• Switzerland Trains:  Ticket Machine Explained
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    Switzerland Trains: Ticket Machine Explained

    Hi, so you’re in Switzerland and you’re interested in using a ticket machine to purchase a ticket for your public transportation system. Now, I’m here to explain you this devil’s machine. No it’s not actually the devil’s machine, it can do quite a lot. It can do that much that it gets that complicated, not even locals understand it anymore. When you’re in Switzerland you obviously have two ways you’re going to use public transportation. Number one is, you’re in a city and you want to use public transportation with a bus, tram, whatever, commuting traffic, just to go about visit one side or the other. This is the first…

  • Haarlem, Netherlands (Holland) travel video
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    Haarlem, Netherlands (Holland) travel video

    The historic city of Haarlem is one of the most attractive destinations in the Netherlands. We’ll take you on many walks through the quiet pedestrian lanes but watch out for the bicycles. It seems like half the population rides bicycles so there are plenty of these two wheelers all over the place but the historic center is a safe and quiet zone. Take a look on the map. I’ll show you the main neighborhoods you want to have a look at when you’re visiting Haarlem. In the center the market square with the great church towering over, and just below there is a series of pedestrian lanes lined with shops…

  • Madrid to Valencia Train Ride | Spain Travel Vlog
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    Madrid to Valencia Train Ride | Spain Travel Vlog

    Alright good morning good morning guys. Time for another travel day. I feel like I’m saying that a lot lately. Yeah, it sure is. Um, we didn’t have much time in Madrid. It was one of the shortest stays we’re going to have on this entire trip in Europe. We just had 4 nights but we arrived really late on the first night. So it was basically just 3 days. Time just flew by. We had so much to do and see and yeah we’re already hitting the road again. But the good news for at least for us is that we have a shorter travel day today. Yes, an…

  • How to add tickets to your Smartcard in station
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    How to add tickets to your Smartcard in station

    You can add tickets quick as a flash in our stations. At our ticket machines, just select the Smartcard icon and tap your card against the machine. Select ‘Add Ticket’ and choose where you want to go. Make your payment, then tap your Smartcard one more time, your ticket will be added instantly. You can also add tickets at any of our booking offices, where our friendly in-station team will be happy to help. Oh, and always remember to tap the yellow circle at the start and end of your journey. And that’s you, good to go!

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    Check if you touched on. I’m dizzy. Are you ok? Yeah. Yeah. Pop it on so I can see you touched on. Inspector: Just pop- pop it on my booper. No just… right on there. It won’t read- it won’t register- no. Can you hold it still? Inspector: Oop! Ooh! I didn’t get it. Can you- – go on- woah-oah-oah! * struggling * ugh-oh! Sorry! * kiss * can you help me? Oh! Thank you! goo – good. Good lad. – Can you pop it on? – Ok. Does anyone… Inspector: I can- I can try to- – give me your card. – can you grip it with your fingers?…

  • How To Buy Cheap Train Tickets – MY TOP SIX TIPS!
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    How To Buy Cheap Train Tickets – MY TOP SIX TIPS!

    Hi it’s Chris here, the UK Excursionist and welcome to my top six tips about how to get the best deals when buying train tickets. I’m going to talk to you about cashback, where to buy your tickets from, railcards, ticket types and much more so if you’re looking to get a great deal on your next journey then this is definitely the video for you. Sometimes you can save a considerable amount of money by taking a different route to what you’d expect. Now, this won’t work on every journey – you’ll need to do a bit of research but here are two examples I found. Use Southern’s website…

  • Booking online is easy with NSW TrainLink
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    Booking online is easy with NSW TrainLink

    Booking your regional trip online is quick, easy and secure. Head to transportnsw.info/regional then in three easy steps, just search… select… and pay… We’ll walk you through it, step by step. First, search for available services that suit your travel plans. On the left side of the screen, click on ‘Book’ …then under ‘Fares and bookings’ enter where you’re leaving from and your destination. Select ‘One way’ or ‘Return’. Use the calendar button to select your preferred departure date. If you’re making a return trip, select your preferred return date as well. Then, next to ‘Adults’, use the plus and minus buttons to indicate the number of people travelling. If…