• TT Movie: Movie Tickets
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    TT Movie: Movie Tickets

    NARRATOR: What happens when Harry Potter loses his wand? HARRY POTTER: Has anybody seen my waaaaaaand? NARRATOR: What happens when Hermione tries to help Harry Potter find his wand? HERMIONE: OH HARRY [0_0] NARRATOR: What happens when Ronald Weasley also looses his wand? Ronald Weasley : Yo, Harry, where’s my wand? Jet: Oh my God, A NEW HARRY POTTER MOVIE! I HAVE TO SEE IT, I HAVE TO SEE IT! I’m the biggest Harry Potter fan in the entire world! No one knows more about Harry Potter than me! I would KILL to see that movie. But…the tickets are sold out… Tails: SONIC, SONIC, SONIC! Sonic: Yeah, Tails? Tails: Guess…

  • Sonic Fried Oreos Review!
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    Sonic Fried Oreos Review!

    Hello everyone, and this is running on empty food review Now you could tell There are some things that you can just tell by the way, I did that finger swing this time around you know, this is big and By my overly exaggerated intro. I’m just I’m hitting at home. This is big. I Probably the release of a generation quite frankly Sometimes you hear it’s the release of the month or the year or that everyone’s talking about This without a doubt is the biggest thing of the generation. All right For you know insert generation here. This is it. This is a defining moment Okay And I…

  • NASA EDGE: The Future of Commercial Supersonic Travel
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    NASA EDGE: The Future of Commercial Supersonic Travel

    ♪music ♪ NASA■s been working for decades essentially looking at technologies to take the boom out of boom. We would like to have sonic thump or just sonic sound. And the idea is to design the airplane so that the shockwaves that are produced in super sonic flight are arrand in such a way that you don■t have boom you have just a general gradual pressure rise which produces a quiet sound. So there are a number of challes associated with supersonic travl in general. We want the airplans to be environmentally friendly. So we want them to be quieter around the airport and we also want them to have…