• Emirates Suites and Etihad Apartments A380 Flight Trip Report
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    Emirates Suites and Etihad Apartments A380 Flight Trip Report

    Okay, so the first thing I’m gonna say is that I’ve been walking for at least 10 minutes It’s interesting how they have pre checks so far away and they don’t have a priority security line for first Plus Now that I’m through pre check which is literally at the other end of the terminal I Am going to find the lounge We are still walking! I’m not even kidding now it’s at the other end and I’m not like a lazy person but this is obnoxious Thank you Right here Like bathroom I Wow A380 in the apartments with one other persons dates I’m gonna talk really low because…

  • BIRTHDAY ONBOARD SilkAir Boeing 737-800! | MI151 Yogyakarta to Singapore
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    BIRTHDAY ONBOARD SilkAir Boeing 737-800! | MI151 Yogyakarta to Singapore

    Hello Guys, welcome back to My Channel I’m currently at Adisutjipto Airport Terminal B in Yogyakarta I’ll fly with Silk Air from Yogyakarta to Singapore And I’m gonna be on their Boeing 737-800 This is my first time on their B738 And let see how’s the flight experience with SilkAir on flight MI151, from Yogyakarta to Singapore I’ll fly with SilkAir Boeing 737-800 with registration 9V-MGB This aircraft has 12 Business Class Seats and 150 Economy Class Seats I was seated at seat number 14F At the emergency exit row Legroom was great! Every seat also equipped with USB Port and Universal Power Outlet After boarding completed Wet Towel distributed…

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    Foreigners in Pakistan Exploring Peshawar | Pakistan Travel Vlog | 203

    The Pakistan Travel Vlog Series. Series 2. Presented by Ryan Riel Media. Watch all of Series 1 now, on YouTube. Good morning from Peshawar. Had a first full night of sleep. So, re-energised ready to explore more of Pakistan. Today we’re gonna do some bits in Peshawar that we missed yesterday and then after that we’re headed back to Swat, which as you can remember from the very first trip is a beautiful place. I’m hoping we’re gonna grab some things I haven’t seen before I think we are, but super super pumped for that. So, next stop somewhere in Peshawar. We’ll see you there. Alright we’re driving along the…

  • SAN JUAN, PUERTO RICO! Flight Attendant Life
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    SAN JUAN, PUERTO RICO! Flight Attendant Life

    Hey everyone, so I’m actually just starting a free day I just finished my first flight of the day we flew from Dallas to Kansas City tonight the layover in Jacksonville Florida and then tomorrow we have quite a long layover in San Juan Puerto Rico and I’m super excited to get out in Miami in Jacksonville, Florida, and I have a really pretty room and out here They have some palm trees and it looks like I am right next to a little lake and then over this way There’s the hotel pool. It’s only 4:30 p.m And I just got to my hotel here in Jacksonville, Florida But…

  • Visa Expired LEAVE JAPAN: My Current situation and 5 Travel FAILS
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    Visa Expired LEAVE JAPAN: My Current situation and 5 Travel FAILS

    hey friend I’ve had a lot of spare time on my hands recently and if you watch to the very end of this video number five you’re gonna know exactly why that is so I’m just kind of reflecting on the past eight years of travel and fun and learning and some good times some bad times I watched a lot of videos about other travelers and I couldn’t help but feel like something was missing a vacation could not be that perfect oh come on if you do enough vacations like nothing is gonna go exactly according to plan not every time I want to show you some instances…

  • 24 Hours in Guayaquil, Ecuador | Flight Attendant Life
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    24 Hours in Guayaquil, Ecuador | Flight Attendant Life

    Guayaquil is the largest city in Ecuador Today is December 22nd. I’m about to work a three day trip and I am feeling a very festive in My Christmas earrings. Look at Luna. She is queen of the couch Hey guys So Julia and I just got back from Colorado Murray spent some time with my family And now she’s actually gonna go work flight to Ecuador If you didn’t know you get paid extra money if you work over holidays So this is a nice way that we get to make a little extra holiday cash And if you haven’t seen our trip in, Colorado You should go give…

  • How to Travel in Fiji | The Perfect Tropical Getaway
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    How to Travel in Fiji | The Perfect Tropical Getaway

    – Hey, guys! – Hi! – Welcome back to Fiji. If you’re just tuning in, we’re currently on a little bit of a babymoon. We kind of realized that the puff pastry is growing way quicker, time just goes so fast. – Mhmm. – And we’ve kind of realized there’s only a few more trips left in 2020 when it’s just gonna be me and Jess. – It’s actually the last time in what, 18 years, that it’s probably gonna be just you and me. – Oh, yeah. (laughing) – So we have to take all of this in and I think Fiji was the perfect decision. – So this…

  • PUERTO VALLARTA, MEXICO! Flight Attendant Life
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    PUERTO VALLARTA, MEXICO! Flight Attendant Life

    Just walked on the plane we are doing a Steamboat Springs turn, which means we fly from Dallas to Steamboat Springs, Colorado And then turn around and fly right back to Dallas I am the number two on this flight, which means I am working the galley So I’m going to go get all of that set up and get ready for our first place Springs Colorado and it is Sigh we just finished our first leg. I’m here with my our team Tokyo. We both went to the same training class So it’s really fun getting the fly with friends is actually the first time I’ve ever flown with…

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    Travel By Train Pakistan Quetta To Chaman Railroad Journey

    I’m traveling Pakistan by Train Today’s journey from Quetta to Chaman in Balochistan Quetta Railway Station was opened for public in 1887. It is early in the morning Today 29th Jan 2020 Temperature is about 3 Degree Celsius 349 UP Chaman Mixed departs 08:30 AM Daily four trains arrive and departs Jaffar Express from Peshawar Bolan Express from Karachi and Akbar Express from Lahore Quetta to Chaman distance is about 132 Km The Ticket price is 250 PKR 01.6 USD Today only 7 Passengers are going to Chaman. One Coach for each Passenger Indian always comments about Pakistan Railways Infrastructure but they can’t imagine. traveling like Pakistani Citizens. Very difficult…