• Cary teaches you how to time travel
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    Cary teaches you how to time travel

    You want to learn how to time travel, I can sense it. Well, I’ve been time traveling for years, but you look too inexperienced. Sorry, kiddo. Hold up! This restaurant’s dessert has been poisoned, and a baby is crawling to go eat it! Well, *sigh* a precious life is on the line, and I’ll need an assistant to save it, so it’s your lucky day. I’ll teach you how to time travel! First rule: Don’t do anything until the clock says it’s time. The clock doesn’t mess around. So, here goes! If you’re watching this video on a computer, pressing J or L will warp you 10 seconds backward or…

  • Would you use time travel to kill baby Hitler?
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    Would you use time travel to kill baby Hitler?

    Here’s a hotel meeting room with a bunch of clocks that are apparently set at random. But it still seemed appropriate because these clocks were behind this man. “I’m James Gleick and the book is Time Travel: A History.” And there is one obvious question for a person who has studied the history of this strange idea. Would he travel back in time and kill baby Hitler? “Oh, I don’t even know.” Seriously? That could not be the real answer? “No. Well…” OK let’s go back. When did we start asking this? Baby Hitler has a publicity pop every few years, like this New York Times poll. Or when former…

  • Is Time Travel Impossible?
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    Is Time Travel Impossible?

    If time travel turns out to be possible, I hereby invite future time travelers to join me on set I’ll post the address one year from today. Okay. Right now. Well that’s a bummer. Time travel stories are cool because both the past and future are somehow more interesting than the present and because everyone secretly wants a do-over. But so far it appears we are doomed to live consumed by regret in the eternal, boring present. Time marches on, inexorably and only forward. Or so we thought until Einstein came along. His special and general theories of relativity changed the way we think about time forever, and believe it…

  • Is Time Travel Possible? | Sadhguru
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    Is Time Travel Possible? | Sadhguru

    Questioner: Namaskaram Sadhguru Sadhguru: Who is speaking? Questioner: If time is relative can we time-travel? Sadhguru: (Laughs) So you want to go into the past or the future. Is n’t this the biggest problem in the world? people are time-travelling within themselves? They are trying to live what happened ten days ago, or they’re trying to live what may happen day after tomorrow, hmm? Time-travel is the biggest problem, don’t seek it, it’s already a great problem. Now that’s not what you are asking you want to know what happened in the past or you want to know what’ll happen tomorrow. When he said, “Mere bare me kuch bolo (Please…

  • Finding WW2 treasures in Eastern Front Woods
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    Finding WW2 treasures in Eastern Front Woods

    Oh my god! There we go. We are back! On the Eastern Front. This area has seen fighting up until the final days of the war. Yeah, a lot of material was lost, total chaos. We’re just gonna see if we can find some traces of that battle. So wish us luck! By the way this time I’m gonna team up with WW2RevivalDenmark. We’re currently walking to their location. They really have an amazing channel. It’s also about metal detecting and magnet fishing like my channel. But they also have some crazy footage about discovering and opening bunkers. You can now see a link to their channel somewhere in the…

  • Time Travel Documentary | In The Steps of Time
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    Time Travel Documentary | In The Steps of Time

    – [Narrator] To find some time machines we went round the world, from the USA to India. We had more than hundred meetings with different people who told us very much about time machine. All stories, time and countries were different. Some of them were unbelievable and fantastic, some interesting and exciting. Today I would like to inform you about it. Your opinion would be changed and you will accept the science in another way. We will not say you the names of these people, it will be a secret because they share with us and gave such kind of information which can be fatal for them in future. (clock…

  • 3 Simple Ways to Time Travel (& 3 Complicated Ones)
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    3 Simple Ways to Time Travel (& 3 Complicated Ones)

    Time travel can be complicated – and complicating, so let’s ignore all the paradoxical stuff and talk about a few simple ways that you can time travel without leaving your home. First, 1) Do nothing – you’re already traveling through time! I mean, here you are – fifteen seconds into the future since the start of this video! Easy, huh? The point is, we’re all always traveling forwards through time. But that’s boring time travel. What’s interesting is time travel relative to other people. To do that… 2) Start walking, and you’ll travel through time relative to someone standing still! We’ve known for over a century that time and space…

  • 5 Ancient Artworks That are Proof of Time Travel
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    5 Ancient Artworks That are Proof of Time Travel

    From an ancient statue of a laptop to a painting portraying a modern day smartphone, today on ApexTV, we take a look at 5 ancient artworks that are said to be proof of time travel. Before we get into the video, be sure to subscribe and leave a comment below saying “I subscribed!” We will personally reply to your comment! YouTube channel “Phenomenal Travel Videos” was exploring an ancient temple in India, when he came across a carving of what appears to be a modern day bike. The temple itself is called the Panchavarnaswamy Temple and is 2,000 years old. Now, historians agree that the bicycle was invented just 200…

  • Time Travel DEBUNK
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    Time Travel DEBUNK

    Greetings children, it’s me Captain Disillusion… or is it? (electronic voice repeats) or is it? (Normal) Gotta stay on your toes. You never know what fakery will be sprung on you these days… Lithium filter scams, black-market bionic implants, thumb theft. Those are just some of the premium topics you can hear me discuss right now for only $749.99 (under his breath) My monthly two year subscription commitment required! (Normal volume) But let’s move on to today’s free topic: (Captain Disillusion) The time traveler conspiracy. (Woman) Try my buffalo placenta makeup line!. (Fast electronic speaking) Back before palm tags and neural interfaces, people used to carry their communication devices in…

  • Traveling Light
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    Traveling Light

    Vsauce, I’m Jake and it is good to have some company out here…I’ve been alone for quite some time. We’re currently headed 10,000ly away from Earth. You actually just missed Alpha Centauri, the closest star system to our own solar system at 4.37 light years away or about 25.7 trillion miles. Now, this would have taken a long time with older technology, but here in the future we can travel at 99.99% the speed of light. That is much faster than what you’re probably used to. The fastest speed a manned spacecraft achieved in your time was Apollo 10 at 24,790 mph. That would have taken over 100,000 years to…