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    FAMILY ARCADE TICKET CHALLENGE (Day 1497) | Clintus.tv

    – What’s up, guys? Welcome to day 1497. It is a glorious Friday afternoon here. I just got done streaming some Trials of Osiris and it just stopped raining. The forecast said there’s supposed to be thunderstorms all evening which might put a damper on our plans. Tiffany comes into my bedroom this morning, was like, yo, let’s go riding. I was like, what? You want to go riding on a Friday? What’s wrong with you? But she somewhat enjoyed herself the last time. The kids have been talking about it. I’ve been talking about it. I didn’t think we would go riding until next weekend but she’s like, let’s…

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    yeah yo what is up guys ClawSinger here we are at perfect game it a has a really good arcade and I am joined by the one and only Willy Murph and let’s get right into the video and if you don’t subscribe I will come to your house again Ramos your potatoes and what to get out mr. potato is stuck super potato has come to the rescue using my super vegetable vision I can see that my friend here is in trouble what’s right for under than 50 that’s wide open right there get the side angle taina forward yeah that looks really good right there get that…

  • How to earn on flight tickets – Flight affiliate programs
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    How to earn on flight tickets – Flight affiliate programs

    Flight affiliate programs are the way to start earning online for selling flight tickets You would earn up to three percent of the ticket price The first step to making money is to choose the flight affiliate program Travelpayouts unites three flight affiliate programs – JetRadar, Kayak and Kiwi.com To choose the best option, check the details in the dashboard, then join the program for free and get the affiliate tools Affiliate tools promotion is the second step Travelpayouts provides a wide range of tools, including links, banners, widgets, white label, and an API that suits newbies and professional webmasters You can simply post the link in your Facebook page…

  • Making tickets is easy with raffle ticket software (Part 1)
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    Making tickets is easy with raffle ticket software (Part 1)

    Hi. My name is Lucinda. I work with Harvest American and we have created raffle tickets software. This is a very simple to use PC program that within just a few minutes and very basic computer knowledge you can be designing tickets like this. You have the body of your ticket, you can decide what kind information want to put on the stub, and you’ll get matching numbers for added security. Raffle ticket software can be used for event tickets with admission, you can do raffle fundraisers with them, you can use them for valet parking, just about any kind of a ticket that you can think of raffle ticket…

  • Man with “NO” license plate gets everyone else’s tickets – Enumclaw
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    Man with “NO” license plate gets everyone else’s tickets – Enumclaw

    New at 11:00, an Enumclaw man says his personalized license plate, right there, has led to a very expensive problem. Thousands of dollars worth of parking tickets.But no he is not responsible for them. Kiro 7’s Ranji Sinha joins us live from Seattle. And Ranji he figured out why this was happening. And Monique, Beau Chevassus’ license plate reads “N. O.” or “no” and after racking up nearly two thousand dollars in fines one of those tickets coming from this very parking lot here at the corner of 8th and Pine, he realized that at least one parking attendant is writing down “N.O.” when writing up violations for cars that…

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    Hello Can you hear me? Welcome back to Kaecam I’m on campus doing ticketing for BTS as you can see from the title there are 9 minutes left currently we are in the pre-queue we’re trying for New Jersey cause that’s the first one that goes on sale last Friday I got tickets for me and mercy for New Jersey day 1 and I got tickets from me for Chicago so now we’re trying for day 2 New Jersey and for day 2 LA cause I didn’t get any LA at all and I really want LA so that’s what we’re trying for! I’m gonna show y’all what it looks…

  • Online Ticket Express Fan Testimonial-1
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    Online Ticket Express Fan Testimonial-1

    It is not every day that I get to write a positive testimonial. I used Online Ticket Express to purchase tickets for the Manchester United vs. Athletic Bilbao match and it made the price I paid absolutely worthwhile. I went to their website, made an account and bought my tickets. 12 hours before the match, the tickets arrived in my hotel room and I breathed a sigh of relief. That match was what I would call heart stopping. Throughout the whole game, I had no idea who would win. In the end, Athletic Bilboa won. As a BIboa fan, I am happy they ended their winning streak. After using Online…

  • Paris Metro system and automatic ticket machines
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    Paris Metro system and automatic ticket machines

    Using the Paris Metro system and automatic ticket machines by EUtouring.com The Paris Metro has 16 lines and over 300 stops… …that serves over 4 million people daily… Metro is short for Metropolitain Sortie is French for Exit Each station has automatic ticket machines… …you can select different languages… …then select the ticket or tickets you require… …cash can be used… …or card, but it must be a chip and pin card… …when your ticket is dispensed, do keep hold of it… …as you will need it for the turnstiles… …also you will need your ticket if swapping metro lines… …plus, you can be fined if you don’t have it.…

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    Conleth Hill Gave His Extra Game of Thrones Premiere Tickets to Debbie Harry

    -The first time you were on the show, you weren’t sitting here. We do a thing with Leslie Jones from “SNL” called “Game of Jones,” where we watch an episode together, and you were very kind to come and, well, surprise her. Let’s take a look, real quick. Where do you stand on Varys? -Varys… is like the girlfriend that you don’t know if she really your homegirl or not. [ Laughter ] Because one minute she’s supporting you and got your back, but then the next minute you hear about some bull [bleep] she said to somebody else about you. Don’t be going behind my back, because fire in…