• Flight Nurse
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    Flight Nurse

    My name is Adrianne Whitmore. My mother is Lillian Kinkela Keil, who was one of the most decorated women in World War II and the Korean War. That’s Mrs. Walter Keil, in her home in Covina, California. Anyone would think she’s the typical housewife. She’s friendly, she enjoys life, and people enjoy her. What’s more, they think they know her well— but do you know that Mrs. Keil has a past which is incredible, but true. This homemaker and mother America’s most decorated woman. Eleven battle stars, four air medals more than 450 air evacuations missions of wounded during World War II in Europe, and later in Korea. My mother…

  • Half Ticket 2 | Short Film | Naveen Kasturia | Gunjan Malhotra | Cheers!
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    Half Ticket 2 | Short Film | Naveen Kasturia | Gunjan Malhotra | Cheers!

    Peda bro, don’t be under the impression that since it’s Sunday it’ll be a holiday! Bro what happened!? It is Sunday tomorrow! And tomorrow we don’t have any work, so the entire day is gonna be ours… after ages! Bro, we are the “working class”… there’s nothing like Sunday for us… If left to our bosses… He can make every Sunday a working day! Dude, why are bosses such assholes?! All of them are like that! There isn’t one who is normal… The only thing that varies is the extent of being an asshole! Bro, on that scale… my boss owns a PhD degree! ‘101 ways to cancel holidays’… This…

  • Vom Schlüpfen bis zum ersten Flug
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    Vom Schlüpfen bis zum ersten Flug

    Benny is a falconer at Europe’s largest and oldest ornithological station for birds of prey in Berlebeck, Germany. He is responsible for the breeding and training of eagles Here is a Steppe eagle’s egg We help some of our young birds to hatch because we just want to make things more easy for them at the beginning of their lives. In the wild, it can take up to 48 hours for the baby bird to get out of the calcareous shell. At the moment, he is defenceless but one day, he will become the king of the skies. Two weeks later, his weight has increased five fold. He grows very…

  • Limbo | Emirates Short Film Festival 2018 | Best Production
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    Limbo | Emirates Short Film Festival 2018 | Best Production

    [Heavy breathing] “Please!” [Alarm ringing] [Nervous breathing] “Oh my god!” [Sound of police siren] [Door closing] “Please!” “Help me” “Help me” “Help me” “Oh my god!” “Oh my god!” (Operator speaking) “911, what’s your emergency?” “Hello?” “Hello?” “Hello, is anybody there?” “Oh my god!” [Sound of police siren] “Open up!” “Police, open up!”

  • Lanes Where I Grew Up | My Last Trip to Malda | Emotional Narrative Short Film by Qadir Shamshad
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    Lanes Where I Grew Up | My Last Trip to Malda | Emotional Narrative Short Film by Qadir Shamshad

    When I realized it was going to be my last trip to the hometown and the places where I spend my childhood, my heart sank and it totally called for last moment memory recall. So I packed up my bag and set out for the last visit to the lanes where I grew up. The moment I stepped on to land of my hometown, thousands of memories began to roll in my head recalling right from the days when I used to hold the finger of my mom and walked to those shops and also those roads which led me to my primary school. That way I hated and loved…

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    I am 19, my husband is 50

    Hey, guys! My name is Lisa, and I want to tell you my story how I became a sugar babe. Don’t start blaming me! First, hear me out. I was born to be unlucky. I don’t know where I screwed up so hard in my past life that I started my life from the bottom in this one. My parents are typical white thrash – unemployed alcoholics. Well, at least they had a home. But the home didn’t mean they wouldn’t sleep on a park bench or in some other places where they got knocked out by alcohol. I even thought they would easily become drug junkies. But they simply…

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    ODE TO ROME -travel episode 2

    Why Rome? Why Rome? Well, I mean, it’s a place that I studied really intensely for, like, two years of my life. But why did you study it over others? That’s my question. Oh! I really like the transition or the supposed transition that you’re meant to see between, antiquity and the Classical World and the Medieval Word. Because people, you tend to assume that, you know, there was the Fall of Rome so everything must have been massively different. But then, actually studying it, I actually found a lot of continuity in the way the world worked. Even if the population had diminished significantly it’s still like amazing to…

  • End of Summer Announcements | New Short Film, Virtual Reality & Upcoming Travel Plans
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    End of Summer Announcements | New Short Film, Virtual Reality & Upcoming Travel Plans

    Welcome to Weekend Update Weekend Life Update. Not even Weekend Update, just Life Update. What’s going on Vagabuddies? It has been a long time since we’ve sat down and had a face-to-face. There’s a lot of new faces out there. We’ve had an incredible couple of months. There’s a ton of new Vagabuddies out there So we figured we’d sit down and give you guys and girls a little bit of a life update. Seriously, we need to catch up ..yes we do. So first and foremost the channel has grown a lot. About three months ago at the beginning of summer we were about 200,000 subscribers, and now we’re…

  • On y va en train? (Court-Métrage)
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    On y va en train? (Court-Métrage)

    Should we go by train? – Where would you like to live? I don’t know where to live I searched I lived in Durban, Port au prince – I lived in London, in Lyon – In Harare On my parents’ notebook, so many adresses have been crossed out I don’t want to keep moving cities anymore I want to stay here See the time pass in the surroundings I chose Commit Not be passing through Somebody told me once ‘You need three grandparents in the same cemetery to say I’m from here’ I met somebody whose family has been here for 5 centuries and the guy still lives there. –…