• What Happened Inside the Airplane Graveyard?
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    What Happened Inside the Airplane Graveyard?

    – Good morning, three of us from the Pan AM Experience, Anthony and Talaat, Captan Talaat. We’re on a road trip today to a desert location in California. All shall be revealed soon, stay tuned. Oh, this is awesome. This is a great standing. – [Anthony] Qantas 74, oh my God. (wind rushes) – [Sam] Wish you’d cleaned your window this morning. (laughs) This is unbelievable. We’re in the middle, yeah. Oh, Pan Am 74 there. The Comber 880. Look and the Qantas Jumbo. This is unbelievable. Look at where we are, we’re in the middle of the aeroplane junkyard. (background chatter) Wish you’d clean your window, man. (digital beeps)…

  • A Grandpa Set His Clock Forward 1 Hour. This Is How His Heart Shutdown.
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    A Grandpa Set His Clock Forward 1 Hour. This Is How His Heart Shutdown.

    KC is a 79 year old man, presenting to the emergency room with chest pain radiating to his left jaw. His wife Jane, tells the admitting nurse that earlier in the morning, he had become short of breath. He felt nauseous, and light headed, before collapsing to the floor. You see, KC was observing a yearly time change enacted by US Law, Daylight Saving Time, where everyone in the country would set their clock forward 1 hour at 2am the second Sunday in March. Officially, the reason to do this is to save energy and boost the economy by increasing the number of daylight hours during spring and summer seasons,…

  • Running Out Of Fuel In VFR Conditions 7700 – MzeroA Flight Training
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    Running Out Of Fuel In VFR Conditions 7700 – MzeroA Flight Training

    Hey, MzeroA nation, Jason here, bringing you a new series. Actually, all throughout this year, we’re going to be doing more series-based content. And welcome into the first part of that. 7700, of course our emergency transponder squawk code. All this month, our webinars, our podcasts, and we’re back to doing podcasts, by the way, links to those in the description below as well. All our content has been based on this idea of in-flight emergencies that unfortunately in some cases lead to accidents. Today, we’re going to be diving into United Flight 173, and I’ll be taking you through this accident that really should have never been an accident…

  • Let us introduce you to travel 🌏🌴 | INTRO Travel
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    Let us introduce you to travel 🌏🌴 | INTRO Travel

    Hey welcome to Hanoi, welcome to Tokyo , Bangkok Thailand, Bali, welcome to Sydney, you’re gonna love it here in Japan there’s so much to see and they have the best sunsets on earth this is the best place for adventure you can do all kinds of shit, there’s Buffalo everywhere in this part of Vietnam so you really gotta watch your step, the climbs a bit tricky but it’ll be worth it once we get to the top, you’re taking it off? You’re gonna need some more sunscreen, the sun in Australia is so hot, honestly man these chillies are so hot, this small one is hotter than your…

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    Conceited’s Favorite Custom Yeezy | MTV Sneaker Wars

    – Five minutes. – That is not what they wanted to hear. Uh-oh. – Uh-oh. – Dang. – I’m shook right now. I literally have anxiety for both of them. – What’s good everybody? I’m your host, Conceited, and welcome to MTV’s “Sneaker Wars.” We’re the only show where two shoe customizers go head to head and kick to kick. But not only for bragging rights, also for a chance to take home the Sneaker Wars trophy. Each sneaker head must take one classic kick, one fire theme, and one secret element to remix them into a never before seen creation. So we did come to a decision. As usual,…

  • PUERTO VALLARTA, MEXICO! Flight Attendant Life
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    PUERTO VALLARTA, MEXICO! Flight Attendant Life

    Just walked on the plane we are doing a Steamboat Springs turn, which means we fly from Dallas to Steamboat Springs, Colorado And then turn around and fly right back to Dallas I am the number two on this flight, which means I am working the galley So I’m going to go get all of that set up and get ready for our first place Springs Colorado and it is Sigh we just finished our first leg. I’m here with my our team Tokyo. We both went to the same training class So it’s really fun getting the fly with friends is actually the first time I’ve ever flown with…

  • Wüstenkönig Teil 1/3: Highspeed-Waffen | GRIP
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    Wüstenkönig Teil 1/3: Highspeed-Waffen | GRIP

    Abu Dhabi, the super-rich capital of the world.In winter, the land of the oil sheikhsis a comfortable 77 degrees: the perfect vacation weather.Matthias Malmedie was just looking for a few days off,but his arrival didn’t go unnoticed.So much for lazing around.He’s been challenged by Abu Dhabi’s horsepower-elite.I got an email from the Middle East Speed Gang. “Dear GRIP Matthias,” That’s what they call me. “I hope you’re good. We heard that you’re the king of horsepower.” And they want to challenge me. We’re meeting at a jet ski station.Matthias heads to the meeting point,where the elite tuners await his arrival:Jimmy Pelka and Salah Alamoudi.They know Matthias’s challengers very well.So, the…

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    Do This Everyday to Boost Your Immune System and Fight off Disease! Also SLIM Leg/Arm/Waist, 5 min!

    Hi everyone, I’m April Today I’m going to share a workout that can boost our immunity system Right now, we are concerned and worried about the outbreak of 2019 Novel Coronavirus (NCoV-2019) Actually in our daily life Other than this virus there are many other pathogens can cause diseases In such a situation How should we protect ourselves? In addition to taking necessary protective methods the most reliable and effective way is to strengthen our own immunity system One of the most important ways of boosting immunity is doing moderate activities every day How to define moderate activities? They are activities will make your heart rate reaches 60% to 85%…

  • Travel With Chatura |Singapore Airshow 2020 (Vlog 228)
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    Travel With Chatura |Singapore Airshow 2020 (Vlog 228)

    Singapore airport is proud to present an intricated aerial display featuring F15 F-16D Game changer F35 Hai! Travel with Chathura Might be wondering where I’m heading to Special trip ,in our national carrior, in Sri Lankan air-lines ..a place where you have never been imagine the place! Ayubowan! ( May you have a long life!) Ayubowan! ( May you have a long life!) should go straight right? I’m lucky enough to get into an aeroplane when no one’s around I have never seen a plane like this. With the outbreak of Coronavirus every one here wear masks This is one of the rare opportunities one could get We shall meet…

  • Flying on TAP Portugal and Roast Chicken (Frango Assado) – Lisbon, Portugal, Travel Guide!
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    Flying on TAP Portugal and Roast Chicken (Frango Assado) – Lisbon, Portugal, Travel Guide!

    – [Mark] Oh yeah, I’m gonna need a lot of this. Oh yeah, I could eat a lot of that sauce. (funky music) Good morning everyone it’s Mark Wiens with Migrationology.com in Barcelona, Spain. Woke up this morning and packed all the bags. We are getting ready to leave, but before we head out we’re gonna head downstairs to have a quick breakfast. This is exactly what I am looking for. I could not leave Barcelona without some more jamon, one last breakfast dosage. Oh, this is a pile of the jamon, look at how beautiful it is. It’s so good. And then, these are some other types of Iberico…