates Towers There’s a lot of skyscraper here the water is clean good design there’s a running water over there. Guys I’ve got a good offer in this hotel especially if you are UAE Residents you have unlimited access in Wild Wadi Water Park…

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    [Music] [Music] [Music] it’s like 5:30 a.m. still dark outside but I’m at the airport headed to Boston for my Fall Break I’m just joking I’m at the airport with Chris and Chelsea because we’re going to Boston together our flight is boarding now Chris as usual it’s just running late look at him I made them act for me short fly it over the Boston it’s like a few hours I slept the entire flight I have a secret skill and talent where I can get on any flight and instantly pass out and sleep the entire way you know my like 14-hour flight to Korea yeah on the…

  • Emirates Cabin Crew | Vlog #2- Dubai | HeySillas | 에미레이트 승무원
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    Emirates Cabin Crew | Vlog #2- Dubai | HeySillas | 에미레이트 승무원

    Hey guys! it’s me, Sillas and welcome to vlog number 2. So currently i’m in Dubai right now. I’m in my apartment and i landed from my flight early this morning. I went to Manila and came back. I wasn’t able to do much while i was in Manila cause it was a last minute swap. I was originally suppose to go to Saigon but had to go to Manila. So today i’m going to meet my friend Maemae and i’m going to go to the Dubai mall. So yeah, come along with us and i hope you guys enjoy this vlog as well. Bye!! see you….soon! Hey guys, so…

  • Episode 4 | NAIK PESAWAT EMIRATES FIRST CLASS A380 #VLOG (Sub English)
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    Episode 4 | NAIK PESAWAT EMIRATES FIRST CLASS A380 #VLOG (Sub English)

    I’m back for today in episode 4 of Suf2k I am inside the plane of Emirates A380 First Class Pick up car sent by Emirates Another pick up car used as a bagage car Yeah so now im inside the lounge on my right side(ur left) is a duty free shop the only lounge with shops inside When I was inside I found a game room Games for children and three tables to draw Here is a big flat screen TV which shows Tennis And here we got two playstation 4 which one is not working So im going to play some PS4 while waiting So now im inside the…