• Why Plane Seats and Windows Don’t Match Up And 31 Rare Facts About Flights
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    Why Plane Seats and Windows Don’t Match Up And 31 Rare Facts About Flights

    Even though they’re one of the most popular ways to travel long distances, airplanes remain somewhat enigmatic and evoke countless questions. Can a plane fly if one engine is out? Do the wings do all the flying? But most importantly, why, after choosing a window seat, are you sometimes stuck looking at a wall??? Well let’s dive into this, shall we? 1. The pressurized air in the passenger cabin is as dry as the Sahara Desert – with only about 20% humidity. That’s why your skin may feel tight and your lips chapped during a flight. It’d make sense to install humidifiers that could add some moisture. But this extra…

  • Climate change makes flight times longer
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    Climate change makes flight times longer

    when we think of global warming we usually thinking of the fact that it’s getting warmer at ground level but in fact the temperatures are changing higher up in the atmosphere too including where planes fly at 35,000 feet the atmospheric winds and temperatures up there are very strongly tied together and therefore the winds are changing in response to the temperature changes our new study finds that the jet stream winds along the flight route between London and New York are getting stronger because of climate change for example the getting 15 percent stronger in winter and this increase in the jet stream winds is going to have impact…

  • Are Night Flights Allowed for Helicopters?
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    Are Night Flights Allowed for Helicopters?

    Imagine you’re stuck on the slopes of Mount Everest. There’s no one to help you for frozen miles around, and you can’t move for some reason. Although you’ve sent a distress signal, the night has already fallen, and you’ve lost all hope. But then, out of the cold darkness, a beam of light blinds you. It’s a rescue helicopter, coming for you at last. Despite a weirdly popular opinion, this situation is possible. Tricky, granted, but rescue helicopters do fly at night. And not only rescue ones: police and fire choppers do too. The myth about night flight operations might have appeared because of one fact: helicopters are really difficult…

  • 12 Big Mistakes We Keep Making Before Flight
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    12 Big Mistakes We Keep Making Before Flight

    For quite a few people, flying can be a stressful experience. Even folks who’ve been doing it for years will tell you that. Not only do you need to be savvy passenger that organizes everything in advance, you also need to be prepared for the unexpected. Some people even follow a strict schedule in order to be one step ahead. However, this method isn’t always enough; there are certain things we tend to forget. For example, are you aware of the things you should never do before flying? (Like filing your taxes or robbing a bank? Just kidding. ) Well, for those of you who have no clue what I’m…

  • ✈️Severe Turbulence Caught On Tape | Explained by Emirates Cabin Crew | Turbulence 2019
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    ✈️Severe Turbulence Caught On Tape | Explained by Emirates Cabin Crew | Turbulence 2019

    Not so long ago this happened on a flight where a flight attendant smashed her head on the ceiling due to strong severe turbulence, the cart and all its contents scattered all over the place, splashing beverages and drawers all over the passengers. Hi I’m Orlando and you’re watching WishCasting! We do world travel guides and try to get you traveling for free by joining Emirates. One of the highest paying companies with biggest network in the world. Join our tutorials and travel guides every Wednesday and Sunday at 5 PM +2GMT ! Let’s take a look at what is turbulence first: Turbulence can be a consequence of many factors.…

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    Dear friends and followers, welcome back to my channel and to a video I was so eager to make for you guys I am sure many of you have seen these panels being Extended during landing and maybe during flight we’ll be looking at the different types of these panels and what the space shuttle and the bugatti Veyron have table to do with it. So this video is packed with great information. So let’s get started If you’ve been sitting in a window seat close to the wings I’m sure you have seen these panels being extended just after the plane has touched down What you see here are…

  • Prepared for Terries – Key & Peele
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    Prepared for Terries – Key & Peele

    [low music in headphones] ♪ Yo. Hey, yo. Hey, yo. Yo, yo. Excuse–Excuse me? Oh man, oh man, oh man. I’ll tell you one thing, if 9/11st were to happen up on this here plane, psht, don’t worry. We got this. Oh. Okay, I have no idea what you’re talking about. He said that if them terries is gonna try something up in here today, like the bounce, boogie, and bump, that we got this shit on lock. Terr–Do you mean terrorists? – Oh yeah. – Hells yeah, baby. He ain’t talking about Teri Garr. And I certainly ain’t talking about no terry cloth. I mean, if a terry up…

  • Key & Peele – Turbulence – Uncensored
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    Key & Peele – Turbulence – Uncensored

    (Mark) He’s disgusting. Bernard? He’s disgusting. He’s not even like her. He’s an airplane technician. I mean, come on. And he talks too much. That’s why I like you. You don’t talk. You just listen. – It’s good. [bell dings] Okay. And the captain has turned on the “fasten seat belt” sign. Got a little turbulence coming up. Should be no problem. Just remain in your seat until the sign is turned off. Thank you for your cooperation. Okay. Excuse me. I’m gonna go to the bathroom. Hi, excuse me. – Yeah? – Yeah. I’m gonna need you to take your seat. The “fasten seat belt” sign is on. Yeah,…

  • A Man Flew More Than 1,000 Times But in the Strangest Way
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    A Man Flew More Than 1,000 Times But in the Strangest Way

    Do you like planes? These steel birds often evoke conflicting emotions: they mesmerize some people and terrify others. But also, there are those who can’t live without the thrill of take-off and the excitement of landing. And among them was a man who bought airplane tickets, not to get to some destination, but just for the sake of flying! Mr. Jan Mul, a Dutchman who was born in 1932, spent more than 20 years of his life flying to a different European city every single Wednesday! As a result, the man had more than 1,000 flights under his belt! Traveling by plane was Mr. Mul’s main hobby and his biggest…