• The Plane Highway in the Sky
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    The Plane Highway in the Sky

    If you’ve ever looked at a flight tracker sometime around 10 or 11 pm eastern, you might have noticed something—perfect lines of planes stretching all the way to Europe. These are just some of the over 2,000 daily flights that cross the Northern Atlantic. With so many flights, there just has to be organization. This is the most direct route from New York to London. You may think it’s this, a straight line, but that straight line isn’t actually a straight line. This curved line is a straight line because, despite what some may think, the earth is curved. From New York to London the curve you see on a…

  • Climate change makes flight times longer
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    Climate change makes flight times longer

    when we think of global warming we usually thinking of the fact that it’s getting warmer at ground level but in fact the temperatures are changing higher up in the atmosphere too including where planes fly at 35,000 feet the atmospheric winds and temperatures up there are very strongly tied together and therefore the winds are changing in response to the temperature changes our new study finds that the jet stream winds along the flight route between London and New York are getting stronger because of climate change for example the getting 15 percent stronger in winter and this increase in the jet stream winds is going to have impact…

  • The Five Freedoms of Aviation
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    The Five Freedoms of Aviation

    Behind any commercial flight is more than a century of political negotiation and accords that dictate who, how, and where airlines can fly. Aviation is one of the most unifying industries worldwide because it is what brings the world together. The beginning of aviation agreements came with the 1944 Chicago Convention on International Civil Aviation. This convention established the UN oversight agency responsible for civil aviation—the International Civil Aviation Organization. The ICAO is recognized by every country worldwide except for Liechtenstein, Dominica, and Tuvalu. Of those, Tuvalu is the sole country to have an international airport, so that means that all but one sky-faring nation worldwide is a part of…

  • Taking a Cruise: What You Need to Know : Boarding & Leaving a Cruise Ship
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    Taking a Cruise: What You Need to Know : Boarding & Leaving a Cruise Ship

    Hi! My name is Melissa Schenk on behalf of expertvillage.com today we’re discussing cruise traveling tips. Alright so we’ve discussed safety now we’re on to what is called the gangway. Do you know what the gangway is called? The gangway is actually when you’re about to board the ship, so let’s discuss the comings and goings on and off of a ship. When you’re heading into port you’re going to need your, what is called usually a sale and sign card, it’s usually the credit card that you always use to get into your room. When you’re boarding the gangway for the very first time crew is going to ask…

  • Day 1 – Boarding Our Cruise To Europe
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    Day 1 – Boarding Our Cruise To Europe

    Alright I guess you could call this day one. Yes. we are about ready to walk out the door we’ve got our bags packed and we are ready to go uh Lauren I’m ok, kinda nervous make sure we don’t forget anything How are you feeling? feeling good thanks for asking we are about five hundred yards from the house and I already realized I forgot my sleeping pants I don’t know what your sleeping pants are my black basketball shorts um they should be in the closet I’m sorry I will be out of the country util June 20 if you would like to get ahold of me you…