• FAQs + Bamboo Boarding in Lobo Batangas
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    FAQs + Bamboo Boarding in Lobo Batangas

    Hey! What’s up everyone? Today’s a new vlog. and it is January wait… January 3 today and We are here at Olo-olo in Batangas. and It’s just another road trip. I just thought maybe I could vlog some of our adventures and yeah also this is my first time to go here so excited to see What this place is all about. So yeah, let’s start! And now we’re here at Mangrove Olo-olo forest That’s our ride! Raft. Ready? Mama! Be careful! It’s so hot! It’s not! I didn’t put any sun block. Where’s my phone? It is so hot! We’re vlogging while doing Instagram story! It’s really hot. One…