• Saudi Arabia Travel Madina City Tour by Bus 2019
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    Saudi Arabia Travel Madina City Tour by Bus 2019

    I’m traveling in Saudi Arabia Today Madina City Tour by Double Decker sightseeing tourism bus It is a special bus service that is already operational in about 160 Cities around the world It carries 63 passengers at a time and 11 Stops. Ticket cost is 80 Saudi Riyal=22 USD and valid for 24 hours hop on, hop off, It takes 2 hours and 30 minutes to Complete the journey 50% off for the train passengers So, I got a Promo.

  • Cancun Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia
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    Cancun Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia

    The Mexican resort city of Cancun is situated in the Yucatan Peninsula a peninsula bathed by the warm waters of the Caribbean Sea. Once the center of the flourishing Mayan Empire, the Yucatan Peninsula is renowned for tropical forests, incredible coastlines, and its proximity to one of the world’s greatest reef systems. The ancient Mayans worshiped the sun god, Kinich Ahau. Centuries later it’s again the sun that has revived the fortunes of this incredible land. Once a sleepy fishing village, now millions of visitors come each year to Cancun to pay homage to the Yucatan sun, and night! Cancun’s beaches line a 15 mile-long sandbar known as Isla Cancun.…

  • Houston Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia
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    Houston Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia

    Houston is situated near the Gulf of Mexico, on the bayous and shorelines of Galveston Bay. Houston is the most populous city in Texas and one of the largest cities in the USA. Named after the general who led the territory to independence from Mexico in 1836, Houston began life as tiny outpost in America’s old west. Just one hundred and twenty-five years later, the city would become the center for exploring a new frontier ~ Space. In fact, the first official words transmitted from the Moon’s surface were, “Houston, Tranquility Base here. The Eagle has landed.” Yet despite Houston’s size and star-bound aspirations, this metropolis remains refreshingly down to…

  • Dublin – Skip the Line: Guinness Storehouse Entrance Ticket
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    Dublin – Skip the Line: Guinness Storehouse Entrance Ticket

    >>ASHA: The best way to warm up on a cold and rainy day in Dublin is to come to the Guinness Storehouse let’s go This place is like a fun house there’s elevators, escalators going all over there’s 7 floors of interactive exhibits it’s so much fun here It’s hard to visualize but we’re actually standing in a pint glass as you can see right here>>GUIDE: The lease was signed in 1759 when Arthur Guiness purchased a four acre brewery brewery here in Saint James’ Gate What makes it very unique is that he signed it for 9000 years>>ASHA: One of my favorite parts about this tour so far is…

  • Los Angeles Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia
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    Los Angeles Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia

    Los Angeles is situated in Southern California, on the West Coast of the USA. Home to 18 million people, Los Angeles is a collection of distinct cities that rolls out from the dry Santa Monica Mountains to the Pacific Ocean. L.A.’s sunshine, her entertainment industry and her openness to newcomers and new ideas has made the city a magnet to dreamers. Many of those whose dreams become reality, like Walt Disney and John Paul Getty, poured their wealth back into the city, helping make L.A. one of the great culture capitals of the world. Downtown Los Angeles is a center of global business and home to some of the finest…

  • What deposit is required when booking your JUCY wheels?
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    What deposit is required when booking your JUCY wheels?

    hi I’m Johnny just one of JUCYs awesome crew so you’re just about ready to book your next adventure well here’s the lowdown and how to pay for your reservation when you hire your wheels from juicy you have a couple of options you can pay twenty percent deposit at the time of booking or if you want to save some cash pay the full amount when you book your wheels and you could be eligible for a dollar a day discount off the daily rate of your vehicle cha-ching! more moolah for your holiday ready to get your Venture started click on these handy links for more info stay…

  • Hong Kong Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia
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    Hong Kong Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia

    Hong Kong is located on the southern coast of The Peoples Republic of China. The former British colony consists of three main areas; The New Territories, The Kowloon Peninsula, and Hong Kong Island. Hong Kong is one of the most densely populated places on the planet. It’s dramatic cityscapes cling to the hillsides and the edges of its spectacular harbor. Hong Kong is the embodiment of yin and yang, the Chinese concept of balance. It is filled with neighborhoods that resonate with Chinese and colonial tradition, while it’s soaring skylines look boldly towards the future. For visitors, Hong Kong offers some of the world’s most intense shopping, sightseeing and dining…

  • Honolulu Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia
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    Honolulu Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia

    Honolulu is located on the Polynesian island O’ahu, in the middle of the North Pacific ocean. It is the capital of Hawaii: The 50th, and youngest, American state. In tropical Honolulu, the surf is always up and the weather always warm. Hawaii’s biggest city offers the perfect mix of nature, culture, sports and shopping all in the one place. With America’s only royal palace at its core and Pearl Harbor just around the corner, there is also a lot of history to discover. Visit the Bishop Museum to learn about the Polynesian voyagers who came here hundreds of years before captain Cook dropped anchor in 1778. The native Hawaiians and…