• 9+ Years of World Travel & Working Online – Couple Shares Experience
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    9+ Years of World Travel & Working Online – Couple Shares Experience

    >>MAT: Hey everyone in this video, we’re gonna meet up with Kristen and Siya. A couple that’s been traveling for almost 10 years now and that figured out a way to make a full-time living out of their travel lifestyle. We actually featured them in another video last year, about their experience living in an Airstream trailer which is the home base that they go back to when they’re not traveling. But in this video, Kristen and Siya are going to talk about how they’re able to make an income from traveling, how they got started and how they’re helping others to live a similar lifestyle. This video is sponsored…

  • Pros and Cons of Traveling in Japan
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    Pros and Cons of Traveling in Japan

    Hey guys! Hi! So we’ve been traveling in Japan most of this year and We’ve been to 19 prefectures so far? And since we’ve been traveling so much we thought we should make a video about some kind of travel tips video, and that’s what we’re doing today We’ve been to 22 prefectures total in the past few years And we’re going to Okinawa soon so it’ll make 23 Which is still not even half. They’re 47 prefectures But- its still a lot of travel yeah! And there are a lot of really awesome things about traveling in Japan And there are a couple of frustrating things as well So!…

  • Traveling Balochistan Pakistan N50 2019
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    Traveling Balochistan Pakistan N50 2019

    I’m traveling in the northeast part of the Pakistani Province Balochistan A road trip between Dhana Sar and Zhob I’m on D I Khan – Quetta Highway N50 I’m going to Iran by Road. The Road was closed for six hours Due to Due to an Accident. Now, Early Morning Light is not Good but feeling Hungry. Balochistan is the largest province of Pakistan by area but is the least populated. It is constituting 44% of Pakistan’s area. Its population is about 13 Million. 5% of Pakistan’s total population. 20 persons per sq km. Mostly Baloch belongs to Sunni Islam. Balochi, Urdu, Pashto & Brauhawi are main languages Balochistan is…

  • Worst Stereotypes About Americans When They Travel
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    Worst Stereotypes About Americans When They Travel

    American tourists are rude! German tourists like to hog seats. Chinese tourists only travel in packs. Visiting a foriegn country or even a different region within your own country can be fraught with cringeworthy moments. Tourists and locals often hold stereotypical beliefs about each other, which while not the full truth, often hold an element of truth. While we can generalize about the behaviors of tourists from any country, today we’re discussing some vagaries other countries and even other US regions perceive in American tourists. Before you Americans watching get upset and bombard us with ‘not ALL Americans do x, y and z’ in the comments, please relax! This is…

  • How to Ride Washington DC Metro
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    How to Ride Washington DC Metro

    If you’re coming to Washington DC and you want to get around without looking like a clueless tourist stick around because I’m going to give you ten tips for getting around using the Metro. Hello! Welcome to Trip Hacks DC. My name is Rob. I’m a tour guide here in Washington DC and on this channel I’m here to share my best tips tricks and hacks to help you explore the city. If you’re planning a trip make sure to subscribe to the channel so you don’t miss anything. And if you’re coming to town and looking for a personalized tour experience you can check out TripHacksDC.com To see what…