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    when I’m on the court it’s kind of like my escape from everything I’m extremely competitive like ridiculously can I want every single point I don’t want anyone to get a point off of me you

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    My Parents Are Rich But Left Me Without Money

    Hello, guys! I’m Justin, and I recently bought a new cell phone. Nothing unusual, you might think, but for me this purchase is very special and here is why. Around a year ago my dad was promoted at work and we had to move to another city. Our new family income brought a new social status for all of us and our parents decided that the first thing to do was to get me into a new and better school. Together we chose the one, which definitely corresponded to their plans for my further education. It was a boarding school for boys, mostly from wealthy families, but I was ok…

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    Should we abolish private schools?

    – The thing that is most distorting our education system is the existence of private schools. – State school graduates are still likely to earn thousands of pounds less than those who are privately educated. – What we’re seeing is entrenched privilege. – Why would the people at the top, why are they ever going to want people like you or I taking the jobs that they want to go to their privately educated sons and daughters. – We will have an apartheid education system in this country unless we do something drastic. – There’s an endless stream of evidence that private schools help make our country unequal. Only 7% of the UK…

  • Boarding school at an early age is child abuse – George Monbiot | Comment is Free
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    Boarding school at an early age is child abuse – George Monbiot | Comment is Free

    Boarding school at an early age is child abuse. We’re surrounded by silences, generally about things that elites don’t want us to talk about, and one of those issues, I believe, is boarding schools. The number of children boarding has been in long-term decline in this country but now, strangely, it’s beginning to rise again and it’s still the case that children as young as seven in this country are being sent away to board. And I think this is potentially really damaging, both for the kids themselves and for society as a whole. Now, I know some of this myself because I boarded from the age of eight and…