• Understanding Your Travel Insurance (Travel Insurance Explained)
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    Understanding Your Travel Insurance (Travel Insurance Explained)

    Travel Insurance Explained The best thing is probably… There’s no school! All I really is my iPod and a teddy bear So, you’ve booked your flights? You got your passport? You brought your travel insurance, right? I went through it in detail, when I first took out the insurance but have I read it since? No, not at all. The policy and the excess covered all of us. It could be £100 but I’m not 100% sure Normally, about 100/ 150 pounds And for a family, that can be really costly, so do check before you buy. If we lost an iPad or an iPhone I suppose we would have…

  • Poland | Europe’s Top Undiscovered Travel Destination?
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    Poland | Europe’s Top Undiscovered Travel Destination?

    What’s up everybody I’m Alex aka Alex The Vagabond you’re watching Vagabrothers and right now I am in Poland in Warmia and Masuria a beautiful Lake District in the northern part of the county. I’m here exploring with the polish tourism organization and I am extremely excited to explore this country that I’ve never been to. Marko has taken a vacation back in California so I’m bringing my fiance Carrie Rad along for the ride. Let’s go! All right everybody well welcome to Lidzbark Warminski This city was once the capital of the region of Warmia It was founded in the mid-1300s and this is the castle of the Bishop.…

  • Travel Tips: Packing Hacks, Tips & Essentials
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    Travel Tips: Packing Hacks, Tips & Essentials

    Hello there travellers My name is Marko i’m Alex and together we are the Vagabrothers today we’re talking travel tips! how to pack the right clothes for your trip doesn’t matter how long your trip is, it could be a week, month, year…whatever the packing list is the same And we always manage to fit all of our clothes plus our camera gear in to one carry-on size bag now the key is to bring enough outfits to change your outfits every single day or to wear the same shirt and just change your city everyday gross dude, put that down no the key is to get simple light weight…

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    What’s up, guys? We’re Alex and Marko, the Vagabrothers And this is the first video in a two-part series about how to book cheap flights. In part two, we’re sharing specific hacks. But in this first video, we’re going to show you some booking sites, which compare flights from dozens of different airlines all around the world. When it comes to booking airfares, there are plenty of start-ups that will help you find the best flight. But, there’s a lot, and sometimes it can feel like trying to find a needle in a haystack. So these are our favorite booking sites: each one has different tools, which will help you…

  • Trailer – Travel Tips by Laurie
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    Trailer – Travel Tips by Laurie

    hey there thanks for visiting my travel tips by Laurie YouTube channel my name is Laurie I want to say welcome I have lots of travel tip videos I have some travel hacks videos I love fashion so I like to talk about trouble outfit ideas I have one new one about travel outfits for this fall I have been married to an airline pilot for 17 and a half years and we’ve traveled the globe to help you not have a worry in the world I’ve made lots of mistakes and I’ve picked up lots of travel hacks that will help you if you are a first-time traveler or…

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    Hello from London I am so thankful that we made it safely to London after many hours of traveling we actually just woke up from a nap because we were so tired I don’t think Brandon slept a wink on the plane I did doze off for like a few minutes but barely so we definitely needed that nap and I’m feeling a little bit better but it’s already about 2:30 here in London so our plane landed close to 9 a.m. London time and we took the Gatwick Express over to Victoria Station and then we took an uber to our hotel and we’re staying at the Academy which…

  • Bangkok Travel Tips: 13 Things to Know Before You Go
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    Bangkok Travel Tips: 13 Things to Know Before You Go

    – 13 things to know before you go to Bangkok in Thailand. I’m Chris, this is Topher. This is Yellow Productions. We do travel guides that are fun, informative, entertaining. This is part of our series on Bangkok. In this video we’re gonna be telling you everything you need to know if you’re planning a trip to this city, Bangkok, the capital of Thailand. First we’ll start with some general information about it. Number one, Bangkok, capital city of Thailand, has 11 million residents. It is also the world’s most visited city for tourists with 20 million tourists that visit Bangkok every year. It is also known colloquially as The…

  • Saving time on booking | Host Tips | Airbnb
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    Saving time on booking | Host Tips | Airbnb

    the instant book allows the guests if they like you’re you’re listening to book immediately it allowed them to make a reservation really quickly save some time it’s very convenient I like instant book because it helps the guests and you get more bookings that way the feature that I really like about instant book that I use all the time is I only enable it for guests who have at least one good review and I feel that that’s a good balance between having a complete strangers show up not knowing what they’re going to be like and still giving people the convenience of booking quickly

  • Is Mexico Safe?: How to Stay Safe in Mexico [Travel Safety Tips]
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    Is Mexico Safe?: How to Stay Safe in Mexico [Travel Safety Tips]

    And this guy comes out with a machete out of the woods just out of nowhere. Hola amigos! Jim and May here from Spanish and Go and we’re coming at you from Guanajuato, Mexico. A Level Two on the U.S. State Department travel advisory scale. But why do we mention that? Well, because there’s a question we get asked all the time. Is Mexico dangerous? So, after years of living and traveling in Mexico we feel very qualified to answer that question. So in this video we’re going to give you nine tips for traveling safely through Mexico. Emecemos. Drugs. Rape. Murder. Dismembering. Kidnapping. Crime. These are all things that…

  • Minimalist Travel Update 🎒 One Bag Travel with the OSPREY PORTER 30 ✈️
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    Minimalist Travel Update 🎒 One Bag Travel with the OSPREY PORTER 30 ✈️

    What is going on YouTube! Greetings from Chiang Mai Thailand. In today’s video, I’m gonna show you what’s in my carry-on only bag after six months of traveling! This is actually my last night here in Chiang Mai. Tomorrow I jump on a plane and head to Kyoto Japan so I’m really excited about that but I’m also gonna really miss Chiang Mai and I’ll definitely be back here again for sure since I’m leaving tomorrow and I need to pack I figured I’d share with you what’s in my carry-on only bag after six months of traveling for those of you that have been watching my channel for a…