• VIATA ÎN DUBAI: Prima zi de muncă
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    VIATA ÎN DUBAI: Prima zi de muncă

    Dude, after the first night in Jabana all i could have thought was: -Oh f*ck…. How do i get back home? -Columb (name of his friend) what the hell should you do because i can’t stay 11 months here He was like: -Dude do they have beer here, palinka (Romanian / Balkan drink) At least some tuica de curmale (another romanian drink) -Columb.. i don’t think so.. it’s clear that this place isn’t for us Anyway, at 7 o’clock in the morning or, maybe earlier, Ardeleanu, one of those three from last time, comes to our barrack and says: -We’re going to work on the field. Come with us, maybe…

  • VIATA ÎN DUBAI: Începutul
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    VIATA ÎN DUBAI: Începutul

    Yo, in college I had all sorts of weird jobs I’ve already told you about the majority of them. From making questionnaires door to door, to picking up children on the streets for commercials an shows Lying to fools for Gigel (name) and up to being a cashier in a supermarket All these were jobs that I had in college But, they were just temporary jobs Obviously, i did not look at any of those as a career It was just a way to make some money Especially because the hunger was just as big as a house But as soon as i graduated college I said, ”Well, i’m now…

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    Wait wait wait wait! Before you unsubscribe. (laughing) I’m dyeing it back in two weeks, okay? I feel like before I even get into the video I have to address the fact that I have pink hair I don’t know, I’ve always, always wanted pink hair. Like, my entire life, I’ve wanted to just do it once, I wanted to just say “fuck it”. I don’t want it to be any other hair color, because I know it’s not going to look good. Blonde me is a thing. I look like Michael Jackson with any other hair color. It’s like, holiday break right now. I have to grow out my…

  • The Truth about Travelling India… (not what you think)
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    The Truth about Travelling India… (not what you think)

    Many travelers have the idea that India is a difficult destination to travel and in my experience I’ve found that to be true but not for the reasons. You might be thinking When people think about travelling in India, I think they think about a few different things number one they think about the heat As a Canadian I come from a very cold country so the heat was something I was definitely thinking about when visiting India but actually I found the heat not to be as big an issue as I thought I Mean some places. I’ve been were really really hot Varanasi got really really hot But…

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    I am 19, my husband is 50

    Hey, guys! My name is Lisa, and I want to tell you my story how I became a sugar babe. Don’t start blaming me! First, hear me out. I was born to be unlucky. I don’t know where I screwed up so hard in my past life that I started my life from the bottom in this one. My parents are typical white thrash – unemployed alcoholics. Well, at least they had a home. But the home didn’t mean they wouldn’t sleep on a park bench or in some other places where they got knocked out by alcohol. I even thought they would easily become drug junkies. But they simply…

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    the most traumatic travel experience of my life

    Right now I’m in maine obviously. I don’t live in maine so I’m traveling here to maine with my family I had one of the most traumatic travel days of my entire life And I didn’t vlog any of it because you know what it was just too traumatic And I’ll tell you the story because I feel like you know what, why not you know also? I’ll tell you the story so here’s what happened it all started out at 11:00 a.m.. At Sfo, San Francisco airport California no big deal that’s where I live, okay, whatever I don’t live at the airport, but you know what I mean…

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    Hello, Internet, it’s ya boi *Daniel* here. As my new apartment video background currently looks like this… which is like someone put a black-and-white filter on a nice, normal corner someone would sit in– that is just my personality as furniture right there; it needs some work– please enjoy this 100%-true story time about a traumatising day of travel that I experienced. So strap yourselves in, as we’re about to go to a whole world of suffering. Despite me claiming to be focusing on my not-so-drastic metamorphosis into ~Daniel Howell~ right now, earlier this year, I committed to going to perform at a YouTube convention in Florida with Phil, and,…

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    Hello everyone and welcome to LindseyVlogs. I am Lindsey and I am here to do a Story Time vlog. There…. eyshiudskj I really need to become a better public speaker. I have a book. This one. Ted Talks. Presentations. I should probably read it. God damn it, I forgot to close the window. Just ignore, ignore all of that. So, anyways, I wanted to do a story time blog because… you guys don’t know me, at all, basically. And one of the things you don’t know about me is that I went to boarding high school. For one year. Yes, just the one year. Because…. It was a boarding arts…