• Is Mexico Safe?: How to Stay Safe in Mexico [Travel Safety Tips]
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    Is Mexico Safe?: How to Stay Safe in Mexico [Travel Safety Tips]

    And this guy comes out with a machete out of the woods just out of nowhere. Hola amigos! Jim and May here from Spanish and Go and we’re coming at you from Guanajuato, Mexico. A Level Two on the U.S. State Department travel advisory scale. But why do we mention that? Well, because there’s a question we get asked all the time. Is Mexico dangerous? So, after years of living and traveling in Mexico we feel very qualified to answer that question. So in this video we’re going to give you nine tips for traveling safely through Mexico. Emecemos. Drugs. Rape. Murder. Dismembering. Kidnapping. Crime. These are all things that…

  • Visit Hanoi for $10 a day? | BUDGET TRAVEL VIETNAM
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    Visit Hanoi for $10 a day? | BUDGET TRAVEL VIETNAM

    we’re in the capital of Vietnam Hanoi popular tourist destination and one of the cheapest cities in the world let’s see what we can do in a way with just $10 $1 is $23,200 so this is what we’ll have to train today let’s see what we can do [Music] [Music] we’re a little bit hungry so we’re gonna buy us Vietnamese breakfast a bad knee let’s see Tsingtao mod varney sacrum so I order bang with Pittsfield this is gonna cost us $20,000 okay so first purchase of the day one by me 20,000 so that’s almost a dollar out of my budget we’re going to share it on…

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    Booking a Music Tour : Contacting Performance Venues

    Now if you’ve found a venue that suits you and you say, man I definitely want to play here. Next thing you need to find is the right person at that venue that can help you get a show. Your friend who you met at one of your shows somewhere else has said, I live in this city and I know this cool club is not necessarily the right person. Now they could be, they could be the person who is saying, man I want to take your press kit in there, I know the manager, the owner whatever, and I want to show them all your stuff and take…

  • Travel the World With David Chang | Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner Trailer | Netflix
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    Travel the World With David Chang | Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner Trailer | Netflix

    What have I gotten   myself into? It’s, like, hugely multicultural, and the food’s amazing. That’s one of the best things  I’ve ever tasted, really. -You’re my tour guide. -Cheers. -This is a dream. -What is anything? I never know. I just go for it. That’s oil. I can’t believe  you just chugged that. I like countries  that there’s no cohesive American conception  of what is there. What do you think? I love LA ’cause there’s still  a sense of discovery. I’m always a student  of the culture, of the craft. I’m excited to try new things. I was gonna say the best part  of traveling is eating, but I think…

  • How Airports Get You to Spend More Money
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    How Airports Get You to Spend More Money

    Welcome Jet Traveler! Aren’t you excited about this trip?! Before you fly off to that long-awaited vacay, you have one task: get to your gate without giving in to the airport’s sly ways of separating you from your moolah! Think you can do it? Well, it all starts in… #1. The parking lot Parking at the airport costs a fortune. You can pay less if there’s a nearby Park & Go building or at the hotel next to the airport if there is one. If there isn’t, take a cab, ride service, or airport train instead. There’s always a trade-off between cost and convenience. #2. Long waiting times Airports encourage…

  • Is it Safe to Travel to Xinjiang? Q&A #2
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    Is it Safe to Travel to Xinjiang? Q&A #2

    Xinjiang Q&A, episode 2! Is it safe to travel to Xinjiang? I completely understand why you’re asking that question. The funny thing is, when I arrived in 2006, that question wasn’t even relevant. It wasn’t until 2008 coming up to the Olympics and 2009 when we had incidents here in Urumqi that that question became something that was commonly asked by travelers heading out to this region. So let me go ahead and answer that question quickly: Is it safe to travel to Xinjiang. YES! Ok…I guess I can’t say that with 100% certainty and I’m sure there’s some liability involved in there so let me qualify that statement just…

  • WHAT I EAT IN A DAY » while travelling
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    WHAT I EAT IN A DAY » while travelling

    If you remember I vlogged here on the channel for the first time ever a few months ago when I went to Switzerland to visit my sister and her newborn little baby, but when I left Switzerland the little one was still in the neonatal ICU and I’ve been really wanting to go visit ever since they’ve gone home. It’s really early in the morning in the Netherlands right now and in just a few minutes we’re gonna head out the door to go catch our flight, so I figured in this particular video I would again try something new I’ve never tried on this channel, which is a what…

  • 10 TIPS on how to use TRAINS in Japan like a PRO!
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    10 TIPS on how to use TRAINS in Japan like a PRO!

    If you come to Japan there’s no real way around that, you’re gonna be on trains. You can’t really walk… I mean, technically you could but… Hello everybody it’s The Uwaga Pies again! This is Ryo, I’m Kris and we’re gonna talk about Japanese trains, we’ve got together some helpful tips for you guys to use Japanese trains in an effective way… so that you get to wherever you want to… get to… ALRIGHT! LET’S BEGIN! NUMBER ONE! Avoid riding the train during RUSH HOUR! This may be a little bit difficult, but if you know the specific times that it would most likely be crowded, then you could definitely…

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    the most traumatic travel experience of my life

    Right now I’m in maine obviously. I don’t live in maine so I’m traveling here to maine with my family I had one of the most traumatic travel days of my entire life And I didn’t vlog any of it because you know what it was just too traumatic And I’ll tell you the story because I feel like you know what, why not you know also? I’ll tell you the story so here’s what happened it all started out at 11:00 a.m.. At Sfo, San Francisco airport California no big deal that’s where I live, okay, whatever I don’t live at the airport, but you know what I mean…