• We’re Going to THAILAND! 33 Hour Travel Day
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    We’re Going to THAILAND! 33 Hour Travel Day

    In a matter of hours I’m gonna be on a plane to Thailand and I am stressing out. Everything’s packed, everything’s ready but I still feel like I’m forgetting something. I should be fine and yet I’m panicking. Justin: Got your passport? Claire: I think so Claire: I hope so, I better. Do you have your passport? Justin: Yes Claire: Wallet? Justin: Yes Claire: Do I have my wallet? I haven’t actually called the uber. Justin: Me neither. Claire: BAHAHA ok We are going to Thailand and I’m anxious. Justin’s ready. Justin got four hours of sleep I got no sleep. It is 3:00 in the morning, it’s about 3:00…

  • 10 Things To Know Before Traveling To New York City – NYC Travel Tips
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    10 Things To Know Before Traveling To New York City – NYC Travel Tips

    What’s up guys I’m Jon A New York City Vlogger I’ve lived here nearly a decade And I get asked the same questions over and over again So today.. i’m going to tell you all 10 Things You Need To Know Before Traveling to New York City Most guides out there start out with the boring stuff So why don’t we spice things up I’m going to teach you guys a few local words so you blend right in First Word Bodega It means a deli Corner shop.. usually open 24 hours a day 7 days a week No matter the weather Hey could you head down to the bodega…

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    Travel By Train Pakistan Quetta To Chaman Railroad Journey

    I’m traveling Pakistan by Train Today’s journey from Quetta to Chaman in Balochistan Quetta Railway Station was opened for public in 1887. It is early in the morning Today 29th Jan 2020 Temperature is about 3 Degree Celsius 349 UP Chaman Mixed departs 08:30 AM Daily four trains arrive and departs Jaffar Express from Peshawar Bolan Express from Karachi and Akbar Express from Lahore Quetta to Chaman distance is about 132 Km The Ticket price is 250 PKR 01.6 USD Today only 7 Passengers are going to Chaman. One Coach for each Passenger Indian always comments about Pakistan Railways Infrastructure but they can’t imagine. traveling like Pakistani Citizens. Very difficult…

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    Jungfraujoch Top Of Europe Ticket

    (tinkling happy music) – [Narrator] Start your journey to the top of Europe by taking the Cogwheel Mountain Train through the Swiss countryside. When the doors open, you’ll find yourself 3,454 meters above sea level, in a world of snow and ice. The majestic peaks that surround Jungfraujoch have fascinated explorers for hundreds of years. From the viewing platform at Sphinx Observation Station, take in the alpine vistas of the Mittelland and Voj peaks and the Aletsch glacier. In the Top of Europe building you can dine in one of several panoramic restaurants and shop for Swiss made goods. Explore the Ice Palace tunnels and carvings as well as the…

  • Saudi Arabia Travel Madina To Badr Road Trip 2019
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    Saudi Arabia Travel Madina To Badr Road Trip 2019

    I’m traveling in Saudi Arabia, in this video Madina to Badar Battlefield road trip, almost 160 Km. The Historical places on my trip are Ber arrawha, Wadi Abu Zar Ghaffar, Jabl e Malayaka Badar city & Badr Battelfield The battle of Badar was a first key battle in the early days of Islam and a turning point of Muhammad PBUH’s Struggle against Quresh Makkah. My road trip is on Saudi Arabian Road no 340 and 60. Thanks for watching the complete video Like, Share and Subscribe Tarar Support for more videos notification Kindly Feedback in comment section

  • Warner Brothers World 2020

    Warner Brothers World 2020

    hello hello everyone today we are going to If that your first time to visit my channel please don’t forget to Subscribe Like and leave your comment below in the video Now I am going to show you all warner bros world , we will play together we already take tour and I will show you everything, I could not take videos while I am playing best thing which is I like so much I could not know that I can do it. I decided to challenge my self and to play and I did it I take a video It’s not clear that much you will know why we…

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    Adventure Travel Destinations: Seniors Adventure Travel Tours

    As a Senior this is perhaps the most important time of your life.. It’s the right time to enjoy the world. To see nature from the artic polar bears to Africa’s magnificent wildlife of elepahs and lions…. Its never to late for a Safri. It may be time to take a break and getaway to the Caribbean’s most romantic islands, St. lucia’s Marigot beach club — or to voyage far away to different cultures & lifestyles. Even closer to home offer new things to explore. Visit a seaside fishing villages in your own country or come to Nova Scotia and walk about Halifax waterfront the seaports and farmers markets with…