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    hey guys welcome back to a new video we hope you’re doing amazing and we are finally back in Germany. we were in Orlando for a few days but the trip there was the most stressful thing I have ever done, ever. we thought this is such a crazy experience that we need to share it with you on its own video. this is our story time so from Munich we were supposed to go to Toronto and then from Toronto to Orlando and this whole trip was supposed to last 14 hours. when we were in Munich we were still super happy, everything was going according to plan we…

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    So I recently made a video about my experience working for Emirates and it’s my most disliked video so far. Yay! Which from that, one can only surmise that talking about money and capitalism offends people more than even not eating meat, which is very surprising for me. On one hand, I mean, I got a lot of hate comments like: “I’m a brat” and “I should be happy with what I’m making.” Even some racist comments like: “I’m a lazy Greek and I’m the reason the Greek economy is f*cked.” Which is just funny. (laughs) Obviously. And on the other hand I was like of course, like, how dare…

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    I am 19, my husband is 50

    Hey, guys! My name is Lisa, and I want to tell you my story how I became a sugar babe. Don’t start blaming me! First, hear me out. I was born to be unlucky. I don’t know where I screwed up so hard in my past life that I started my life from the bottom in this one. My parents are typical white thrash – unemployed alcoholics. Well, at least they had a home. But the home didn’t mean they wouldn’t sleep on a park bench or in some other places where they got knocked out by alcohol. I even thought they would easily become drug junkies. But they simply…

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    My Parents Are Rich But Left Me Without Money

    Hello, guys! I’m Justin, and I recently bought a new cell phone. Nothing unusual, you might think, but for me this purchase is very special and here is why. Around a year ago my dad was promoted at work and we had to move to another city. Our new family income brought a new social status for all of us and our parents decided that the first thing to do was to get me into a new and better school. Together we chose the one, which definitely corresponded to their plans for my further education. It was a boarding school for boys, mostly from wealthy families, but I was ok…

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    Hello, Internet, it’s ya boi *Daniel* here. As my new apartment video background currently looks like this… which is like someone put a black-and-white filter on a nice, normal corner someone would sit in– that is just my personality as furniture right there; it needs some work– please enjoy this 100%-true story time about a traumatising day of travel that I experienced. So strap yourselves in, as we’re about to go to a whole world of suffering. Despite me claiming to be focusing on my not-so-drastic metamorphosis into ~Daniel Howell~ right now, earlier this year, I committed to going to perform at a YouTube convention in Florida with Phil, and,…

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    Hello everyone and welcome to LindseyVlogs. I am Lindsey and I am here to do a Story Time vlog. There…. eyshiudskj I really need to become a better public speaker. I have a book. This one. Ted Talks. Presentations. I should probably read it. God damn it, I forgot to close the window. Just ignore, ignore all of that. So, anyways, I wanted to do a story time blog because… you guys don’t know me, at all, basically. And one of the things you don’t know about me is that I went to boarding high school. For one year. Yes, just the one year. Because…. It was a boarding arts…

  • I Googled My Parents And Regretted It Badly
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    I Googled My Parents And Regretted It Badly

    Hello, everyone! My name is Kiera. We all are aware of the great impact that the internet has had on our lives nowadays. It has changed my life dramatically as well. I wanna tell you now about the most awful truth that was revealed to me on the internet. I was born into a family of two amazing historians and archaeologists, who were really into their work. We’ve always lived out of suitcases and trunks because my parents took part in excavations all over the world. It was amazing to move from one ancient cultural place to another and to learn about new people, their culture, their language, and their…

  • Tana Mongeau – W (Official Music Video)
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    Tana Mongeau – W (Official Music Video)

    Tana, Tana, Tana aye woah They be talking, talking, talking Say I’m fake say I’ve changed But I’m still the same bitch Just no more minimum wage Taking downers you ain’t work it And you tweaked I’m an upper, I been working All week Came from the Prius But I’m in Suburbans These hoes are so basic I’ll buy them at Urban When they shop at Urban They think that they splurging Bitch I can’t drive but I’m in the road swerving You been in LA, but your parents they know it Get to the cake, like my birthday this morning Bitch is so plain, like when is you boarding…

  • Am I A Bad Influence?
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    Am I A Bad Influence?

    [Music] it’s been brought to my attention that youtubers might be evil and that’s concerning to me because I’m a youtuber so the BBC released this super scientific study full of science that says youtubers make kids fat and it’s the BBC so you know it has to be 100% true and accurate right no I have a hard time wrapping my tiny brain around all that science but from what I understand the gist of it is they showed kids videos of youtubers eating junk food and they showed another group of kids youtubers eating healthy food and the kids who watch the youtubers eat the junk food eat…