• World’s greatest driving road. | Jebel Hafeet | Al Ain Zoo | Cheetah run | Vlog#14
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    World’s greatest driving road. | Jebel Hafeet | Al Ain Zoo | Cheetah run | Vlog#14

    Hello, Namaste, Kamusta and Marhaba. welcome back to my channel. Today we are going on a long drive to Al Ain, Which is an emirate in the UAE. I am right now in Dubai so it’s gonna be around 1 hour or 140 kilometers to AlAin. We are going to visit the Jebel Hafeet – Mountain which is known as the greatest driving road in the world so it’s around 1,900 feet elevation. So it’s a 20 kilometer drive up to the mountain. It’s going to be very nice view from there. So let’s go!! So guys I just went off-road I wanted to show you something. This is a…

  • ENCERRADOS en el UAE TOUR | Juan Flecha
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    ENCERRADOS en el UAE TOUR | Juan Flecha

    Hi everyone welcome to the UAE TOUR. Being precisely: Abu Dhabi Crown Plaza Hotel, the one that has been closed today next to the one from the cyclists not far from here, only a few meters the riders has been tested for the virus The anecdote: it is the first time since San Remo Blitz in 2001 that police closes a hotel and doesn’t allow anyone to get in or out. In this hotel there are around 400 guests here are not able to do much ater the raced has been cancelled due to the two cases the rumours are that the ones that got the virus are two mechanics…

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    Emirates Airbus A380 | Эконом на верхней палубе | Рейс Дубай – Маврикий

    This is the second part of the flight to Mauritius. If you have not watched the first, click the link in annotations Unfortunately, at Dubai airport, there’s no way to make good plane photos…. This A380 will take us to Mauritius A6-EUN delivered to Emirates in December 2016 Emirates has 115 of A380’s in their park, 100 of them in a three-class layout and 15 in a two-class layout (economy and business only) The A6-EUN is in a two-class layout, with two small economy saloons on the upper deck instead of the first class One of them is where we’re going to seat C58Y557 There is a 3+4+3 scheme on…

  • UAE grants operating license for its first nuclear reactor imported from S. Korea
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    UAE grants operating license for its first nuclear reactor imported from S. Korea

    the United Arab Emirates granted operating license to a nuclear reactor built by South Korean companies according to the UAE s federal authority for nuclear regulation on Monday permission has been granted for the reactor to begin operations at barakah nuclear power plant once test runs are complete the UAE s permanent representative to the International Atomic Energy Agency referred to this as an historic moment for the Gulf nation at a press conference the UAE will be the first Arab country in the region to operate a nuclear reactor

  • Travel with Ray – Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
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    Travel with Ray – Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

    Great!!! So we have arrived at a place It’s called (Last Exit Street Food Truck Park) Food Trucks! A lot of… A lot of Food Trucks here They sell a lot of different food ie Philly Cheese Steak And more… Wow, it’s beautiful here Those trucks look a little like tanks But it’s really hot here So great! So great!! This is some random rusted car Wow look at that gun This place really looks like California and those cowboy places Even Krispy Kreme is here This could be the ultimate truck here This is how you turn on the tap You gotta step on the accelerator Let’s make a…

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    Travel with Ray – Dubai, United Arab Emirates

    This is our hotel, it’s called Signature Hotel 4 Stars Santa Claus! But why is he in brown clothes? This place is huge! We can’t even walk from one place to another Yes, it’s really huge here Everything is so far apart Can you see Huawei 5G logo? These looks like Chinese Restaurants The one before They seem to care a lot about high protein, gluten free Yes, they are emphasize a lot on their health Yes, very much into health This is their Metro Actually there is still a lot of opportunity for growth in Dubai right now They want to double their population within the shortest time Why?…

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    Emirates Boeing 777-300 | Рейс Санкт-Петербург – Дубай

    At the end of January my family and I went on holiday to Mauritius. The St. Petersburg – Dubai – Mauritius flight was operated by Emirates Airlines. I chose seats for free at the time of ticket purchase, 48 hours before departure it was possible to check in online. At the counter, we just checked in the luggage. We will fly the first leg to Dubai with Boeing 777-300ER and the second leg with A380. Passengers with children are allowed out of turn. A6-EGN – first flight in 2012. 8 seats in first class, 42 in business class and 310 in economy. On this flight I chose the very first…

  • NAIRO QUINTANA y ARKÉA Reciben Nueva Invitación – TOUR COLOMBIA Tendrá una Notable Ausencia !
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    NAIRO QUINTANA y ARKÉA Reciben Nueva Invitación – TOUR COLOMBIA Tendrá una Notable Ausencia !

    Hello, how are you all. The cyclist Colombian Nairo Quintana had a good Seasonal start with your new team the Arkéa Samsic. The boyacense debuted in the national road in the elite category and there finished second in the individual time trial and fourth in the route mode. after a calendar change in which Nairo does not will take part in the Tour Colombia 2020, now Quintana will have her second participation with your new team in the Tour de la Provence, a race that will take place between February 13 and 16 in French territory later Nairo has the possibility to participate in some important competitions such as Paris,…

  • Who are the Emiratis?
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    Who are the Emiratis?

    History, archaeology, despite what people might led you to believe, is not an objective science, and even scientific aspects are subject to interpretation. This is my interpretation of the history of the Emirati people. What I wanted to talk about today was a slightly controversial and engaging question ‘Who are the Emiratis?’ Hopefully I’ll try to answer the best I can in this presentation, but, again, I’ll stress this, this is my interpretation over the past 10 years living and working in the Emirates. There are others and they are all, well, equally valid, let’s say. The idea of this 125,000 years of Emirati history comes largely from the site…