• How to Ride Washington DC Metro
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    How to Ride Washington DC Metro

    If you’re coming to Washington DC and you want to get around without looking like a clueless tourist stick around because I’m going to give you ten tips for getting around using the Metro. Hello! Welcome to Trip Hacks DC. My name is Rob. I’m a tour guide here in Washington DC and on this channel I’m here to share my best tips tricks and hacks to help you explore the city. If you’re planning a trip make sure to subscribe to the channel so you don’t miss anything. And if you’re coming to town and looking for a personalized tour experience you can check out TripHacksDC.com To see what…

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    The Ultimate Denver Travel Guide // What To Know Before You Go: Denver

    – This is Denver, Colorado, known for its high elevation, beautiful mountains, Denver omelets, and possibly John Denver. But there’s way more to know about Denver and even more to do, and we’re gonna take you through it all. This is What to Know Before You Go: Denver edition. Once you get into Denver International Airport, you’re probably gonna wanna get out. So take the airport rail to Union Station. It’s just nine dollars each way and the trains leave every 15 minutes between six AM and eight PM. Otherwise it’s every 30 minutes. Super convenient, super easy. And do not just breeze through Union Station. This beautiful space is…

  • Colosseum tickets – NEW RULES! – How to Skip the Line, S.U.P.E.R., and more!
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    Colosseum tickets – NEW RULES! – How to Skip the Line, S.U.P.E.R., and more!

    Hey it’s Elyssa from Romewise, your go-to guide to Rome. And today I am coming at you from the Colosseum and I’ve got my sunglasses on. Sorry but I’m staring right into the sun because I came here in the middle of the day to show you what it’s like to just show up at the Colosseum and buy your tickets without booking ahead. Guess what? You might not get in. The rules have changed, and I am here to tell you what is new, how to buy your tickets, how to skip the line and what happens if you don’t book ahead. Ready? Here we go! This is the…

  • Arrivedo – Become a Travel Writer and Work Remotely
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    Arrivedo – Become a Travel Writer and Work Remotely

    What attracted me to Arrivedo was being able to put my skills and interests into action. Writing for any hotel in the world is an amazing opportunity for a traveler who wants to make an income while discovering new places Outreach to any hotel offering to create their Neighborhood Guide in Arrivedo Get started by interviewing the hotel’s staff and collecting their local recommendations. Through the hotel’s insights you get to discover each neighborhood’s best kept secrets. The impredictable and the unexpected. The many colors to be found in the local market Fantastic architecture downtown The best places to eat like a local Hidden treasures of urban art or a…

  • 🇧🇿 Travel Tips: Belize, Caye Caulker | DIY Travel | #seeittobelizeit 🇧🇿
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    🇧🇿 Travel Tips: Belize, Caye Caulker | DIY Travel | #seeittobelizeit 🇧🇿

    If you want to detox from social media and relax in an irie atmosphere there’s one place in Central America you have to visit. See it to belize it is the hashtag everybody uses on Instagram and Discover how to BE seems to be their latest campaign Belize is located next to Mexico and Guatemala and most travelers that visit, come from these neighboring countries just like I did. I took a bus to Belize which costs around 30-40 dollars and once you cross the borders you pay approx 40 dollars tourist tax. I stayed 2 nights in Belize city before taking the water taxi to Caye Caulker a small…

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    Bonjour tout le monde! [French: Good day, everybody!] Welcome back to Vagabrothers. This is the second video in our 6 part series on Quebec and we’re in Montreal. Yesterday, we checked out the old town and today we’re checking out Mile-End, The Plateau and Igloofest. Allons-y! [French: Let’s go] Where we at, bro? Okay, so it’s lunch time, it’s Poutine Week and we are at La Banquise which is a 24-hour Poutine joint. It’s supposed to have the best in town, so… In Quebec there’s never too much Poutine and we’re gonna have a little bit more. People have always tried to, like, manipulate Poutine and make it bigger and…

  • Dubai – Atlantis Aquaventure Waterpark
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    Dubai – Atlantis Aquaventure Waterpark

    (upbeat music) (lively rock music) – One of the best ways to beat the heat and cool off here in Dubai is at the Aquaventure Waterpark. Let’s have some fun. (screaming) So, not only can see you see the city of Dubai in the distance, but you’ve got a beach, there are slides everywhere, the lazy river, and then the Tower of Poseidon, going through it is actually the largest water slide in the world. (screaming) One of the favorite slides here at the waterpark is the Leap of Faith. Faith time. Wish me luck. (screaming) Wooo, woo-hoo-hoo! (screams) Wooo! While you’re checking out the waterpark, you can also stop…

  • Riding the Metro in Budapest, Hungary : Ticket Machines in Budapest Train Stations
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    Riding the Metro in Budapest, Hungary : Ticket Machines in Budapest Train Stations

    I’m Dante Mena, the author of the Adventure Hungary travel guide, and here on behalf of Expert Village. And we will learn a little bit more about how to get around in the city using the public transportation system. Once again, as with the BKV system, also the MAV system, which is the train system of Hungary; they have automatic ticket counters and dispensers. And, as with the BKV system, you can see that you have English or Hungarian. And once again we have coin dispensers, and we also have a place where we can place our credit cards and punch in the numbers, and also where we can place…